Friday, July 31, 2009


I remembered hubby and I got so stressed out on weekends when our maid is off duty. Oh the crying baby, changing diapers, complaining kid, cooking, cleaning, feeding made us so busy and stressed out that we almost almost almost .........quarrel!

Thank goodness that is all history now and it lasted like for 3 weeks or so before we adjusted ourselves, do a bit of planning of schedule, wake up slightly early to get ourselves ready, pre-planned out lunch and dinner to be simple - ALL IN ONE-POT meal.

One of the beautiful Sunday mornings, I woke up early in the morning, blessed with 3 healthy boys sleeping soundly still in the warm bed. I prepared this lovely breakfast for them and I feel so GOOD, myself. :)

Life is just GREAT!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jung @ 4mo

Jung is already 4 mo + 1 week old. Wow!

He probably weighs around 7.5kg and oh, I just adore his hair. It is silky soft, black with a bit of brownish tone at the tip as if he dyes his hair! Oh it is also slightly wavy to give that sophisticated look!! This thick crowning glory of his always make strangers asking if he is a GIRL..hmmmm....

He loves to play and he keeps looking at his surrounding now, as if to scrutinize the details of them all! Instead of looking at his hands, now he enjoys stuffing his hand in his tiny mouth and suckle. Yummy drumstick!

He also learned to roll over on his tummy, sometime about a week before he turned 4-mo. And this morning, he 'accidentally' managed to roll back on his back! He is also seen arching his back side up and push himself forward!! Yeah, he begins to crawl!!

He loves eye contacts and chat, like I said, especially to his dad! He chuckles and smiles when we speak to him. It is such a joyous moment talking to this boy.

With him being more cheerful and us, being more 'experienced' and all, weekends seem to be more enjoyable now. We managed to even cook up lovely breakfast at times!! We also started to venture out to malls and outdoors more often with him. He seems to enjoy it himself! :) Just the other day, we went to zoo for a short morning stroll. Love it !

He seems to be drinking 'less' in day time. The intervals could drag to about 2 half to 3 hours and I can't force him to drink as this guy would just turn his head and even started to cry if I try to feed him slightly 'earlier' to meet my schedule to go out. Quite a stubborn guy I thought!

On the other hand, he is feeding on a 2 hours interval at night starting from 2am. So I gotta wake up at least 3 times before greeting his morning smiles to stir up the groggy me..

My precious jewel...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So much had been said about how 'smart' Jien is at his age, we as parent still can't help but to worry that our child might be slight...yeah, pinch, a bit, tiny bit maybe - autistic.

Maybe he watches too much TV. He is just too absorb in it and I kinda regret allowing hubby to buy him computer at times. He is just SO SO into it and therefore, self-absorption.

Maybe he is not the chatty type. He can hardly hold a proper conversation with me or hubby for more than 5 minutes (teaching session is different, which could last for about 10 mins or more). His eyes contact is, well, I must confess - poor.

He is always seem restless. He can walk and walk and stand for hours without 'sitting' or people say 'diam-diam' for even a minute! So, friends always commented that he is rather hyperactive. Which I thought that hyper kid should be jumping and running A LOT which my kid doesn't.

The act that chills us both is the fact that he loves to

arrange things, the trait that an autistic kid loves to do or MUST DO.

We are still observing at the meantime. Hoping and praying that we are wrong.


It is tough to get them both to take a nice picture. It is like, you know, one will surely look the other way, each having their own agenda...

Like THIS.

or sometimes when I am a bit lucky, I get at least ONE to smile at the camera...

Like THIS.

or the pictures will turn out to be like this one here as if there is a conspiracy going on and that they are saying :

'Please go away camera, give us some PRIVACY!!'

I just love these pictures!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Off to School!

Yes, I had finally sent Jien off to 'school' and I had been busy lately going to visit my 'the other baby' at site which is near completion yet still quite a bit to do.

So how is my Jien doing?? He is ......

1st day : Did not cry. I left him there, he marched in, took off his slippers and put on the shelf. He slipped in and did not even waved back at me! I left the bag with the teacher and left. Asked his teacher how is he doing...'OK - did not cry' was the answer. I was anxious the whole morning and kept checking my phone if the teacher did call me..NOPE, nothing. Hubby, SIL all called and my answer is : He is doing fine, I THINK ...

2nd day : Did not

3rd day :
Papa sent him to school.

Midst of class, a mother went to send something to her daughter and left, maybe he saw 'her' and 'thought' it was me leaving without picking him, he broke down and cried - according to the teacher... :P

4th day : Papa sent him to school. Approaching his school, he told papa : MY FRIENDS, PAPA! and when the teacher came to take him, he CRIED and said he did not want to go to school!! HAHAHA! Finally!

But being him, he quiet down fast and went in reluctantly....oh poor thing.

5th day : Cry again!

6th day : When I went to pick him up, I saw tears in his eyes. I asked teacher what happened? 'He was playing upstairs and refused to come downstairs...' duh........

7th day : He was joining his friends for lunch!! WELL, let me make it clear here. HE. IS. FEEDING. HIMSELF!! I was so so so happy when I see that.

His little friends started to strike a conversation with me..

'Ah Yi, ni hao..'

Me : 'Ni hao..'

'Ah Yi, (in Mandarin) you know, Jien does not sit down and study. He was playing masak in the room. He played with teacher's radio'

I smiled. kekeke, actually I wanted to burst out and LAUGH!! wakakaka. So typical of my SON!

More to post.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Face vs White Face

Hei Lian, Bai Lian - direct translation in Chinese, which goes to say that in parenting your kids, there is always the case where either one of the parents would take the role of the stern, fierce, shouting, chasing, in other words the devil one and the other one would be the lovey dovey, soft spoken, anything-can-do, saint-like character...

Ok, I guess you all know where I stand. Yes, the devil one with the two horns. You are SOOOOO absolutely RIGHT!

I guess normally the one who stays at home and face them more would always be the 'hei lian'. What to do? We are seeing their horns growing every SECOND and just can't help but to YELL, YELL and YELL!

Jien sometimes can be so mischievous and he is such a techy-boy at his age. Being a TV addict, he would turn on the TV, computer and sometimes playing daddy's i-Phone and the PSII (which we upload Baby Einsteins and Elmo's shows) all, I repeat -- ALL, at ONE GO!!

Recently this really pissed me off! Actually, it worries me, so it kinda pissed me la! He couldn't care less when we call him. He is so blur and absent minded! He was SO into the thing he is playing or watching! Goodness!

So yesterday nite, I restricted him from watching TV or playing computer. I pulled him down to read with me - all nite. Every time his itchy hand almost touch the button, I would yell and stop him. He jumped and pulled himself back, looking at me and laughing away. That is my boy, never really understand the meaning of scolding...

We actually sat down and do some spelling and drawings. He did well. He asked for his milk later and knocked off fast when in bed after a very very hilarious song of the Micky Mouse Club House which made both hubby and myself laughed so badly (because we tried not to laugh out loud and we don't want him to know that we were laughing!! ;P)......

Kids. No kidding.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jien at 2.5 yo

It has been a long time since my last blog...miss me??

Anyway, I do miss all of ya...

I was not exactly THAT busy. Anyway, being at home, I noticed my elder son is acting pretty much like a very lonesome child. His main companion is TV and TV alone (oops, I left out his con-the-puter [his- computer, that is the way he pronounces it, on purpose]). Ok ok, yes, he is spoilt to the brim!! 2.5 yo with a computer - laptop to be exact!

I do sneak out to play with him for a while, but I guess that is not enough. Having peer group to play with is a different story all together...

Off late, Jien started to LOVE spelling!! He picked up his old books again with a new interest - to spell, my memorizing of course! He now can spell - cat, dog, bird, papa, mama (no more mrm!), bat, ball and owl. That's all.

Whenever we are out, any signboard that is in bold and catch his attention, he would start to spell out the word. Cute!

But this worry mama starts to get a bit jittery that the son will become 'banana'. Most of my friends' children have this problem of refusing to speak Chinese. Wahhhh!! That is utterly not what we want! I noticed my child will turn into one soon if I do not start talking to him in Chinese NOW. So lately, I purposely talk to him in Chinese, I just don't care if he understands it or not.

Our Chinese 'lessons' which took place in the morning at my last trimester with Jung ended when Jung was born. I speak to Jung in Chinese from the very beginning and I never feel odd about it. But since I started speaking English to Jien, it felt a bit odd to switch though. Sigh...

With all his fantastic fabulous nouns and verbs that he is using and speaking, there are only TWO things that he refuses to say. One small one big. Nope, not 4D or DaMaChai lah please...The small one - wee wee and the big one POO POO!!

Yes, he simply refuses to tell and that make us all very busy searching for clues to avoid the after MESS since he is already off diapers! Gosh! Parents out there, any tips for me please?

He still needs to be fed..well, am I spoiling him??

x x x

With all the points above, I am planning something for him to do. Something BIG and would surely left him in awe and tears..

I will tell you in detail next time...kekeke

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

四个爸爸 一个午餐

上个星期日, 我请了四个爸爸吃午餐。


第一个男人, 当然是我老爸。

他爱家,爱老妈,爱孩子 - 爱透了。











第三个男人 - 我的家翁。



当然,不用说,这第四位 - 是我丈夫;我孩子的爸爸。







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