Friday, September 09, 2011

It is scary to see how my sons are repeating after me..I mean copying me especially the way I talk, my gesture, the way I node my head...way too scary with Jien..even the way I got angry and scolded him, he copied it and 'translated' it on his brother.  Eww!

It happened a few times already that he shouted at his brother.  Even the 'Aiyo!' sound all too familiar and that echoed in my mind and raised my hair!! Eeeeerie!  

Tell me, how can one sane fella not yell when having to work from home, answering phone calls, thinking for solutions, cracking the head and the boys are fighting and screaming at the other end??!!  Sane or saint here eh?

Ah well, no excuse now.  It is too scary to get this copied and passed down.  

I have to learn to take a deep breath and pinch myself the next time I loose my temper and go screaming again! Ahhhhhhhh............!

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