Friday, May 20, 2011

Courses Options

Sometimes I felt empty inside. I have been churning up designs after designs; taking care of the kids day in day out. I felt that I needed a change. Maybe I should take up some courses. For a start, cullinary class maybe? Or fashion design/sewing class ? Or maybe joining .....? Hmmmm...still seeking.

Yeah...maybe I should start doing something different before I feel stale, useless and lifeless!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My 2 YO Jung

My Jung turned 2 on last March!! Time flies!! This little devil in the house is a total opposite of his elder brother. His voice grew louder and clearer as he grew taller. He is not as interested in books. But he is good with running, climbing, jumping etc. He is surely more athletic and more expressive.

This monster adores his brother so much. He picks up all the words from him. Now he can tell his name in full and can tell single words like chicken, monkeys, rooster etc.

Not much of phrases yet, but the one that he always repeats are' mama, whatcha doing??' 'I don't want!!' 'Help me!' obviously we feel so pai seh when he kept shouting 'Help me!' when we are struggling to carry him in the mall!! Kidnapper ??

This boy loves his fruits and vegetable. I have never seen a boy his age gobbled down vegetables like he does!! He would finish off the vege portion on the plate and left the meat untouched and would ask for more vege! So funny! :) Oh and he does not like being fed. He loves to hold his food with bare fingers and usually after a meal, he would be soaked in sauces as if he just fell on the kitchen's floor in a restaurant!!

He loves his routine of sending and fetching his brother from school. I hope it will pave an easy way next year when I send him to one next year..he loves the sun, water and I am sure if I let him play in the rain, he would be hilarious!! He is also a tough boy! The other day, he was trotting on the side wall of the school's pond and fell into the shallow pond. I am sure if it was Jien, he would be crying his lungs out but this boy just gave me that shock look then a sorry look hoping that I won't scold him. The fact is, I was laughing my tears out (of course, after inspection to find out that he was fine,;P)!! This boy!!

I love you Jung for you are the sun shine in the family. You are so full of energy and cheerful. Your presence broke the silence in the air. Your laughter brings joy to all including koko. Life will not be the same with you!! Mama can't wait to go backpacking into the nature with you one day cos you just simply belongs to it! So energetic and marvelous! I love u boy!! :)

Jung @ 1 day old.

Jung @ 13 days' old.

Jung with me @ 2 weeks+ old.

Jung @ 2 months' old.

@ 4 months' old.

@6 months.

@1 yr old. I missed the curly hair so so much!

@ 1.5 fast!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House for birds

I was clearing up lighting loops features that we hung on the tree for CNY decorations the other day, only to find that there was a nest on the tree and the mother was sitting still and hatching eggs apparently. So I left the loops untouched and told my family about it. Everyone was pretty excited and happy about it. Even my maid. I am not sure if my Jung actually can see the bird but he just ikut happy and excited.

Don't ask me what kind of bird. I had been looking for one kiddy bird dictionary for quite some time now and can't find one. They are always about fish and dinosaurs. But this bird sing pretty well. In the morning and evening, we have birds singing in our house. So close to nature. I for one love it!! As what hubby said, we don't have to rare one or cage one, but we have them singing for us!!

Just about a week plus, the eggs hatched. We saw 2 tiny baby birds(can see them clearly from my bedroom) , wet and tiny, sleeping soundly in the nest. The colour blends in so well with the nest. Then, the other day, with Jien, we saw the tiny ones stretching their big mouth waiting to be fed. Oh and the parents kept bringing back food. So very busy. Just like us parents!! :)

And today, I saw one of the birds already flew to the next tree. She was chirping and singing every few seconds as if to tell the father 'can I do this? Is it safe?'. And I can sensed that the parents are watching nearby. As I was taking pictures of her, I could see the papa bird was flying nearer and making some alerting, not so happy sound.

I can't seem to find her sibling. As I was writing this, her voice seemed further away already, sounds like she had made another bigger 'steps'.

Will she ever stay in the same nest and sing to us again?



Sunday, May 15, 2011


My son Jien hates tags on the shirts. Ever since he can talk, he would request us to cut off the tags as it irritates his neck. Fine.

The other day, daddy bought him his favourite angry bird soft toy. The next day, my Jien left something on my office table; a pair of scissors and a small tag...while I was wondering what tag was it, I saw him hugging his angry bird with a CUT tag...

So either the tag on the bird irritates my poor son, OR maybe my son thought that it might have irritated his favourite soft toy..*smile*