Wednesday, August 22, 2007

High Fever

Instead of feeding him only twice to settle down his fever like he normally needs after his immunization jab, now he needs a total of 2 days of gulping down parasetamol! Goodness.

This fever starts crawling back again after each dosage had worn off, so stubborn!

Jien is a smiley baby but when it comes to medicine, he is weak! He would shriek and struggle and refuse to open his mouth. We even almost choked him at one point.

Just this morning around 4am, out of sudden the temperature shot up to 40 deg C. We rushed him to hospital after inserting Voltaren. Good that we went back to Klang yesterday and SIL passed us some of it. Goodness, within half an hour, the temperature went down drastically. Thank God!

Weird thing is, till now the doctors (we consulted 2 actually) can't tell us what is the source of the fever. No sign of infection on the ears or throat. No rashes (no! I don't want to see one!). Baby is still active and smiling at the doctors. He even pulled his stunts by jacking up his buttock and crawled to show to the doctor that he is well, FINE. Now, could this be the sign of TEETHING? Maybe some of you mothers out there could testify to this and tell me please?

Ok, I think I need a nap now. So sleepy and drowsy.

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Monday, August 20, 2007


Baby is a bit sicky today. It is rare. Yes, I am very blessed that our boy is a pretty much a healthy boy. No flu no cough and hardly any fever.

But this morning, he was restless. He woke up earlier than his usual 10 hours' sleep. After a brief session of feeding, he vomited a bit. He poo-ed. Watery - which is not quite as normal because he is on his solid diet now. He was reluctant to sleep after that. We went for a walk downstairs at the park and the fresh morning air and breeze slowly put him into his dreamland. But that was just a short one,
after that, my poor Jien caught fever. As high as 39.5 deg C! I was shocked! With maid's help, we forced him with his 'thicken strawberry juice'! Lucky for me that he did not spit out a lot this time. The medicine actually helped to suppress the fever a bit and he was down to 37.5 deg C when I typed this. And yes, he is finally sleeping well now.

Oh, though he is with fever, he did not forget to play! Look at my boy, he was under the chairs and happily smiling at the camera, STILL!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet Music

I guess it takes to be a mother to understand how happy I was when I heard Jien saying 'Ma' and lately he doubles and tripled it up and says 'Ma-Ma', 'Ma-Ma-Ma...'!!

I do not know if he really means 'mother' or that is just simply his first murmur but I sure am HAPPY and beaming with joy. Hee hee hee...

Jien can now 'stands' better and he will give us a big smile when he landed his feet on the floor from sofa or bed (with our help of course!). Oh what joy to watch him grow day by day! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

7 months! Gosh!

I was so so so so so busy lately. Hardly have any time to even take a deep breath. Family and work had kept me occupied 24 hours! Sure ah? Yes la, they even appear in my dream, all right!?

There are so many things happen around me lately and too little time to write now. And with my sore finger (just accidentally cut my finger yesterday), I just want to make this as brief as it could..

With Jien turning 7 months old (7 and a half by now), he could suddenly manage to do a lot of things. He could crawl, sit without support, enjoy his solid- whole range of food now : cereal, egg yolk, apple, papaya, potato, carrot, mango, fish, sweet potato! We even let him have a taste of ice cream, bad parents! Ha ha! Thank goodness so far no allergy whatever..

He loves people watching just like I do. He has 2 lil teeth now and start biting people. Most importantly to me - I can let my breast rest when feeding him solid as I mixed in the formula instead of expressing nen nen already. With that, meal time is less stressful for me especially when I am at my in-laws' place. Ha ha..

Ok. Take a look at him now. We are preparing his passport to fly now. What a handsome boy he is yeah??!! Perasan habis.

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