Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summary 2011

The year is ending!  So super duper fast!

Looking back, it has been quite a fruitful year indeed (Thanks for the blessing, the One Up There! ;)) 

Health wise :
~ Great!! I am able to maintain my weight and control my healthy diet so far.  Good cholesterol level, good blood pressure, good overall.  Some said I look thinner now than the me in my wedding pictures!! Whoa!  I weighed lighter then!! My target this year is to shake off the extra fats which sometimes make me looking 2 months pregnant and of course, the big legs if possible!!  And I want to go back to my yoga again to have my body more flexible which I still think is vital for a good health.  I am slacking and lazy in dragging myself up in the morning to do so...C'mon girl, u can do it!!

Family :

Working from home is still my best choice.  There were crazy days when I need to send my eldest to kindy and picking him up from school at the beginning of the year.  I lost a lot of weight then due to the rush hours madness, speeding after meetings just to drop him to school was sheer madness but, truly gratifying as parents.  I could then chat with the teacher, know his friends by names and chat with some of the parents too.  It is a wonderful feeling when the kids start calling me as 'T Jien's mummy!'  Then, the work load piled up and since the boy is looking more ok and not 'blur', I eventually get a van service to drop him.  

Next year would be my younger one's turn to the kindy.  I am really not certain if he is ready; he is such a cute pie and baby - that he is still baby talking and not fully toilet train (shiver~one more week to go!!).  Well, of course, now having 2 in the kindy means my bank account will shrink quite a bit when the school begins.  Whoa, and my duty would be to pick him up from school, at least for a good 2 months (well, that is IF the school accepts this boy after the trial 5 days!!What? u mean I pay u and I have to toilet train my boy??!!)

We had a good trip to Taiwan this year.  I will surely plan for something again this coming year!! Beijing is my target! ;) 

Career :
No complaint.  

The house we moved in was nominated (Thanks to Michael Tang if you are reading this!!) and shortlisted for the PAM design award!  Though I did not (damn!) win, well, at least, this humble abode of ours got featured in the magazine and I get calls to feature in other magazines too and guess what?  Hey, potential clients started making enquiries!

Also, another bungalow that I worked on won an international Interior Design Competition.  Well, read me : the Interior Designer IS NOT me...haha..but hey, if the house is shitty, the ID can't be possibly winning right??!!  Haha!!

Thanks to my friend's support, I am starting to divert my focus slightly from purely residential to commercial / industrial building which I reckon is a good turning point.  Not to say that I will completely discard the residential part of it which I think is still my forte.

I hope this coming year, I will have on hand a hotel job to start with!!!  Really looking forward to this!

x  x  x

I hope it is a great year 2011 and we shall all have a wonderful and peaceful 2012!!  Cheers!