Thursday, June 07, 2007

Green Day

It was a beautiful morning. We did not balik kampung this week. MIL and the rest went to Singapore for a short break and since Jien is still very much needing his nap in the morning and afternoon, we have to stay back and not joining the family trip this year...arghhh...

Nevertheless, we spent the day off at FRIM, Kepong, with our little one. We love nature, and we want him to start loving it too! Haha, just joking but anyway, it hold some truth too. I would bring him for scuba diving if he loves too one day. :) Just a short stroll in the 'jungle', but our boy as usual kept his eyes open all the while to see and observe the surrounding.

Talking about scuba diving, oh I sure miss the old days when I could go back packing for weeks and take leaves to go scuba diving. I miss trekking mountains in Nepal, miss the crisp air in NZ, miss the busy Bangkok and the culture-rich Beijing. I wish I could start traveling again real soon. I mean, serious traveling. Hmmm...sounds really like a fantasy now.

Anyway, it is World Environment Day on Tuesday, so what have we done as a citizen of the world? Let's see..
. I pledge to bring my own shopping bag to the mall
. I already started segregating all the glass containers from the my garbage bag. I washed them, and grouped them before disposing them. Papers also are separated.

. I pledge to car pool if possible.

. I do not smoke!!

. I will leave one container in my car from now on. Just in case I need to 'ta pao' food.

. I don't let water running while I brush my teeth or doing any washing (sorry to say, but I hate to see people doing that!)
. I try not to turn on the A/C if possible.
. I buy energy saving bulbs even for my client (which means eating into my profit, haha!)

I hope I can contribute more. It hurts to see all the effects of mankind polluting the environment in a non-reversible state, in the name of development and convenient. I think for now, we could not stop it, but at least, we could slow it down, in a dramatic way, if all of us do it together.

We do not inherit the world from our ancestor; we just borrow it from our children.

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Anonymous Allyfeel said...

I too am a nature lover la...can't take it if Mount. Everest is to melt 60% in 2010.

I started recycling actually 2 years back. At first hubs was very reluctant to join me. He has a bad habit of always chuck his paper in the bin. After many rounds of nagging, he now would call the recycle van to our house to collect all segregated stuffs to their van.

But, my little boy always ask for a/c nowadays. And my increase metabolism also requires cooler air...arrgh...wish we could use less a/c.

11:29 AM  
Blogger blinka.Li said...

Let's do the best. There is still hope if we can slowly influence people surrounding us to go GREEN too! :) good work!

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you ever thought about the following questions before ?

Why do we need to protect the environment ? Are the purpose(s) of environmental protection solely for preservation of ORIGINAL environment on earth for the benefits of all living things (before men started polluting the earth) ? I suspect it is not the case. For most of people, the main purpose(s) of environmental protection are for protection of current and future interests of human beings. Among all creatures, human beings are selfish.

For me, the term "environmental protection" is quite misleading and vague. How come energy preservation is relevant to environmental protection ? How come turning-off lights in Sydney for a night can arise the awareness of importance of environmental protection ? The logic behind the acts of environmentalist sometimes is quite "interesting".

Dennis Pang

12:19 PM  

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