Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Singing Bird & Dancing Baby

For the last few weeks, our house is filled with the songs from the purple Barney. And so my Jien, knowing how to operate the player, plays it almost everyday..and the songs always play in my mind now. And worst of all, I find myself singing the songs too! Duh...half a century old and singing Barney's songs...aiyoyo..

And then I find my boy really sing! He sings so well and I am all surprised and of course, very pleased. :) He remembers the lyrics and the funny thing is, he raps too!

So while he is rapping away (or mumbling away), my lil one there is dancing the bit away. The way he dances is just so so CUTE! He would bend his knees like a rapper and it is just so cool. It is the best entertainment at night lately. Haha!!

Glad to know that my boys love and enjoy music just as much as we do.. :)

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Special Moment

I love it when,

..that I am working, I bring my kids along too. Yes, they are playful. But hey, they are kids. (Plus they are boys! :O ) So when my maid was back home for 2 weeks, my boys were happy following me around. I bet they enjoyed it too.. But I can't be doing this too often, it is way too tiring yelling at one and carrying the other. ;) And of course, construction sites are dangerous.

..that my 2 kids were too playful that they refused to sleep in the afternoon. Comes night time, they were already in bed at 9p.m. both. That leaves me with my hubby some time to be ALONE; we did some chatting, play some VCD to watch bla bla bla...Wait, did I tell you that this only happens TWICE so far? ;P

..that hubby came back early from work, and I was done for the day early too! So we would go to the park with the kids, had early dinner and just the other day, we were at KLCC park and the kids were so happy.

..that I could join my kids for a nap in the afternoon if I am really exhausted. It feels good.

..that we are playing hide and seek in the house (though small). This happened only yesterday. The house were filled with laughter and chuckles.

All these special moment rarely happen, but they are such treasure moment to savor.. :)


Monday, May 03, 2010

Birthday Party

We don't have parties to go to for a long long time and now we are sending our kids to one...lately. It was a BIG birthday party to start with. The birthday boy is a 5yo, my best friend's son. And the theme - the ultimate BEN TEN.

As we arrived there at the scene, the Ben Ten posters, banners, balloons, cake were there to greet us already! The kids were playing in the indoor playground; some lil girls were having good time doing pedicure (man, I don't do pedicure till I was like 30-yo? shoot!); some were enjoying the photo-frame decoration session and have their pictures taken by a professional photographer, got it printed out instantly and framed and bring home as a door gift, brilliant!

The adults? Busy eating and chomping down the food.......haha!! And of course, most were busy chatting away and let the maids do the chasing and shouting. Us? Take turns lo, we hardly (never) bring the maid out. She needs time-out anyways.
Later, more gifts and fun with the magician.

The sparks in the b-day boy shined. Oh who would not?? Such a big huge party!
How lucky are kids nowadays heh?? My Jien thoroughly enjoyed himself and us too as everything was paid for and all we need to buy was a present for the b-day boy...kekekeke...

So how much would you splash and spend for your marvelous kids' birthday? 3-figure, 4-figure or in this case, 5-figure!?? ;P

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