Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quite a Fruitful Year

Last year, I THOUGHT I have not accomplished much in my work and also my personal life. It is like so quiet and yet forever busy kinda thing.

Then recollecting back, I saw myself moving into a new house, new environment, new neighbourhood and my boys LOVE where we are staying now. They just LOVE the new house.

Then one of the bungalows that I had designed was selected by the developer to be interviewed. And so they interviewed the happy clients and took pictures and videos of the house. Pleased.

Then without me knowing, another house of my design was published (without acknowledging me, the ID took credit of EVERYTHING...hsh, hush..) in a local magazine. I was delighted when my client showed me and gave me a copy. Delighted.

Then with friends' encouragement, I submitted our newly renovated house for a design competition organized yearly by the fellow Architects in Malaysia (PAM) and guess what?? I am shortlisted! I did not expect anything but I am shortlisted! Hey...

Not bad after all...kan? (* ps : just in case you wanna know : I did not win la! ;) ) The picture on the left showed my favourite part of my house which is not selected to be published in the medalists / shortlisted booklet....Don't know why they had selected the normal views of the house...hmmm...want to ketuk who ever choose the pictures! ;(

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Anonymous mott said...

gosh..this view makes me so curious!!! It really looks like a neat, clean, simple and tastefully done place!!!! I love that!!!!

Congrats on all your accomplishments!!! I always thought you did very very well!!!

2:24 PM  
Blogger blinka.Li said...

mott, instead of the normal malaysian make shift renovated wet kitchen, we have here a fantastic hide out!! I just love the back of the house! ;P

7:00 PM  

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