Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missing the curlszz

The other day, I was downloading some pictures off my camera, it has been awhile since I lay my hands on it. Poor camera.

And so the pictures flooded my computer. Tonnes of pictures. Browsing through the pictures, I came across some of the daily pictures I took only probably few months back which I thought I took it only, err, last week?? For that, I gotta remind myself, time flies. Take more pictures of the boys before they turn to me and say, 'mama, please-la, stop that please! This is not cool..'

So, here is one of them. I just love it. My lovely, handsome, playful Jung.

Oh.......How I miss those curlzzzz......they are all almost straightened now..:)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My boys

It is hard to believe that my boys are now 4 and 1.5 yo!! Time flies...really..

And it is also hard to believe that they are so different from each other other than the look. Most say they are twins! Gosh!

.With Jien, my neighbours were surprised that we have a baby at home, because he hardly cry and he is soft when crying. With Jung, I bet my neighbours 1km away can hear him loud and clear..ahem!

. Jien loves reading; Jung only tear and throw books! :)

. Jien loves indoor and my Jung is a 100% athlete material. He is strong, fast, agile.

. Jien is gentle, loving and cuddly. Jung is full with jealousy, a fighter, fierce and he bites and pinches!! So be warned!

So with all these differences, there are chaos everyday in the house. They fight, push, squeeze, bite, chase each other. Then another minute, we will hear laughters. Then another minute, complaints and cry.

Everyday, without fail.
So my neighbours had heard the crazy mother's screams too. Everyday. Without fail. (they must have regretted having me as their new neighbour)

This woman must be insane.

Yeah. I AM going insane. Bless you. :)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New School

With our new home, new address hence we gotta find our 4-year-old a new school.

Got one, damn nice one, with beautiful classroom (fully a/c), nice clean and proportionate (for the kids) toilets for boys and girls, nice landscape with safe playground, clean and airy canteen, computer room, a hall (for a kindy??) and there is a big fountain to welcome the parents. According to hubby, their syllabus is good. Plus it is less than a good 5 minutes drive from home!! Ahmm..sounds fantastic right?? Well, it has gotta be balanced off with the correct weight of dollar and cents of course.

Well, anyways, we weigh it all and thought, 'well, let's give this boy a try..' More of saying let's give the teacher a try knowing fairly well that our son is kinda 'problematic' child.

It turned out well. Our son was all so excited to go to school that very day. We put on nice blouse and pants for him. He looked cheerful and the very next day, the same thing.

I tried to catch some short conversations with the class teacher to find out more about our son. Whether he is ok, bla bla bla.

It turned out that he is still pretty much absent minded, not answering to the teacher, duh..

Today, the 3rd day. I went to pick him up-LATE! Very late. I was totally absorbed into discussion with my client and forget to pick up my son. What a mother??

Good thing is the school is so darn near. I zoomed in after a good 25 mins LATE. I double-checked my phone just in case the teacher called. No, no calls!

The school was almost empty, no lights for classrooms and I hurried my steps. Ah! Lights in HIS class. His shoes! Ok, better. Then I peeped in and saw his teacher browsing her phone while my son was playing with the toys. Phew!

'Ah! Look, your mommy is here!' said the teacher in Mandarin.

We exchanged a few notes. She actually said that our son is SMART. What?! Smart? No teacher ever says that to me.

She says there would be a short presentation coming up end this week. There would be dancing and all. So they are practicing the steps in the class and my son being him, is not willing to participate. He was playing and reading the books and all......She was caught by surprised that when she played the music while waiting for me, the boy is dancing and doing the steps, the correct steps she said! :)

Not too bad.

So the journey home I can see myself smiling all the way......a happy mother indeed. Ha!

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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Yes, I am a bit 'breathless' nowadays. No, I don't look great and make other 'breathless'. I am breathless! I think I need a check up. Stress I suppose.

Anyway, there are reasons behind these breathless thingy. Other than work, I think the biggest cause is my darling dear Jien. He is utterly so rebellious off late. He would turn a deaf ear when we are in the mall, so if you see a woman yelling and screaming for her son - that would be ME. He would watch TV whole day if permits and would pounce and sit on his brother; he would not come down for dinner; he would just do his colouring for a good 2 mins and wonder off; he would still pee / poo in the pants if he is in front of the computer screens etc etc...

That all blew my blood streams. I could sense my fire burning and bursting. I, screamed, yelled, hit the sofa, broke the cloth hanger.........sigh...

After all that, I found that my son is the resilient type. He is also the forgetful type for doing all these clown acts which he repeats day in day out. And he never listens!! Duhhhhh!!

Catching my breath, deep breath.....I tuned down, soft talk, so soft that I can't even hear my voice and weird thing is he sort of *zing!!* and give me that 'I got it, mama!!'

Argghh, kids!

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