Thursday, August 25, 2011


My elder son is better in trying to express himself in words now. And so he is enjoying school to the fullest. Not a day have I to worry about him not wanting to go to school now. He happily awaits the uncle to pick him up and happily hopping on to the van. Not a teardrop shed.

Knowing more words and to actually spell them helps him a lot in his capability to read too. So now he is the 'genious' in his class for he is good in English and learning fast in Mandarin and Bahasa. All teachers adore him.

Well, good for him.

So with boy like this, I think he tends to think he knows a lot or everything maybe. In Hokkien, we call it' Keiy Kiang' or 'Keiy gao'. Everything he wants to try, he will brush your hands aside before you even tell him what to do. Everytime you tell him to do something...he will say 'I KNOW!' Not in a snobbish way, but a very relaxed and non-chalant way. Well, maybe I am still treating him like a small boy and suddenly I got this low tone 'I know...' , it somehow made me paused on whatever I am doing and give him a good look (stare)...

Jien, please wash your hand after food ya.... J : I know

Jien, turn on the light please if you are trying to read..... J : I know...

Jien, go pom pom first then play J : I know

Jien, ............................ J : I know

Scary? I know........

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Blogger Marsha M said...

this reminds me of MY son when he was about 6 wor. My answer is 'If you know then DO IT'. =)

2:28 PM  

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