Thursday, January 26, 2006


hey, tagging?! alamak, some of the stuff...err..I really can't think of anything, u know?! ok, let's see if you guys guess them correctly. Here you go,

4 jobs you've had in your life:

  1. as a waitress in a friend's restaurant - for wedding function ( just for fun, was there 2 times only. The floor was too oily in the kitchen, I almost went skidded together-gether with the shark fin soup! wah lau eh, so heavy cause we need to take 2 bowls at one go!)
  2. as a purchaser cum clerk in a furniture making company.
  3. as an assistant 'editor' for children's mathematic exercise book. Hey, the book got published and stay very close to what I had put in and I even suggested the graphics for the artist, hehe.... I don't enjoy the working environment though.
  4. a draughtperson

4 movies you could watch over and over again:
  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Tien Mi Mi - canto starring Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai
  3. Nu Ren Si Shi (Woman In 40's) starrring Xiao Fang Fang (fantastic acting skill!)
  4. The Cup - Tibetan/Bhutan movie and lots fanatic!
4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:
  1. Desperate Housewives (even my hubby loves to watch!)
  2. Friends
  3. National Geographic channel (depending on the subject)
  4. Globe Trekker
4 Places you've lived:
  1. Port Klang
  2. Pulau Pinang
  3. Seksyen 5, PJ
  4. Medan Damansara
4 Places you've been on vacation to:
  1. Thailand (Bangkok, Chiangmai, Kanchanaburri...)
  2. Beijing, China
  3. Nepal (lovely)
  4. New Zealand
4 Places you would rather be:
  1. Home - no place like home
  2. Theatre watching
  3. In law's place - love being with mom-in-law, missing my mom I guess
  4. In a lively park, you see people jogging, old folks chatting away, kids playing. Fresh air, breeze, sun beam, green..................that is life!
(this topic is rather broad, if this includes places I want to visit, the list would be rrrreally long!)

4 of your favourite food:
  1. Fish, anything to do with fish! fry, steam...yummy yummy
  2. Fried golden prawn ball or cuttle-fish
  3. Stir-fried vege (leafy type)
  4. Japanese food
4 of your favourite beverages:
  1. Fresh juice ( not tomato please ! )
  2. Teh Si Kosong
  3. Coffee
  4. Plain water
4 or more websites you visit daily:
  3. nil - no other 'daily' thing unless I have got something to check on..
4 tagged:
  2. hehe, the rest will be pasted on soon, watch out babe....he he he

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another Shopping Day

oh, it was a lazy day but is CNY babe! After the morning walk and getting ready to 'work', Pru text me for lunch and to check out cheong sam at Hartamas. ok! y not?

After our favourite 'Ginger Fried Rice', we headed for cheong sam hunting but hmmm...the shop was no longer there?! I guess the business must be so bad at this Hartamas S.C. that most shops are just there for less than a year! It is weird to find this place empty most of the time as me and hubby find that the choice of groceries here are ok with quite an array of selections. But the crowds are always not there...that explains why the vege is not that fresh lately..sigh..otherwise, it is heaven shopping here as parking is absolutely hassle free.

oh, after sending her back to office, I headed straight for my facial treatment lor! hehe, CNY ma! and shop shop shop again. :P

pink top : RM 55

brooch :RM 17
white lace skirt : RM50
chiffon dress (turquoise again?!) : RM 75

excuse to buy this dress : hubby's company dinner, :P

none of the above is black, one of my favourite colour, CNY again ma! happy CNY!

A Weird Dream, again..

It was definitely a weird dream yesterday....I can't remember much of it but all I could recalled was that me and Pru were on the other 'flying object', enjoying ourselves with others (obviously I can't recall who) and then I saw Shirl holding on to her baby(not sure boy or girl, err..boy I guess). She and Jean+Hubby was on the other 'flying object' and theirs was a much much faster one. They were cruising in the sky and it was like a flying carpet sort of movement (with engine of course).

She was obviously exhilarating seeing us on the other 'plane' so much so that she put her baby away like what was drawn! oh I was shouting crazy as she was not holding on to the arms but the shirt! I remember it was a white, sleeveless ones... (those that with lots of breathing holes, cotton type) Jean quickly help to hold the baby firmly. She did not intend to harm the baby, just to have fun I guess..... Cold sweat!

**puff! the dream vanished!** apparently hubby 'slapped' me then to wake me up, saying that I was biting my teeth...note : he was so happy to have finally did that because it was usually me who 'slapped' him as he is making too much of a noise in the sleep, kekeke....

It was weird as Shirl does not have a baby yet. And that the flying object.....hmmm, I had never seen that before in my entire life! I can't figure out how it looked like exactly now but the speed as I can recall is definitely unlike the slow and steady hot air balloon though!

I have always dreamt that I could fly! Weird huh?! I remember once I was cycling so fast that eventually I was flying and cruising in the sky ( like ET lah, kawan-kawan ). Any clues what it meant?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

madame, maid, mad!

It was such a pity to learn that my sil's maid is making problem AGAIN..

This is, I think her 4th maid in a row in a period less than 1 year! *shake head*

She either got herself one which is unwilling to work but telling her she wanted to work in a restaurant instead, or getting somebody who is not healthy enough, or getting one which is not fit for taking care of babies but just want to do house my my, nowadays Indon maid also quite picky and tough to deal with.

Recently her maid 'buat hal' again. Leaving all the house work in the morning, lying and moarning in bed saying that she can barely wake up as her legs are numb....afterwards, god knows how many times since she arrived that she was brought to a clinic by SIL again, even the docs got angry with her and scolded her! She was brought for counselling session with the agency again.....

On their way to the agent, she requested to go home to mop the floor, saying that the babies would be home soon. (hmmmm...sound fishy isn't it? so sakit still want to work? ) They did not go home. Went straight to the agent. Later they found out that she packed all her belongings, together with the wet she trying to run away?

Sometimes it really puzzles me ...things with these maids. I believe their live here is better than what they have back home. I do not know what is their aim to be here, to earn money or to get a new life all together. The maid agency is just a linking bridge. But is it better to stay with the construction guys whom they themselves are illegal workers. Is it worth the effort and suffer to be with these men in the name of love and freedom? Or are they just too innocent and naive?
I don't know. But I certainly respect their courage. The courage to run and face the unknown...

* little joke here : hubby said if we were to hire a maid in the future, just ask SIL to pick. Whoever she picks, we will not choose her for sure! ha ha ha..... ;-)

Friday, January 13, 2006

BB Chart 2006

Received an e-mail from Haz. It was of my request of her to pass me the chart for prediction to conceive a baby girl vs boy this 2006. It was actually a web site that she sent to me.

I was in the mood and hope to conceive a baby boy as hubby family already have enough baby girls I thought. And the fact that he is the eldest son, it is somehow my duty to 'continue' the Sw.. family though MIL has never mind about this. To her, she prefer girl as she said female is always close to the family and will always take care of the old folks. Quite true I thought, but still deep inside, I WANT A BOY!

I was rather upset after going thru the chart to find out that I only have this 2 months and also April if I wanna catch a bb boy. Or, I gotta wait till the very year end ... :( Sounds good to some people that i should start now but hey, me and hubby are planning for a mid year looooong break in Europe lerrrrrrr!!!

Till next time, no mood now... folk, anybody out there go for trip during pregnancy? please let me know if you did and how was it?!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

GOOD DAY?!....#$%/

Woke up early today as I had to pick up drawings from Soo though I slept late last nite ( almost 1am in the morning ). It was not well plan out the schedule and the fact that she does not have a handphone makes the planning more difficult and not flexible.

Finally got the CD from her and got it printed later at Hap.Setor. As I was a frequent there, the staff had been helpful and I got it printed and copied in less than 15 mins. This allows me plenty of time to go for my meeting and it turned out that i was the earliest! Not late, a good start I thought.

After 2 sessions of meeting, my energy was really drain off liao! Got into my car and thought about going for facial or body treatment....or have a good sleep at home with ice cream and playing my favourite Sudoku?!hmmm, head was still pounding due to the fatigue..

Not good, I must have banged the side wall as I go down the ramp! Quickly get down and man! this favourite new car got scratched mark finally! :( so frustrated and sad, got into the car and complaint to hubby right away!

It eased me out after talking to him. Thanks dear. But we really gotta fix this during the weekend, ok?

Really GONG XI FA CHAI la!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Blogging 2006

I was invited again and again by Pru to start blogging soon and here I am today, not feeling well due to the 'monthly cycle' and yet have no choice but to go to Kajang, taking photos of some of my previous projects for portforlio, had lunch with my client, meeting and now : writing and creating my own blog!

Psss...dear, you better be seeing this!

It had been a blessed 2005. Got my lisense and set up my own practise and best of all, married a fantastic husband with my dream wedding came true! Just hope and pray that God will continue to take care of this naughty daughter of HIS!

Happy Blogging and cheers!