Friday, February 24, 2012

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Ok.  I think I did mentioned that I entered a competition from our corporate association.  Now, after that, our house got featured in the magazine.  And now, they want more article from me.  Good advertisement for me.  

But the thing is, I do not have any professionally taken pictures for my projects (call me kedekut, but hey these people - the good ones, are really pricy)!! Good thing is they do provide photographers for free.  They arrange for photo shooting day and 2 houses were shot in a day with 2 teams.  Well, to be honest, I don't quite like the pictures taken (simply because they take care of the ID but not so much of the architectural essence of the house which I am proud of..).  See my point?  I CAN be that fussy.  But since it is for FREE and I got free advertisement, hush, I don't even bother to comment much on the pictures.
The thing is, well, I have to prepare for write ups.  Hack.  Another time consuming matter which crack my head and nerves.  Hello, being solo means I have tonnes to do but well, for free advertising of the company, I just swallowed the pain and force myself to start typing, typing and more typing...See, I am a very sincere designer, I love pictures, I love my designs and the things I do, but having to translate what I do in words are just tooo.....tooo......argh......

Anyways, then they asked me for my picture!! OH. MY. GAWD!  Where to get the picture??  I have not taken any proper pictures for ageees!  Anyways, I hate to delay on the articles and their work and today I dragged myself, pulling out my camera and tripod.  Thank goodness, good weather.  I purposely making sure that I am wearing black.  Put on my earrings and decided to put them off so that I look more natural.  Smiled and posed, nope, smiled and posed again, nope....until I got these 2 which I think can pass just ok...I had to end the session fast before my domestic helper thought that I am a jerk!! ;P

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Anonymous Clairity said...

Hey, really good job, looks very professional. I would do the shoot myself too to save some major bucks LOL.

These days, it's not hard to do with all the handy cameras we've got, right? And you can take as many as you want and if not happy, you can always take some more LOL.

Grats on all this publicity, you sure are making a name for yourself out there, so happy for you :)

5:55 PM  
Blogger marsha maung said...

Wow, good job. Loves the pix!!! So purty and sweet! I got myself new profile pix too...completely opposite, not sweet at all. I post it up now, go check. LOL

4:16 PM  
Blogger famyGirl said...

hey babe, bila mau update blog? :P

8:26 PM  

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