Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House for birds

I was clearing up lighting loops features that we hung on the tree for CNY decorations the other day, only to find that there was a nest on the tree and the mother was sitting still and hatching eggs apparently. So I left the loops untouched and told my family about it. Everyone was pretty excited and happy about it. Even my maid. I am not sure if my Jung actually can see the bird but he just ikut happy and excited.

Don't ask me what kind of bird. I had been looking for one kiddy bird dictionary for quite some time now and can't find one. They are always about fish and dinosaurs. But this bird sing pretty well. In the morning and evening, we have birds singing in our house. So close to nature. I for one love it!! As what hubby said, we don't have to rare one or cage one, but we have them singing for us!!

Just about a week plus, the eggs hatched. We saw 2 tiny baby birds(can see them clearly from my bedroom) , wet and tiny, sleeping soundly in the nest. The colour blends in so well with the nest. Then, the other day, with Jien, we saw the tiny ones stretching their big mouth waiting to be fed. Oh and the parents kept bringing back food. So very busy. Just like us parents!! :)

And today, I saw one of the birds already flew to the next tree. She was chirping and singing every few seconds as if to tell the father 'can I do this? Is it safe?'. And I can sensed that the parents are watching nearby. As I was taking pictures of her, I could see the papa bird was flying nearer and making some alerting, not so happy sound.

I can't seem to find her sibling. As I was writing this, her voice seemed further away already, sounds like she had made another bigger 'steps'.

Will she ever stay in the same nest and sing to us again?




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