Friday, December 11, 2009

SUEH!! puik puik!!

Oh it was a terrible November!!

First I was so so busy with work, but then, the client did not pay!! It is an ID job and we are the contractor. After paying half of the work, he had been using his partner as an excuse. 'Oh my partner went for Haj, after that should be ok' 'oh.. I am waiting for the funds myself' After that, 'oh he is very tired after Haj, so busy, I can't even see him myself'. After that, sick la, oversea la, whatever bullshit you could think of....

Then it is the stubborn bacteria/virus that cause all my 3 boys to be sicky for more than a month!! Goodness...!! Well, good thing is they don't have fever. I consider that lucky.

Then the BIG thing. Our house got broken into!! Yes. We only realised that 2 days later as the house was not in a mess AT ALL. I am not going to elaborate. Too painful to bring back the story. We had lost 4 nice watches (our birthday's gifts to each other), some cash, some jeweleries and a laptop.... I certainly think it is an inside job - the guards!! They are new (I don't know why the stupid management changed the team as the last badge was SO GOOD!) and they don't look good / kind. :( Yes, the police came, did a report and took some finger prints. THAT WAS IT?? My Iranian neighbour was so shock that the police did not question the guards nor get any CCTV records from the management nor asking the neighbours what-so-ever, NONE. Yes, we paid the police's salary but their job is to make reports only. Catching the thief, oh ppppleeeaseee!!

Then I realised I lost some keys for my project. I need to replace the locks. S.H.I.T.

Then another job the Contractor blew up the job as the carpenter was admitted to the hospital and I gotta find another one to continue the job. I hate working with this one as I knew that he is not that honest and his costing is SKY HIGH as we need to pay for his super luxury lifestyle - branded T-shirts, luxury cars and houses. Haha!! If not because I had to deliver to my client and the fact that I can't get my other contractors to help (year end and CNY rush), I would tell him - GO FLY KITE!!

Then the i-phone decided to give up yesterday!!

I am really drowning!!

Lucky thing - my boys loved me and my hubby supports me ALL THE WAY!! Nobody gets hurt and we still have lots to eat, a house to stay (a new one in fact coming our way)..what else to ask?

I reeeally need to have a GOOD YEAR to start next ...Pray pray pray...!!

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