Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It has been raining practically everyday now in Klang Valley. And I love to watch rain drops. Now I can see them in a different perspective. From bottom up, from our car porch.

I had purposely punch a hole in the car porch roof to welcome more natural light into the car porch and the house. So with a sheet of glass, we now can watch the rain and the lovely plant from 'beneath'.

When I saw the circles hitting the glass, I said 'Nice!'

My Jien heard it.

So everytime he saw me gazing the rain drops, he would say 'It is nice, mama!'

Copy cat! ;)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Penguin Family

For about more than 2 months in our house since we moved in, we are bugged by this penguin - PINGU.

Jien has been so obsessed with him since we subscribed to the fiber optic thingy which is first launched in our area and Bangsar. So my son, Jien especially will be glued to the TV first thing in the morning.
He would speak like one, walk like one and the gruesome part is he memorize the series so well that he would make the same sound at the exact same time! Ewww!

Good thing is now we have to subscribed to this particular channel to watch them, so we do NOT subscribe and the boys are off from being penguins now. Phew! *cold sweat*

Having said that, we, the very 'nice' parent, still, from time to time, allow them to watch the VCDs that we bought (oh please, he already knows how to operate the player since more than a year ago??). This picture is among the hundreds taken by Jien using my handphone. *shake-head*

So now he always associate himself with Pingu and his brother - Pinga. :)

THAT, is cute.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Pom Pom

Lately, my younger son Jung is just so extra cute and funny.

He is slow in 'talking' but lately he could finally speak more like 'this one', 'apple', 'nana' (banana), 'yes' 'no' 'up' 'dun' (down), and one of them is 'pom' ...

Every evening, aunt-N (maid) will shower him. But when he saw us (aka, me/hubby) all getting ready to go into the bathroom, he would want to pull down his pants and diaper so that he can 'pom-pom' AGAIN. This time, in the bath tub.

We have a big one at home, it is a FUN playground for him. It is coincidental, that we have this big tub, a cast-insitu terrazo tub. We have that big space after extension and I can't be having a huge shower for not much of purpose. And of course in the back of our mind, we want the kids to have fun in the bathroom, they love water!

At first, we thought of buying the standard ones in the market. But a standard one is so small, too small for both of them. So we thought, ok, look for a double-size ones - but hang on, the price is not doubled, it is almost 4 to 5 times more expansive!

So after talking to my contractor of what I like, we decided - terrazo!

It is not too slippery and we can build it to the max of the space! So now all 4 of us can go in and it is still roomy!! ;)

So there u go, the 'pom-pom' time now always stretch to a good half an hour or more but it sure is a fun and memorable time!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thinking Mode

I am extremely busy lately. Well, as usual.

And when I am thinking, I mean having deep thoughts; when I am forcing my creative juice of my noodle, when I am twirling my pencil trying hard and quick to come out with something - I need warm air!
Yes, I can't think when the air con is in full blast. Just can't.

I remembered having to escape down to the library section in my previous office to do that. Or go out to the cafe nearby, anywhere but not in the freezing dry air in the office!

So sometimes hubby will come back and ask, 'Aren't you feel stuffy and hot in here?'

I just brushed it off with a big smile. ;)

(*picture showing my cheeky son peeping through the intended gap for ventilation just so that I don't I run out of air in my office while thinking! ;P)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where to GO?

We have been hit quite badly after moving
to this new house. I mean our pocket is now in CRISIS. Well, considering whacking the old shattered house and almost rebuilding in that sense....

But the traveler bit of me is bugging me lately. I have not traveled to NEW places since like ages ago. Yes, I do traveled to Singapore just last year but that is like RE-visiting. I don't consider that so REFRESHING.

But with small budget, where can we go? Yes, I mean WE. I can't do without my boys. Neither can they.
So, any suggestions?

(picture showing our little green patch on the 1st floor........oh! how I wish to trek somewhere, with my back pack and of course, this time, I must picture it with my boys too! haha!)


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New Art Piece

I did not know my 4-yo son can do so many things with computer now.

I intended to place some of his art piece here awhile ago and while browsing the files, I accidentally saw some of the files not saved by me.
They were his 'computer graphics' art which he named them and saved them file by file accordingly like 'Ice Cream', 'apple' (which he used the red back ground, wow), 'train', 'sun' etc...simply so cute! I compiled them all and they simply look gorgeous to me!

Oh, and yesterday, I left my live messenger on with an old friend of mine, I left to attend a meeting only to find my friend calling me and said 'Hey, your son is Skype'ing with me! He said that he is hungry and that u went out to work. He said "I miss u, papa"!!' Well, it must be that during the time when hubby was away, I always msn him and our son is watching closely ler!! So he must have thought that daddy was 'talking' to him again...

Whoa! Kids nowadays...

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