Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spelling. Oops!

So now my Jien is beginning to READ.

Other than his books, if I am reading the papers, he would spot out the words that he could pronounce and recognize, then point and read them out to me. One of his favourite TV channel - AFC, being his favourite because they have lots of simple word appearing during the advertising bits, so he could read out loud.

So the other day hubby was watching other channel on the TV, non-English so it was with English sub-title. Our son was trying very hard to read them on the screen, not many words that he recognized....until he blurted out something which actually appeared there...


with no mistakes, perfect pronunciation!


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Colours - colourful!

I just love kids-way of colouring. It is just so 'their'-way, colourful, playful and fun! :)

As Jien sees it! Done yesterday. I just love the color-combi!

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Jien loves to do spelling. He is still reading his old picture books but this time around, he paid lots of attention to actually spell out the words.. He enjoys it. He started reading signs on the roads, reading some simple story books etc and I can tell that he is so happy as he can finally do some actual reading!!

And best of all, he is influencing his brother to start picking up books to 'read'.

So in the morning, there would be heaps of books lying on the floor as my Jung will start to read (flip, turn and EAT and CHEW!) the books. Oh, I am so
proud, I must say! Haha!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

My the other Baby- a peep inside!

Ok, since there are requests to see the inside of my 'the other' baby, here are some of my favourites:

(right, read clockwise)
1. The high ceiling of the living room with some tropical touch. I love the water feature (see the stone studded urn?) and the pond signifying and dramatizing the 'entrance' to the space. I am so happy that the owner finally sold to the idea as during the construction period, they almost scraped and covered up the pond for wanting a bigger living space...See, my boy is enjoying with his friend and all my boys love the water feature! The sound of water is just so calming and pleasing in our hot and humid weather!

The bright and airy master bathroom. Need no artificial lighting of any kind during day time! The clients are pleased too!

The master bedroom. Read the continuous big sliding door that stream in abundance of light and air?! I just LOVE it!

4. The rustic feel of powder room. Yes, no 'window' but big opening to the blue sky from atop! See the bare cement wall? We love it. :)

5. The low entrance space opens up to a brighter, well-lit stair well.

I can't be showing every bits due to some respect to the owner la...

Like it?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Renovation. Bits

The other day, we brought along our eldest son to our new house to be.

There were loud bangs of hammers hammering and shattering the walls; echoing in the hall full of debris, timbers, grilles, etc. My boy went 'What is that mama, what is that mama?' and he just covered his ears all the time, frightened.

We only uttered this:

'Remember? Restaurant Makeover ( A programme we watched in Astro 703 AFC) ?'

He instantly got it, get his hands off his ears and pretty much enjoying himself there, INSTANTLY.



Friday, March 05, 2010


I don't know how many times I had been drawing and knocking down walls for other peopl's houses. This time it is MINE, yeah, OUR VERY OWN HOUSE, from the floor to the ceiling and to the roof!

Compared to our renovations done to our tiny apartment last time, this is at least 5x the work. Everything seems to be so old and meant to be torn and thrown.

If only we had more budget! Well, nevermind. I will twist and turn and squeeze my brain to make the house looks good with an extremely tight budget.

We finally started work on 3.3.2010! Consider a good date on the lunar calender. I just pray that everything goes well.

I have to reinforce myself with these reminders ALL the time :

1. This is just another house, relax....
2. Use your brain, cheap material can look good too...
3. Breath, DEEP breathe, remember - CANNOT argue with your partner during the process.

I have to say, being a designer, my brain always, yes, always flashes with ideas and images. It is nice that you can imagine things but when the images start to twist and kept coming or when you are trying to imagine hard for alternatives, I tell ya, it KILLS so many of my brain cells!! Haha...and when you see me staring in blank, and yes, I am not listening to whatever you are talking, nothing travels into my eardrum as my brain is flipping through images. GOSH, I tell ya, it must be tough being my partner sometimes.

Honey, I guess ya know what I mean..:)

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jung @ 11 mo

Jung is such a cute pie now. He loves venturing out and loves 'kai-kai'. He would not mind in the car seat now, but 'PLEASE TAKE ME OUT!!'

Jung could stand without any support for more than a month and we are waiting for him to 'shift' his step and start walking. He is still pretty 'talkative' . Ooh and Aah aside, there are more of other 'consonant'-like cutie sound. We missed that though Jien and Jung is just 2 years+ apart!! Gosh!

Just about CNY, I was so so busy and poor baby has to start fully on bottle milk. A total of 6 months if not more, earlier than his brother and it was so easy!! He did not beg for my breasts and he is still a cheerful pie! :P Having said that, I still have to let in for him to suckle to sleep - thankfully only at night.

Well just ONE tiny thing about him - about stuffing things in his mouth!! I know babies love to do that but mine is just going over board it seems. The second he picks up a thing, he would stuff it in his mouth without examining! His records?

Left : Vicks (once, it was the Ru Yi Iu bottle and the lid accidentally opened and the 'hong iu' just POURED into his mouth!!)

Right of picture : SOIL (yes, SOIL!!)

Center : Toys but this one is just CUTE! :)

Yesterday, while I was doing some reading, the 2 boys were rummaging my make up shelf; the big one helped himself opening the lid and was enjoying the nice aroma of the expansive face moisturizer...the little one? Licking the roll-on deodorant when I rushed to stop the fellows!
*smacked head *

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