Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jien loves to draw- or doodle. His favourite TV programme now is the Art Time in Playhouse Disney.

The other day at Ah Ma's house, he doodled this...and so I asked 'Who is this?' (normally I would ask what but seeing this one, I think I should say WHO..) To my surprise, he patted his chest and said 'Jien!' Ok, kind of Picaso-like of painting ler I thought - 2-D-ing the image! ok ok!

But then again, the not so Picaso me turn the drawing board around and thought,
'boy, I think you are drawing your papa who does not have enough sleep ler....' :P

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing again!

Now probably those who read this blog long enough would know that there was one LONG absence of me in the blogosphere somewhere in 2006....

Yeah, that nausea thingy is back. The vomitting is also back this morning. It is going to be the most non-active and non-progressive period of me, sleeping and nesting away and fighting the whacked-up hormones. Yes, I am pregnant!!

Still too early to see anything yet but the tiny one is making mama so helplessly weak. I just can't wait for the first trimester to pass SOON enough...arghhhh!!!

P/S : Oh, I am no doubt thankful that I am pregnant but God, can I have an easier pregnancy?? *sob sob*


Monday, August 04, 2008

Who is she?

I was preparing to go to bed with my dad and mum, in their room.

There was a loud commotion outside, someone was knocking on my brother's room next door. I did not bother. Then the knocking became much louder and clearer. Mom said who was that so late at nite and as usual she went 'Pui! x%&*!!@ (in Hainanese of course)' ;P

I opened the door and darted in was a ghostly figure woman/girl, with very pale coloured iris, not tall, fair skinned and she was looking straight into my eyes and ..........

Poo! I woke up from my dream, heart thumping hard. Hubby was not around, felt scared but I can't hold my wee wee any longer.

Dashed in and out the toilet and hopped into our warm bed hugging my boy to sleep.

I don't sleep with my parents for more than 20 years now and of course mom passed away already ...What weird dream. Could it be that the hungry ghost month is around the corner?

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