Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shape Counts?

Today, I had lunch with the leng lui mommies again. They just wanna make sure we have a gathering before I am finally pushed to the labour room. How sweet of them.

When they saw me, the first reaction was : " OMG, so neat! So sharp! Hehehe, like mine like mine last time!" Well, according to the ??? don't know who and what theory, if the shape of the tummy the mommy carries is well protruding front-ward, then it is a BOY. So that goes to say that the mommy will look fine from the back and you will still see the waist-line. On the other hand, if the tummy goes side-ways, rounded and normally big mommy then the baby is a baby girl.

I don't know how true it is but wherever I go nowadays, I will get smiles and all-too-sweet looks from some strangers regardless of race, going : 'Baby boy?' :P


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Baby nappy

One may say that we are kedekut or what, but we just want to try it. Using cloth nappy. I read somewhere in a book that there are more people who are conscious about the disposable diapers contributing to heaps of garbage. And here we are, trying to strike a balance of being convenient and also being environmental friendly.

Actually, the fact that now they came up with nappy liner(great!); that our baby might inherit my complexion - dry and not so nice one, not the silky smooth type u will see in Lux advertisement.. ; $$ sense; to play our tiny part in saving the mother earth, and also we are finally taking in a maid, all sounded too good to discard the idea to use cloth nappy. Furthermore, it can be recycle and used again, if God permits, for our second child...:)

Hey, but this new mom-mee has forgotten how to fold a diaper! I actually spent few minutes trying to figure out the way! I had some book on hand but they are all the mat salleh type of folding, not the typical Asian type which I used to sees mom did it.

After a few trial and error, hey, I finally got it! :P BUT for convenient sake, we are still stacking some disposable ones as we just could not take the idea of waking up few times at night just to change him. LAZY BUTT.


1st Anniversary

Oh yes, November is coming to an end and I have not yet put up this article.

Yes, it was our wedding anniversary on the 5th November. Our very first.

As simple as it is, we just went out for a quiet dinner. Simple but sweet.

I love u, dad-dee.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Frantic week

It was a frantic week for me last week. Having the minor renovation in a small apartment which involves 2 rooms and the living room means to set the whole house in a chaotic mode! Imagine the whole closet and toiletries, books, junks all left scattered in the only room left untouched - our room! ( The image looks something like our councillor, Mr.Z's house when he was interviewed at his 'little' house...hehehe )

PLUS, dad-dee was in hospital, so I had to rush to hospital to see him and ended up staying with him there. POOR him, he had bleeding in his nose and cut at the throat. YIKES! All the suffering for the name of sinus and snore! He really regret fixing the tougue part for it is that he suffered the most. Already he could not breath by his nose now and breathing thru his mouth made it so dry that eventually he developed ulcer! And the dry throat needs water - and hence the worst nightmare - drinking or any form of swallowing that requires the act of peristalsis movements!!! Thank goodness he was discharged after 2 days 'staling' in the hospital. Though he is still suffering from the stuffy nose now, but at least he is resting at home and already fit to go back to work. :) We can even joke now that I am sleeping with Darth Vader (StarWars)!!! (Imagine the breathing sound...)

PLUS, a new client who kept rushing me for the house design. I used to rush them telling them don't leave to me last minute for the baby will be due year end. They had taken their own sweet time then to decide on certain issues and delaying it and now that the day is drawing near, they started to get jittery. Grrrghhh...well, client.

For he is back and the house is clean and tidy now, I am thankful and grateful. Rushed? What the heck.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Love Letters

These few days had been chaotic for me and hubby. He had to go thru his sleep test and later a minor 'plastic' surgery to correct his nose which according to the x-ray, is slightly mis-aligned; and the doc said that might be the reason for the incessant snoring. On the other hand, we are having our house refurbish a bit to welcome the new member. The giant plotter, photocopy machine, books, files, plastic bags, samples, catalogues, etc etc etc were and and some still lying in the hall waiting to be placed in the right place. Oh My Gawd. I just hope that the work can be finished by this week thanks to the contractor making mistakes in taking measurement. Hence, it took them a while to complete it and mind you, carpenters are really in demand now.

So while I was clearing some of the stuff away and discarding my 'treasures' so that I could quickly set myself back into working mood, I dug out 2 familiar looking envelopes. And it was all the love letters and cards from my ex. Hehehehe, I thought I had discarded them long time back. Maybe I am just a person who loves remisni
scing the past, maybe. But I had finally decided to just tear them and discard them. FINALLY.

There are things that will never be forgotten but they definitely make and mould me the person I am today. I am always thankful for the past romance I had, never regret a bit. And with that, I cherish what I have now even more. Life is all about LOVE after all. :)


Monday, November 06, 2006

Gifts & Pao

It is always a breeze by the end of Oct. Somehow time flies even faster by end of Oct till end December.

Oh yes, I mentioned celebrating my birthday ' a couple of times ' ..hehehe with different group of gang. This cake was a surprised gift from the lunch trio gang. I prepared a simple dinner for them at home. We chatted, laughed and the food was swept clean in less than half an hour. hhehehe....

Then, I had another one with close buddies. We had a gathering at a vegetarian restaurant. Nice food really. I even get an early X'mas gift- a beautiful necklace from Pru.

x x x x x

That birthday weekend was spent accompanying MIL to her hometown. On the way back, we stopped by at this Pao Shop. Can you imagine tourists coming in bus loads to this tiny shop just to shop for 'pao'- steamed flour with either pork, ground peanuts, red beans, lotus paste, vege etc as the inti. And have you ever see people purchasing pao like at least 20 buns if not more at one go? We just managed to get the last 15 buns at the end just because we are behind these aunties.....hmmmm, shall I consider us as lucky or what?

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Klang - I love U?

I remember fairly well in the old days I used to roam around with Pru, Ah-Ann, Ah-Wee etc in the neighbourhood without fear of being kidnapped. I remember not much of traffic jam in my hometown except during Raya or other festives. I remember we used to have rukun tetangga in the community. I remember I started cycling to school since primary 4. I remember we used to stay back and have other activities like school band, choir etc and then we will gather under the big trees ordering sugar cane juice and keropok from stalls outside the school fence. I remember ...I remember...

- I see parents have to queue up to pick up their kids, fearing the worst - kidnapping might happen.
- I see trucks and BIG containers speeding and maneuvering the 50' or 40' branch road at housing area; imagine you have lorries driving pass right in front of your beloved terrace house.
- I see traffic jam worse than Kuala Lumpur (unless flooding in KL~la) on normal days.
- I see so many housing projects mushrooming here and there, with no proper extension of road leading to them.
- I see loads of development, but I don't see any expansion and extension of new bridge leading to Port Klang.
- I see new development in town, but the road seems to remain, like some 10 years back?
- I see new decorative lamp posts, new plants (mainly royal palms --$) being planted but after 3 years, they are gone...tata
- I see a row of shop apartment being erected with at least 30 apartments with 6 shops on the ground floor, but err...I only see less than 10 or less parking space alloted. The rest, guna basikal lah...atau bas?
- I see (lately) the old Great Wall had turned into a new bus station. Still jam. The bus servicing this area must be the special type - short type with less than 10 passangers as I see only a row of the normal bus stop seats available for each of this super modern aviation-looking shelter. Maybe the weather in Klang is not entirely tropical, I don't know, but the shelters are built so tall and I wonder it could shelter us from the 2 main weather killer- sun and driving rain. I see breakage of links of shelter for pedestrians at this area. Of course, Klang people can sprint fast when the rain comes. And the city is certainly planning to have air-conditioned this whole part of town central in the future, I think, and I pray for this to happen.
- I see a special planning phenomena and pattern which is very very interesting. Your house could be directly next to Giant supermarket, a furniture mall, a temple, a restaurant or sometimes a factory. I admire this for I can throw whatever I had learnt in uni about planning. Things can go so spontaneous and random. Of course, as I said, the best is to see your house fronting road become the parking or roaming space for trucks or kontena.
- I see this in papers (luckily, I don't want to see this with my own eyes) that Klang is famous for notorious for gangsters activities. Parang might be a sellable item in Klang.
- I see Klang people are quite kesian actually as unless we want to keep staying in Klang, if we would like to venture out to Shah Alam or further, toll-paying is inevitable. Name the alternatives available - NKVE, Kesas, Shahpadu, Federal Highway - all made available and waiting for u to pay, pay and pay.

A lot of people tell me that they are not familiar with Klang and don't know how to reach Klang. Well, simple. Take any roads that say Klang, for example the NKVE or Federal Highway, when you suddenly come to an unmistakable bottle neck with at least 15 minutes if not more before you can move a foot, you are in Klang town already.

Of course now, we are not only famous for ALL the above and also our Bak Kut Teh and burung gagak, now we have also nurtured a few rich councillors that the newspapers have to keep on mentioning this special Royal Township. How proud we are.

Oh, Klang, I love U, I love U not...I love U, I love U not....I love U, I love U not...


A letter to MPK

Dear Pengarah MPK,

Extension Work To Our Existing Corner Lot 2-Storey Unit to a 2 1/2 Storey Link House at xxxxxx

Matters above referred. I, would like to bring to your attention the above matter at, off, Kampung xxx, Port Klang. We had received few notices for the above extension. For your information, we did hire an architect after our first notice, and our architect had informed us that the plan had already been submitted. We are just normal citizen and we do not know anything about the in and out of the submission prosedures. We later found out that the architect did not do his work and we are currently seeking advise from another professional.

As I am writing this letter to you, I have to admit that I am writing with a heavy heart as you mentioned that MPK is going to tear down the extended portion without further consideration. I have to state that I am building this for the sake of my family. There are 11 brothers and sisters in the family and we are very closely knit. We still stay together in our double storey 5 rooms link house. As you can see, there are not enough rooms for the entire family. Few of my brothers are already married with their kids staying in with us and we have to give in the rooms for them and we sometimes take turns sleeping in the hall. We do not intend to move out from this house as we have been staying in this kampung for more than 20 years now and we love our neighbours dearly.

I am writing this not to imply that I am not wrong in my doing so. I am just seeking for MPK's kindness as to just fine me with 10x the submission plan fees which I shall pay accordingly. Meanwhile, all the 10 years' due Cukai Pintu, we had just cleared the payment last week for your information. There must be some miscommunication or procrastination on my brother side to cause such a trivial matter to arise.

We do not intend to bring the law to our hand. We are just naive citizen and we hope that the MPK will continue to guide and lead us.

Malaysia dan Klang BOLEH!

just me