Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turning 8 months

Jung turned 8 months old last Sunday.

This little boy of ours had a nickname, cili padi. We thought of the name because he is so tiny compared to his brother at birth and even now :)..but not his voice and cries, it is super loud, clear and ALARMING!! So that's why, cili padi.

Being little, this little one is very very agile and fast. He already crawling with his limbs and not on tummy any more at about time just pass 7months. He was already learning how to stand 2 weeks ago and already cruising his way about the same too. Now it is his exploration period and he would go round the house checking and biting things. This, of course, includes visiting the toilet if we forget to close the door...

He got this bad running nose germ either from his father or brother a couple of weeks back and with that, with us forcing him to drink his medicine, with the bunch of teeth trying to push their way out of his gum, his voice was at the loudest mode for weeks now and whowww, that was truly something to EXPERIENCE, babe! :P

Oh yes, a bunch of teeth alright! From one tooth, all of the other teeth (5 of them) decided that it is about time and while making their way out, my boy was at his most irritable period; he bites almost anything to ease himself. Toys, papers, plastics and today I just realised that he bit his spoon too and the plastic thingy chipped off and ok, where is that tiny bit now?? Don't ask me.

He loves the outdoor. He loves the playground and we can surely see that he is so different from his brother.

Hair? Still curly and wavy as ever and thicker now. I just gave the brothers a hair cut the other day. One ended up with a mushroom hairstyle and the other gave up the Korean Star quality already.

What a bundle of joy.

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Friday, November 20, 2009


The other day, I decided to take the boys down for a walk. On the way out, I saw my neighbour with her grandson both standing outside the house with a guard probing the lock. She, an Iranian, with her very broken English, said that the key was broken and stuck. She said it should be alright, the guard is helping her anyway.

I had not spoken to this very neighbour of mine though they had moved in for maybe 6 months now. Yeah, bad. Real bad of me right, so snobbish and UN-friendly. I know. But apartment living is like this I suppose. You lockthe door and you just don't see anybody else. I can't be knocking their door and say HELLO?? So the most is an occasional HELLO if we bump into each other in the lift. And the worst part is, I go out of the house during the non-peak hours, so to be frank, I hardly know my neighbours - horizontally (same floor ) or vertically (worse still). BUT BUT BUT I do see their maids though. Most maids and old folks bring the kids down to play and I am more 'familiar' with these faces...duh...

So back to my story...

When I got down, it started to drizzle, so I picked up the letters and went up straight. She was still there. Without any hesitant, I invited her in the house. Apparently the guard could not fix it and he had to get a locksmith. I talked to the locksmith over the phone, I knew he must be a Chinese somehow and it would be better if I do the talking. He said the fix would cost RM120 and asked whose house was that. I said my neighbour, an Iranian family. I told the old lady about the price, she said she does not have that much now but her son will be back soon. I told the him to come, I will pay first. He said DON'T. He said his experience with these people are NOT GOOD. They don't pay and asked me not to do this, just forget about it. I steadfastly assured him that I would pay. 'DON'T.WORRY.JUST.COME!' I think I am doing the right thing. Even if the son does not pay me later, I don't want the poor lady to be stranded out with the 2.5 yo and it was near dinner time!

So while waiting, we had a 'conversation' (see, it is quite hard to grab what she meant with her limited vocabs) and the boys were enjoying each other companion and started playing.

Soon after, hubby came back and this handy man of mine took less than 30 seconds to probe open the door. The old lady was so relieved. I called off the locksmith and he was relieved too. :P

ALL SET and the best thing was that sets on our friendships. My Jien happily strut in their house and played with his new friend and refused to come back home until we had to drag him back for his dinner.

The other day, the lady cook us a bowl of yummy Iranian noodle soup. All ingredients flown in from Middle East. It is very rich and delicious.

I am glad that it all turns out so rosy and sweet.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Growing Lettuce seems that you girls out there want to try out this greenie lettuce heh??

Step 1 : I got my seed from Ace Hardware shop (or any hardware shop in the mall).. Funny though, for something so soft like this, you find the seeds in a HARDware shop...well, go to the end of the shop, you will find a gardening section. They sell tomato seeds, sun flower seeds, cucumber seeds, choy sum seeds, etc etc in small packet. Cheap. RM2 maybe.

Next -Soil. Good one would be the black organic soil. Next, get some pots suitable for planting has to be quite deep. I got myself a long small tub-looking plastic thing as I don't have the energy to transport it. I can't recall the exact cost, maybe RM 8. Well, if you have a plot of land to plant, then no need pots ler....

Step 2: Just plonk the seeds into the soil, and water the plants twice a day. They are forever so thirsty!!

Step 3: Sun it. Afternoon sun could be too hot if leave direct.

Step 4: Separate the tiny ones once they started shooting up to about an inch or so. They need space to grow.

Step 5 : Keep watering them twice a day. When you wash your rice, keep the water to water the plant. :P By the way, too much water might rot them, so I prefer them in pots so that I can 'transport' them if need be( if kena too much rain water, they tend to rot)

And by a month plus, you would be able to see the greeny leaves growing nicely and by 2.5 months or so, they should end up on your breakfast table then!

Good luck!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

3rd Harvest

Our 3rd harvest is by far the most successful one. I had 2 batches of the seeds planted at 2 weeks intervals and as I had used the previous seeds from my last batch, I have got too much to plant!!

So we ended up eating fresh lettuce ( pesticides!) almost EVERY MORNING!


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