Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cheesy Year

I am a terrible wife.

At least I felt terrible.

It was hubby's birthday last week and I have bought him nothing except baking a cheese cake for him and took him, Jien and right- our maid out for a non-romantic dinner. He said at least that was his choice of food - Indian Nasi Daun Pisang! We were so full and bloated by the end of the dinner.

Luckily when we returned from dinner, my cake turned out to be quite 'complete' and beautiful. (note: the last time I baked one, the surface was cracked and the cake sank!)
This is my second time baking a cheese cake and I just kept my fingers crossed while baking and I kept telling myself: Don't rush!! Keep a sane mind. Add some love...haha!

No candles what so ever. Hubby had to make use of the Ikea 'candles'. Just one simple song and no present, yet. I better make use of one of these days to get him one which I still cannot figure out what should it be and that freaks me out.

Well, lets hope that this will be cheesy year for us with better opportunities and wealth!! Hahaha.......


Monday, April 21, 2008

Remembering the Moment

We were rather anxious. Blood stains in the morning meant something. I went to Dr.Jeremy, this time - alone. He had a thorough check and said that the labor process had started. He asked me to wait at home, till the contraction comes every 15 minutes.

I went back with my ballooned tummy. Nervous but I was fine then. Worked in the afternoon and received calls from MIL. Hubby kept me checking via the phone and I assured him that I was fine and relaxed.

When hubby came back in the evening, we went out for dinner. The contraction was on and off, nothing near 15 minutes intervals. But we were both nervous, being the first timer. Nevertheless we 'completed' our dinner. My bag was in the car, ever ready to speed up to the hospital if we need be. We drove around town aimlessly. The contraction was rather mild and struck me every half an hour but I did not want that agony to drag me through the night. I know I won't be having a good sleep. So we had decided to head to the hospital for another checking, just to ease the cracking mind, not the cracking 'egg'. Hmm..

We were lucky. Not other doctor but my gynae,Dr.Jeremy was there to attend to me. The answer was the same. The labor had started but it could take another 12 - 48 hours for natural birth, for only God knows when he will pop out. He suggested insertion. He said it would be natural birth too as he is just speeding up the process of 'waiting'. He said with this, he is quite firmed that the baby will be out in the morning. Ok, we took his advise.

In a matter of seconds, I was whizzed to the labour room, changed and later having 'octopus' stuck on the tummy. We could here the heart beat of our little one galloping. Nothing much happened really and so hubby went home to get his mattress so that he could be with me this very special night.

At about 12am, I was 'inserted' with that tiny mystical wonder pill. It was well pass my bed time, I dozed off. But I was awaken soon enough as the pain started to be too frequent and more intense. I could not take it any more and requested for epidural (just too 'thin skin' as my mother always commented me in my tolerating pain). Sorry for disturbing your good sleep doctor but COME NOW!! I mean if you can, SPEED your way here this instants! He ( could not recall his name ) arrived and the process begun. All I could remember was the bending and pulling my leg up close to my chest part, gosh, it took so long to administer. I was feeling numb on my lower body, I felt pressed and I hate that. I was so afraid that my baby was smashed and squeezed inside. I was exhausted. I slept immediately after.

I woke up around 6am, I think, in pain - severe pain. We called the nurse. She came in, checking on me and commenting " Aiya, put epidural still painful meh? " and she turned to the epidural drip and said "Aiya, mou cho wo! (finish already!)" Good lord!!

While she tried to top up the drip, I asked her
"Is it not ready yet? How many cm dilation now?"
"Then why isn't the baby coming out??"
"Oh, ok-lah, quite some time already, let's try to push now la"

After some pushing and deep breathing, my baby still cling on to the comfy pouch. Note : Baby in O.P. position, so he would find it hard to push himself out too.

"Doctor is here!" the nurse said, in a cheerful tone (what a relief to them I supposed, they really don't know what they could do with me already)
With his magic hands, and his ever smiley eyes, he assured me that the baby is coming out. He said I need to push harder. He ordered to plug off the epidural drip. He then changed his attire and shoes. I still think it is quite funny with the pair of booty, he almost looked like Phua Choo Kang and the thought of having PCK to help me with my delivery .....hahaha

Anyway, he cuts open the 'opening' and after a few push and with the help of vacuum suction, vrrrpp! My baby Jien was out and crying. It seemed so effortlessly and so easy, with him.

Now my boy is 16 months old. Thanks to him.

Hubby and I would always remember him - Dr.Jeremy Chuah. The confident level he had is so assuring and affirming. It would not have been easy without him, our dear doctor.

It is a great lost to the society that God took you to be with Him. We are indeed so grateful that we had chanced upon you and that you had helped to deliver our little precious one.

May peace be with you and your family, always.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am never good at describing my works. I remember some of my schoolmates who can just 'talk' the design out. Maybe I am just not good enough at playing with words and twisting my tongue for that purpose. Brain freeze. But I need to perhaps look deeper, perhaps I need to start branding myself starting say, today? Well, something to consider for 2008...

Some of the interior jobs I did last year. No specific theme. Small budget. Both were at Park View (behind Concorde Hotel, KL) Service Apartment. If you want to rent these units, contact me.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Bells

I love attending weddings. The positive, loving, exciting atmosphere just exudes in the air. The aura that the couple exhibits, the guests making time and effort (put up nice attire and make up!! I love this part! How else can a soho person like me 'dress to kill'?? Hahaha) to attend the function and the thought of meeting up with cousins / buddies or even long lost friends thrill me. Of course, we need to know the couple well enough to say the least. I had attended a few weddings last year and missed a few actually (during my confinement).
This one's hubby's colleague's wedding in Damansara. We were late as I could remember Jien was snoring and dreaming away when it is time to leave the house! We let him be. It was his very first wedding dinner and he behaved alright.

As for me, I don't know any of the guests. My attention was solely on my 7months' old son, feeding him and keeping him busy so that he does not then 'catch the attention of the floor'..

This one was one of my favourites. The couple (VV and Wei Liang, centre of the pictures) are both my schoolmates in uni. We met most of our classmates; some even traveled from Penang and Singapore just for the function in Malacca. The chatter box never ends and we had a wonderful time catching up the latest news! Hubby enjoyed the trip too simply because of the yummy food around town especially our favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice there. Yummy!

Oh by the way, these are my very very close friends in uni and we always worked in group. Our dear Peter(our chief) call it Fab6!! Right.
My aunts. Maternal side.

We were at my cousin's wedding. My cousin who can't even remember who am I !!! What a joke. Anyway, it was a wonderful event for me nonetheless. Being around with cousins and relatives meant a lot to me nowadays.

What surprises me was my dad. He joyfully attended the 'yam cha' (tea) ceremony in the morning (which he would skip most times) and happily attended the dinner at night. I am sure mom is smiling away in heaven...

That was 31st Dec 2007, the last wedding of 2007 and Jien just turned 1.

I hope there would be some wedding bells 'ding-dong'-ing this year - for my cousin sisters / brothers maybe. My aunts' neck had grown at least an inch longer waiting for the event. Hey, let's hope!


Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yesterday, my boy said 'PA-PA'. Normally if I asked him to say again, he will say 'ah-ma', or 'ma-ma' or anything else but not to repeat the same.

But yesterday, he repeated it. - 'PA-PA'

Ok, just to confirm, I requested yet again. He repeated.- 'PA-PA'

* All smiled *


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

15 months old

It is just so humbling when I count the blessings I have and the time that God stay right beside my boy and take care of him and now he is a handsome 15 months old boy. Oh boy!!

He is such a lovely angel except he bites and pinch people like a little devil; I hope he will stop this bad habit soon so that we will not get sued by other kids' parents. OMG!

He watches lots of TV. He would turn on the TV himself and if you switch it to other channel, he would help you to turn it off. Baby Einstein is still his favourite but as he watches too much of it, some had apparently started to bore him. His latest favourite is the 'Meet the Orchestra' VCD and that is the last in the series now. Anything to recommend to me??

He drinks about 5 oz. of milk, 3 times a day. If you have any idea on how to switch him from spoon feeding to bottle feeding (which he can hold and drink on his own preferably), do and PLEASE e-mail me.

Breakfast - egg / cereal / bread with milk
Lunch - porridge / 'mee suah'
Dinner - porridge with a bit of whatever we eat deemed suitable for him :)

The ingredients of his porridge will normally be a mix of potato, carrot/pumpkin, leafy green, rice, fish/chicken/tofu. I gave him less of chicken but more of fish. And I gave him organic green whenever possible. I am not the type which will go ' Huh!? Not organic vege ah, cannot eat! No good!' I think I will go crazy if I do that and I am just not that type of a mother. And oh yes, we gave him his favourite orange and dragon fruits and we gave him some icy juice (some parents would shake their head, I know) sometimes and not forgetting ice cream too.

He prefers his books than toys. He would gently hold your hand and pass you a book he wants you to read for him. How sweet. He would turn all 'high' when we took him to book stores. He would pick the books up and start 'running'. Good exercise for hubby. I love it.

He still can't say much of things, except 'ah-mah, mama, baba (which most of the time does not mean his father), k'ng k'ng (which translate into - my FIL, my father, his aunts and also the ultimate breast milk time!!), jie-jie, e-jie and lately 'de-bach' which we have yet to know what it means. HaHa! So cute.

He would come 'running' if we come back from work. He would throw his arms around our neck and hug us. And this is especially true for hubby because he would not let go till he took him down for a walk in the park.

Lately, we enrolled him in Gymboree classes. He did not seemed to follow much of instructions. He is the 'dai-lou' (eldest) in the class but the least sporting ones. He used to be so friendly when he was just a little but no more now. He is more reserved and give strangers long stares. Anyway, we look forward to seeing him more actively participating more and enjoy himself more with A GROUP. Hence, the classes. Meanwhile, hubby's pocket got a big hole that day when we signed up. *Smile*

Oh, he loves music too. He would clap and dance (bending his knees) if he enjoy the music. I hope I can do the 'pretzel twist' with him by end of the month!! Ha Ha Ha...