Friday, October 01, 2010


My main contractor said he is really 'not free' having to entertain the passerby that called him or bugged him during the construction of my house. He said there are really quite a handful (well, exaggerating on his part of course). Anyways, for most contractors, they would be so happy to entertain so that they can rope in more possible clients. But unfortunately, this contractor friend of mine just do BIG projects. He is doing it for me as a favor as a buddy. Some even told him this: "you just COPY (hello??!) the design of the house and quote for mine la." WTF??!

Now, we ourselves had our neighbours (or are they?) coming in during / after construction of the house to demand to see the interior of the house. Initially, yes, during the early construction stage. We would not mind. But hey, there are some, after us telling them we are the owner, for privacy purpose, they are NOT allowed.
And still, these thick faces still say, for a quick look only. Just a quick look at the MASTER BEDROOM toilet. HELLOOOOO!! Knock knock!! Though, at that time, we had boxes and things look messy and all, as if we are not moved in. BUT helleer, we said PLEASE, no. Gently and politely too! I feel like calling the police for intruders!

Well, of course, there are some nice neighbours and sincere comments and praises. I have to say that I am very proud of the house. Every single detail is drawn and discussed with the contractor or sub-contractor. All my friends love the house, even bringing their friends to see the house! Goodness.

It is a kind of encouragement. A kind of affirmation for the work. Hard work.

I am really glad.

They encouraged me to send for some local magazines for publications. I am still doubtful. Every time I look at the house, I have to say, I really like it but is this SO SO special? And when I compare myself to some great architects, I feel so small and ..................maybe not!

Yesterday, a note from the letter box goes like this:

I am really glad. Even if I don't get the job after meeting this guy(who knows if he cannot afford my fees?? :P), I am still very very much a happy designer!

Hey, stranger! Thank you so much!