Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Older

Oh yes! It was my birthday. Last Monday. I had a few days' celebration, as usual. We started warming up the event by celebrating it with my most precious people on earth - Hubby and my 2 beloved boys. Yes, a dinner at Bijou, Mon't Kiara. Lovely. I love the interior decoration. I have no idea how is the food but just looking at the ID in the papers, I said go ahead and try. The result? No regret. :P Best of all, we had the restaurant almost to ourselves as the patrons that came after us went to another section of the restaurant, so yes, ALL to ourselves. So we don't have to worry about our boys annoying the romantic ambiance...hmmm....and ahHHH...ERR...too dark??!! Hello, I cannot read the menu! Gosh!! Am I too old or was it really too dark?! And seeing and pity this ah soh, the waiter then adjusted the dimmer and it was all then COZY and WARMTH. :p

Then, the next day, we had a celebration with my in-law. Yeah, they seemed to remember my birthday WELL. Not my father, not my brothers.......We had Japanese food and then a lovely cake from the kids. I selected the green tea cake from Lavender and it was good!! Not too sweet and the texture is smooth and it just melt in the mouth....Maybe order the same thing for Jien's birthday...keke

Then, it was my REAL b'day on Monday. Hubby gotta leave for Taiwan. WORK. And I have to slog like crazy having fetch Jien to and fro his 'school'. I had decided not to overwork myself and my maid during this testing time of not having hubby to assist, so NO DINNER at home. We went out for dinner! Yes, with baby and all!! And WE.MADE.IT.THROUGH!! It was enjoyable, completely relaxing (for I had expected the worst) but but BUT things turned out rosy. Ahhh.. The boys behaved themselves like angels! :)

This year I received the most birthday wishes I think. Online wishes. Thanks to FB! Geez.....amazing! But it was sweet. :) Thanks to all my frenz out there for the warm wishes (I even received a card from a friend who is actually traveling now in Egypt), thank you all !! muak muak hug hugz!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Jung's favourite pose for the past 2 weeks.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mickey in Jien's Eyes



Illustrated by : Jien


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wonderful 7 months- Jung

Jung turned 7 months old last week.

At 7 months, he is now sitting up straight on his own without support, and he is 'crawling' by dragging his lower body, at quite an amazing speed across our stretch of carpet. He must have hit himself a couple of times hard on his head that he rarely venture any further then the carpet - his territory for now. Haha!

He eats 3x cereals a day. 2 BIG spoonful mix. I tried him on pumpkin but he seems to not quite enjoy it. the lazy part of me tells me, nevermind la, just feed cereal!! So cereal for the last 1 month! [OK OK, I will prepare something this week....guilty liao] Of late, he loves eating bread and 'rice', I guess it is time to prepare some other solid food to let him try.....[feeling more guilty as I am writing this..]

His favourite person is NOT me, sigh.........but his DAD (well, I should be glad that it is not my maid!!). He wants his dad to carry him down to the park, twice a day!! That smile he gave when he saw his dad back from work is so so so sweet and no wonder hubby is so willingly walking him even if he is so darn tired after a whole day's work. Well, a bit of jealousy yes (*sob sob*)[hey, I am still breasting feeding you little monster at midnight ya know?!] but
I am torn apart with so many things to take care, so I am really grateful for hubby helps me A LOT by taking him away from me!!

My baby is still weighing light - only around 8kg now. He got his little TOOTH about 2 weeks ago and last few days, he caught mild fever and we were suspecting of another one springing up soon.

His crowning glory is so thick and wavy - I just love it!! Anyways, it is getting too long in fact and we are thinking of trimming it but I still can't picture him sitting STILL so the idea is shelved for the moment.

It is funny seeing him growing fast. On one hand I feel so glad with the thought that I could go out with 2 running boys - swimming, trekking, diving and having more freedom but at the same time, knowing that this would be my last baby, I just hope that time would go a bit slower for me to savor every bit of it all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buzzing bee

Busy busy busy..

Woke up around 7.30am everyday, feed baby, then get myself ready. Have my breakfast then put baby to sleep.

Then sneak a little bit of time to read e-mails/facebook and start work. Pick up Jien in the school around 12pm, bathe him, feed him and myself and spend about half an hour or more with the kids while my helper have her lunch and clean up the mess in the kitchen.

Then work *disturbance* - work - work *baby cry* - work *Jien knocking on the door*

...then express milk in the evening. Prepare dinner, bathe, eat my dinner with super speed (while feeding Jien) then put my punctual baby (8pm) to sleep.

Only then, I can start to unwind a little. Read a bit of paper or book, chat with hubby a bit (poor him, so little time for him!). By 10pm, prepare to sleep and we sort of 'take turn' reading to Jien and 10.30 - pengsan.

Come weekends, the working part will be replaced by seminars, marketing, taking care of the kids(helper on leave what...) but in a somewhat relaxed manner.

Psss..........actually I enjoyed it when I go out for meeting (that is when my maid is taking care of the 2 monsters). On the journey, I try to relax myself. At least, it is a consolation that I have my 'own' time!

So another baby to come??? Nuhhhhh.......With this kind of schedule? You gotta be kidding me!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


No, my house taps are ok, no drips and no leaking.

It is my milk supply - drips, only.

It is just ONE day out and missing schedule to express and there you go, drips only.

I am SAD!! I want to continue breast feeding my baby - for at least another 6 months from now! But alas so little. It is either I stay at home so that I can boost up the supply again (which is kind of impossible lately, lots of meeting etc!!) or I should just give in to formula...

I try the formula for his cereal and he seems to enjoy it. (unlike his brother who rejected any other drink except mama's milk)

I guess I just have to be contented with mixing both now.

Arrhhhh........I am SAD!

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