Sunday, May 21, 2006

Walking thru Hell

It has been hell for me for these 2 weeks or so. I was totally 'hang over' most of the time. My appetite shrunk tremendously to a portion of a baby. Any odd scent send me straight to the toilet. I was on bed most of the time...

Throwing up is normal to me now, especially at night. Boy oh boy the sourness that hit the mouth was ....!!! I wonder if I would be left with any teeth by the end of the pregnancy?!

I am really envy (or jealous?) when I hear people said that they had no problem with pregnancy sickness AT ALL. They can eat, work and sleep like normal. I had asked around and I surely understood that this is not something one inheret from the mother, so am I really that weak? Am I too old to get pregnant? Or this is God's will to let me taste the bitterness of pregnancy? :(

Work? ha! For one that can't eat well, I wonder where can I find extra energy to work. Sometimes I just turned my phone to silent mode when the nausea and 'gastric' was intense. I really don't mind to lose ALL my clients at this point now. ALL I want is to be able to eat, walk, rest, sleep properly.

Ok, the baby is fine according to our new gynae. Should be 8+ week now. Due on this Christmas day if everything goes right. GOD bless the child, and not forgetting the one who bear the child too! sob sob....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Drowsy Me

It was a huge wave that I surf thru last week. Being on top of ecstacy and broke down with tears with gloomy cloud all over me. All because of my lousy gynae or I should say unprofessional doctor who did not give the right advise. I have no mood to talk about it now and shall remind myself to blog about this later.

Well, life goes on with me feeling extremely tired since Monday (Labour Day, 'Labour Day'). I started to feel the 'morning' sickness. Though not vomitting ( thank goodness ), but I do feel drowsy, fainty, can't concerntrate on work (decided to call it off this week) and constantly feeling hungry. I heed the advise of Haz to just sleep and don't move too much. All exercise should start later when the baby is stable. Ok, sleep, eat...that sounds nice, but doing it with mild fever and the feeling that u r having gastric problem is not something enjoyable rather. But I am counting my lucky stars for at least I can choose to just stay at home and do nothing.

So now I have to get use to this dizziness and god knows what is it for dinner? For I can no longer look at raw meat anymore, so no cooking! Anybody any idea where to get caterer for me please!!! S O S!