Monday, January 03, 2011

Year End Celebration

I was devastated. Brain stuffed and heavily suffocated. I needed plentiful of fresh air. I needed a get-away. So I plead, hinted, begged and finally forced my hubby to let us all go somewhere. Just somewhere.

Knowing me, my hubby still asked where could the destination be.

Knowing our financial status, I suggested Cameron Highlands since we have not been there for quite a while now.

So off we went. The weather, superb. Drizzling yes, but while we were out catching some fresh air, the rain almost always seized its way down. The hotel, not too bad. We stayed in the Century Pines Hotel recommended by my cousin. A last minute booking in fact, on-line. Yeah!

This time around, we actually went for strawberries picking. Jien enjoyed it so much!! And my Jung was squeezing the fruits and daddy gotta constantly watched him before we got chased out of the plantation. I had my wonderful charcoal steamboat filled with loads of vegetables!! The slice meat was wonderful! Yum yum!

On the way back, I brought back a one week's supply of vegetables and salad!! I am just so happy. :)

The only set back was the heavy traffic stretching from Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The amount of cars choking the road were just a pain. I wonder how the locals can take this...

My boys enjoyed the cold weather just as much as I did. Jung was even reluctant to take off his sweater! Funny boy.

After the trip, we waited for Jien's birthday. I was so utterly busy with my schedule but at the back of my mind, I wanted to celebrate his birthday - a party, as Jien requested. A promise I wanted to fulfill.

So I set out a 2 days' earlier party. A weekday. Nonetheless, my good friends and their kids turned up for the party alright. It was fun and our house was filled with lots of laughters and joy!

The kids were happily playing in the playroom and the adults were enjoying the Hin Hua noodle and the bak kut with black soy sauce prepared by me. Yes. Me. While it was still a working day for me! Phew! I wonder how I did that?! I also prepared a pot of vege soup, grilled pock chop and fried chicken wings! The food was all swept up by the end of the night! I was so pleased!! :)

The kids went home with their small X'mas gift from us and the adults went home with a full tummy!! Great!

And of course, our birthday boy was happy too! He got his bicycles from us and loads of gifts from the aunties and uncles.

He loves this - from aunty Prudy. Instead of the bicycle..Hmmm

x x x x x

Next, on Jien's birthday, we set out down south- Singapore!! Yes, our friends offered us their house for our short stay! Marvellous!

So it is Singapore Zoo again! This time around with our little Jung. We expected Jien to enjoy himself in the zoo but our little Jung was also brimmed with excitement in the zoo. We spent a whole day in the zoo! And the water park in the zoo literally siphoned out all the energy from our kids! They slept so soundly shortly after watching the sea lion and dog show.

This Christmas, we told ourselves- no more Orchard Road. We made a right choice. We just stayed in. The rain was pouring hard but the house was filled with warmth joy of friendship, a simple roast chicken dinner with salad.

The kids danced, the adults laughed. Oh what joy!

Before we headed back home, we stopped by at the Jurong Bird Park. This time, both were down with mild fever, cough and running nose. I hope the birds did not catch any of these! Goodness. Well, kids are kids, being a bit sicky never bring their mood down too far. They still managed to run, shout and most importantly - enjoy themselves. They just loved watching the penguins! ;) As for me, I enjoyed the walk, but the crowd.

Mid way home, we stopped by at Malacca. Again, a last minute booking online just about a day before our stay! And the rate is much better than making a CALL direct. Weird but who cares.

It was a 5-star (really? I rate it as 4-star) Philea Resort Hotel, a new hotel just about 2 minutes drive after the Air Keroh exit. We just wanted a break in between. Again, our aim is to stop, not to venture into the city. And so again, we made the right choice. The hotel is new, less than 6-months old maybe. They have got a nice setting. With buggy picking up guests to the lodge. The lobby is grand! But something is amiss. The restaurant is big, but something is missing..the ambiance is lacking, the romantic feel in the restaurant is just not pictures, no decor..hmmm.....but my kids enjoyed the buggy ride. They enjoyed watching the big swimming pool. Oh yes, they did not ask to go venture into the pool. Maybe they knew for themselves that they were not fit to do that. Poor thing! ;)

It was all worth it. With so little budget, we spent our holidays so wonderfully. With so much time spent with the boys, they are like super glue now to us. Sigh! The downside of a holiday! Ha!

Happy New Year and have a great start to all!