Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Some Conversations

Me : Jien, who is your best friend in the class??

Jien : Gotham (not sure if the spelling is right, but I know this boy).

Me : Why?

Jien : Because he is brown....

Me : *Laugh till almost fainted*

Well, at least, my boy likes him because of his colour, and not dislike him because of his colour. Reason to celebrate good teaching for not being racist..

x x x x

Me on the computer.

Jien : Mama, what are you doing?

Me : Working lo...

Few days later...

Me : Jien, what are you doing in mama's office ?

Jien : Working lo....

Me : *speechless*

x x x x

Hubby has the hobby of giving a ringgit a day for Jien, for him to save so that he can grasp the concept of saving and numbers..

And ever since my boy, Jien learned about Hong Kong Disneyland, every time I ask him where should we go for holiday, he would answer without a second thought : HK Disneyland.

And one day I retorted by saying : But we don't have enough money to go there.

Jien : Ma...(digging out his few ringgit from the pocket [apparently that week hubby did not give him on a daily basis, so he got few ringgit at one shot] ) see you can take this, we have money!!



Anonymous Clairity said...

I love how kids have such innocent unspoilt views of money, friends and work.

9:37 AM  
Blogger blinka.Li said...


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