Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Water water I Love U!

I asked the nurse when she brings my little new born back from a bath,

'Ada 'nangis ?'

"Tak ada! Diam sahaja"

Asked again the next time he bathed,

"Tak ada, syiok saja dia..! Baby ni cool la"

x x x

During confinement, I can hardly hear any cry in the bathroom, no struggle but pure serenity...And I recalled the 'Atapchai' episode, he did not cry AT ALL! He was so calm and seems to enjoy the warm bath SO SO MUCH that he did not mind us 'shaving' him and 'flouring' him!


Now after 5 months old, look at my baby .....


Monday, August 24, 2009

Jung - 5 mo Updates

Jung turned 5mo last Saturday.

He is a very curious baby now. Ever so engrossed into adults' conversations. While feeding him, he would turned and listened if I am talking; He enjoyed watching the moving leaves, colourful flowers and of course, he now joins his brother and watch PlayHouse Disney. *Smack head*

He reached out for things now too. And the other time when he rolled back on his tummy and I saw him 'accidently' rolling back on his back, how wrong was I. It was NOT an accident, he acquired the skill actually at around 4-mo! What he did was to push up his backside and force the bum to sway one side and BOOM, rolled!. How smart!

A baby who listens well probably talks well too. Jung is very 'vocal'. So besides crying, this tiny monster actually experimenting his voice now! And his eyes contact is very good. So this little charmer is like a little magnet attracting aunties, po-po, uncles and even the guards downstairs at the park whenever we took him out for a walk.

This little charmer had make mama a zombie one. He is waking up more times at night almost at 2 hours interval to feed! Goodness!

He loves watching his brother and his brother?? Loves him but at the same time can't help but feeling JEALOUS! Poor thing. He would come rolling my back while I am feeding, purposely flipping the books so that I can read for him while I am attending to his lil bro!!

x x x

So to celebrate the good weather, the haze-free air, the 5-mo old boy, the 1st day of Puasa (ie good traffic, less crowd!), hubby spontaneously suggested to revisit Zoo Negara again. We were all so excited and we asked if our maid would come along and she happily nodded too. So that was how we celebrated our Saturday - with the monkeys in the Zoo. ;P

Jien : picture showing his first time trying to flag the sign "peace"!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Schooling Boy - the Good Points!

Other than the 2-days crying in school, my boy is now officially a one-month student!! Not bad!

Well, as I said, I don't expect my boy to learn anything so far, some good points seemed to surface and I, yes, I AM the one enjoying the schooling effect.....

First, my boy wakes up early nowadays. Even non-schooling days.

We actually spend more 'quality time' together when I bathe him in the morning, pick him up from school, enjoying the remaining snack in the car, singing song together in the car, rush and run for we are both hungry by then....Then I will bathe him again thoroughly after school and have lunch together with him.

He used to spend 40 mins on his meals but now he would gobble his food fast due to the hungry pangs! (Yes, my boy played too hard in school and did not have his snacks provided by the school)

After a short session of TV or computer, my boy would be SO SO EXHAUSTED and would catch his long nap in the afternoon. That leaves me and maid having more time to do our own thing or to entertain the little one.

As my friend, Joyce said: well, once your boy started going to kinder, you will gain extra 1-2 hours for yourself! How true is that! :)

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Schooling Boy-School Environment

Jien's kinder is no ordinary kinder. It is more like a day care center actually; catering for kids as young as 2 year old. Some are still wearing diapers! The center is small, with only 2 classes. What interests me was that they taught kids the basic thing : manners. I remembered when I first visited the school with Jien, all the kids stand up and bowed to us saying ' Ah Yi zao shang hao ' which means good morning auntie. When some kids came down and saw me, they too bowed and said the same. Pretty impressive.

The curriculum was also slightly different. Instead of learning the basic ABC, simple Chinese characters, these kids are taught to memorize and sing Shakespeare's poem, the Chinese literature like

I do agree that kids have EXTREMELY good memories. Their reasoning skill is, well, not so. So the best is to drown them with things to memorize.

Frankly, I don't know if my boy really learn anything in the school for the past 2 weeks plus. I just want him to be exposed to a Chinese-speaking environment for the moment. And I doubt that he even knows what books are in his bag except for the light snack we stuff in everyday. Hehe!

But being his mum, I know I can teach better than a teacher at this phase of his life (unless I am prepared to pay for a private tutor who teaches ONE TO ONE and that she/he is at least a degree holder!). I am very happy to say that he is now singing about half volume of the
三字經 with me (of course, with his English accent!) everyday and he enjoys learning it with me. I make sure I am not rushing it and I make sure that he is enjoying it. He also begins to write simple word like 一、 二、三、四.

Chinese (Mandarin) is hard for the recognition of the word unlike the simple ABC which make up words but it is quite easy learning how to speak.

I just hope one day I can go for a calligraphy class again to pick up my love for the art. But this time I want to do it with my boys!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Short Escapade

Last week, hubby was surfing the net for hotel rates. Obviously we needed a break. He was looking at Avilion-PD, & Guoman-PD etc and I told him-- expensive. Then he was looking at Genting Highland-ahhhhh, I don't like it. It is just too overly commercialized, congested, no-where to go to other than the Theme Park which does not sounds attractive AT ALL. I love the cold weather though.

So I suggested Bukit Tinggi.

He checked out the rate. It was quite ok. Colmar-The French Theme, Berjaya resort's one night stay of one room suite costs RM 200 with complimentary breakfast for 2. We jumped into it and had a wonderful, peaceful, pleasant weekend with our 2 sons!!

So off we go last Sunday. The journey only took us about an hour. No hassle. No jam.

As it was an off-peak period, checking in/out was easy.

The room? A bit run down (biasa-lah, Malaysian style). But it is quite a big suite complete with living hall and a pantry. The room is furnished with a four-postal bed. 2 TVs - one in the hall, one in the room. Not bad!

I revisited the Japanese Garden. It is still my favourite spot there.

What amazed me was my Jien who always requested his father to carry him whenever we were at the Zoo, actually walked and ran in the park. He obviously enjoyed himself too.

Oh..the breakfast was quite ok too. Quite a spread of choices for a buffet.

The fresh air, the cool breeze, the smiles of our boys made us decided that we will surely visit it again. :)

I am recharged!

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