Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Other World - Part II

A friend of mine who happens to be my client now met me to discuss his house plan the other day. He told me he got a close friend who just moved in to their new bungalow. Well, as usual, most bungalows now will be incorporated with CCTV ALL over the house especially at the boundary. He led my friend to his computer to show him some sightings .....

leng lui naked lying at the balcony? nuh
ghost....??! er..well..depends on how you see it.

He saw lights. Lots of lights 'flying' and descending from the sky.

He actually saw angels!!! Yes, they are with wings! Some are real small like birds, some of human figures but with wings!!

The owner did confirm that 'they' are angels from pastors.

How lucky and how blessed is the family!