Friday, January 11, 2008

My boy at 1 Year Old

My boy turned 1, 2 days before last X'mas.

A quick one to look at his little 'achievements' now..

. he finally learned how to clap his hands just right before his birthday.
. he could stand for quite sometime but finally let go his hands and started walking last week. Few steps at a time. ~ Grin~
. we taught him how to come down from bed / sofa but he did not learn the trick and had few great falls when he was in China. One fine day, as I was having my breakfast, I heard sound that Jien was trying hard to open our bedroom door - oh! He was already on the floor crawling. Good lord, he got it finally. Everytime he made it to the floor by himself, he would give a great victory smile to us! He he...

Our boy loves his books pretty much. First thing in the morning - book. Last thing before he goes to bed - books. And now that he could turned on the TV by himself, I was kind of worry that he would chuck his books aside, but NO. He still hangs on tight to his books. Flipping through and pointing at the pictures as if he know la...(maybe he really does?) He loves anything to do with animals. And we tried to imitate the sound of animals when we introduce the animals to him and to my surprise, one fine day, when I point out the 'piggy' and 'elephant', he made the sound himself! It is such joy to watch him learning and growing.

He is having 3 meals a day now. Not much of formula milk - 3 oz. in the morning only together with direct breastfeeding, eggs, cereals or bananas for breakfast. In the evening, he will have 6 oz. formula milk. And night time will be all breastfeeding. NO, I don't have much now to feed but he did not complaint. He refused to drink formula at night. Well, I take it slowly. I read from somewhere that baby of this age should have about 8 oz. of milk for 3 times a day.....I don't think I produce that much at night though. And engorged? No more...hmmm....busy mah... And so he is still waking mama up for at least once every night without fail. (except for the night when we came back from S'pore - transit from China, he was too too tired to do so! Thank goodness for I was drop dead sleeping like a log that night too).

More updates next. Here is his birthday cake from his cousins.



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