Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jung @ 3 months

My baby turned 3 months old last Monday!! How fast!

Recalling the time during confinement, he was such an angel initially, sleeping most of the time and 'behave' so well until the about the 3rd week, the 'wind' in his tummy build up and he was crying relentlessly for about 3 weeks then.

Come Saturdays and Sundays when our maid left us, would be such a hectic, restless, mindless, super-busy, super-tired day for me and hubby taking care of the 2 monsters. And baby Jung just seems to cry so hard especially in the evenings before he knocked off... sob sob! I felt like a terrible mother!


One fine day, I picked up my parenting book again and look for some clues. I knew all the rules but I just want confirmations and a 'pat' on my shoulder to reaffirm myself that my baby is FINE. No baby is born to cry so much and to be hot tempered! There must be something wrong!

I kept hypnotizing myself that I should keep myself HAPPY, POSITIVE so that my baby can sense it. I keep shower him with kisses, strokes, massage and telling him how much I love him even the cry is so loud it could be heard miles away, I swear! That aside, I make sure I do not touch any 'offensive' food for that period. I did not eat any ginger, big onion, garlic, orange, milk, cheese, lemon, etc etc. Mind you, the bread that we baked that period - we use soya milk instead of cow's milk. Yes, to that extend.

Then, one morning, I turned my baby (he sleeps chest down) after his sleep. That particular morning, he gave me the sweetest heart-melting smile!! And from then on, there is no turning back!! He loves smiling to me and hubby every time we carry him, and especially in the morning! What a great way to start off the day! :)

Evening sleeps?? He did cry a bit but not the super loud cry anymore. It was the kind of cry that tells me : Mama, I am tired, I need to sleep now!! Well, before this, he would want us to carry and carry him - DON'T EVER PUT ME DOWN or I will BLAST!!! Whoa, mind you, my record was to carry him more than an hour putting him to sleep! - I am so relieved that was already a HISTORY...phew!

Talking about sleep, one day, like any other days, he was sobbing a bit trying to sleep. I carried him, this way, that way, all ways- all failed. I could feel my temper brewing.....ahhh...I need to stay away from him, to calm down myself. So I just put him back off.

What is wrong?? What have I done wrong?? Then something kinda miracle happens to me : After a while, he kinda quiet down. Myself, still feeling a bit agitated, I just stay put to watch what happen next. Another minute passed. I told myself, give him 5 mins before I pick him up again. Next minute - even more quiet. Next he was seen turning his head, eyes shut and next - zzzzzz away!! Hooray!! I was so used to patting Jien to sleep and I forget that all babies are different. Nowadays, my boy sleeps on his own but sometimes with mama's patting. How easy.

For the past one month, my baby is super sweet baby. The type that anyone would want!!

He feeds about 2 hours intervals and more frequent in the evenings storing up his 'tank' before a long long sleep of 5-6 hours before the next feeding.

He knocked off quite punctually at 8pm. So I could go out with friends for dinner. Or have a short outing with Jien and hubby. This had never happened to me when I had Jien!

He sleeps well in the afternoon and feeds on bottle well too if I do go out for work. I normally left the house in the afternoon to ease out my maid. That is when everyone's tummy is full and happy; the boys are ready to take naps - then vrrooom I go!

He loves his mobil now and love watching his hands!! He suckle his hands too and as usual - very LOUD!! Wakaka!

He is such a dear boy and we all love him so much!

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Monday, June 22, 2009


Yes, notice I changed my picture on my profile? Oh it was for a corporate member picture thingy and being a last minute person, I got hubby to do it last night for me (while the deadline is TODAY). I was on my simple cotton shirt (about to go to bed), I am tired, so is hubby.. I told him the reason I need the picture and I don't want to look straight and smile (please la, knowing that I am so tired with blood shot eyes, I don't think it would be a good idea to smile...).

Anyway, we sort of get it done. In less then 3 mins. Supermodel just know how to post well and fast! Wakakaka!

Well, I wanted to do it last week but then hubby was on an oversea this a good excuse??

This morning, I did some touching up. Ahhhh...too many 'pot-holes' on my face. I don't want to cause uneasiness in the board y'know...ahem...

When I was almost done and actually quite satisfied with it whilst the bugger, Jien, walked in and saw my picture on the screen.

'Mama!!' he exclaimed; when I am about to ask him if the picture is NICE...he blurted out first and said

'Big mole, VERY BIG mole, mama...!!'


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walking Again

Last Sunday, a week plus after the cast had been taken off Jien's leg, he was still unable to walk. Or shall I say, he was SO UNWILLING to walk. He stretched, kicked, knelt, crawled macam-macam but just dare not to stand up. He bent his knees immediately when we try to make him stand up. MIL was worried seeing him this way. So that Sunday she kept asking us to take him for physiotherapy treatments. Well, ehhem...what makes her think that our son will listen to the doctor? Knowing him inside out, we just wait. Probably giving him another week. Afterall, he was SUPPOSED to be on cast for another 3 more weeks or so if we do not seek another doctor's advise. We count ourselves lucky to have his leg 'breathing' again. Oh...hubby said that sting when the cast was taken off was TERRIFYING! Just by seeing him bending his knees and swinging his leg freely already make us quite happy.

Anyway, the very next day, I did what I normally did encouraging him to walk a bit. To my surprise, he yielded to me this time and actually walked! I was so delighted and the whole day, he had been either holding my hands or pulling my shirt when walking. It felt good to see him on his both legs again.

Then, the following day, waking up from his loooooong 12 hours sleep, he slipped down the bed and started walking on his OWN! I was smiling from ear to ear then! He walked gingerly and slowly. Seeing my happy face, he grinned too!

Kids, they are simply amazing!

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Friday, June 12, 2009


I have been longing to meet up with friends. I mean in a relax way without my babies with me.

And so I was lucky to be able to attend a wedding lunch the other day, without babies, without hubby. I was chatting away like a bird (please, I hardly talk nowadays! It is hard!) and was enjoying myself with the good food and good company. Catching up with the latest updates is vital for me.

Here is the groom, my course mate, my ex-house mate. Lucky him, he got a sexy wife! :P

I was with a long maxi dress I bought just days before at Lavie. I fall in love with the dress immediately when I laid my eyes on it, it was love at first sight!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gugu Gaga

My little one is a little chatty cutie.

He loves talking to his papa especially. He would gugu-gaga and it is like having a conversations.

Everyday, he would have a few sessions of 'conversations' and if you don't understand him and carrying him the wrong way so that he can't face you and 'talk' to you, he would make a fuss!!

How CUTE! ;P

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boutique Lover

Ever since I am a mother, I have been shopping at this little heaven of mine - Lavie, a boutique at Plaza Damas (behind block G) and Grace the owner of the shop has become a friend of mine whom I will see about 4 times a year!! Hahaha!

I simply can't find time to leisurely hunt for nice clothing nowadays. At Lavie, Grace, knowing my taste, likings and SIZE, would continuously flood my changing cubicle with tops or dress for me to keep trying. I save effort and best of all, TIME, shopping there. Of course, she has a good selection of clothings which she sources from Thailand, Korea, etc and she also has some branded stuff which I normally shy away, hahah!! The quality of the material is good I should say. Now, I am her good customer for I always end up buying a few pieces (sometimes 10!!).

The other day, I went there again to grab some new 'simple smart'baju and I bumped into a woman, at the age of 60 and having extremely good figure with size S, goodness!! She is super sanguine (the one wearing white with black prints) and she and Lavie's partner kept us laughing and giggling away the whole afternoon and we all had a wonderful shopping day that day.

And of course, I ended up buying 7 pieces of baju!! Ahhhh! It does feel good to shop! INDEED. :)

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Oh.....what a busy week.

Nope, not because of the kids. Basically I am back to work.

I am very happy to resume work for my partner had been doing SO SO MUCH during my pregnancy and also my long leaves. I was on site checking some of our latest works the other day and not forgetting snapping some pictures of my own. Haha! Not bad, not too fat I thought....

As for my the other baby- the bungalow, well, still snailing and inching away and now it is more of the ID work and I am busy checking out some final details before they proceed on making the built-ins. I love the brightness and airiness of the house. Simple layout and to me, it is NICE. I love this house.

AIRY living room with timber roofing and exposing rafters. I just love it!

As for the other house, the client is very busy checking work on my behalf during my leaves!! Hahaha! She is the 'site officer' now checking all the sub-contractors work. Even the main Contractor does not know some of the NSC! Well, I am still doing my part and give her advise and well, it is a more relaxed work because the main contractor is a better contractor and I am not the ID for the job. My client relied heavily on her ID consultant, so GOOD for me la! :P

And most importantly, I will have some new jobs coming in. SO SO LUCKY. Yesterday, I closed a deal for a bungalow - a good one. But his kind of taste is not my cup of tea....I hope we can meet half way though for the design and outlook of the house.

As for the 2 kiddies at home, they are doing great.

We consulted another doctor last Friday with the title 'Sports' orthopedic and it made a great difference. He took off the cast and did an x-ray and was of the opinion that the bone is growing well and Jien can actually do AWAY with the cast, with IMMEDIATE EFFECT!! Hubby told him that the other doctor's advise was to stick with the cast for another month. Well, he was so confident that it can be taken off and tadaaaaa.............bye bye cast. His only advise is don't let him run, just walking will do. Till today, my boy still have not gather the courage to walk. RUNNING?? Not so soon la. He is now crawling and today, he actually stand up to switch on the TV. See how important the TV is for him?!!

The younger boy is so angelic lately. Sleep well and eat well. Of course, if we are slightly late to cater for what he wants, the loud speaker is still blasting alright! Kekekeke

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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Talking to a toddler can be quite cute..

Passing by the the 'M'..
Jien : Mama, I want Old Mc'Donald Fries.
Me : OK OK!
After buying, I did not give him straight away..
Jien : Mama, I want Old Mc'Donald Fries.
Me : Jien, you can't have it now, it is very hot.
Jien : Mama, I want VERY HOT!


x x x x

It can be quite musical..

The other day, I bought a pair of breast milk storage shells and I have been quite constantly wearing it at night. My boy who always kena hugs from me of course noticed it right away.

For the first time when he accidentally 'touched' it, his first reaction was to quickly moved away (like kena electric shock la) and stared at my breasts and wanted to touch them again which I said no!

After a couple of times, he somehow knew about this hard breasts his mother suddenly had.

One fine day..

Jien : Mama! I want!
Mama : Yes, what do you want?
Jien was looking at my breasts and said


x x x x

Well, sometimes he can talk like a Japanese too (no offense please, sumimasen yo!)

Me : Jien, say 'Mitsubishi'
Jien : Mitsubishi
Me (amazed, wah! Not bad!) : Jien, say hippopotamus.
Jien : Hippopotamus
Me (proud) : Jien, what colour is this ?
Jien : YERROW..........
Me : Alamak!

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