Monday, February 22, 2010

Long-break Effects

The holidays ended finally. Too fast and too short. I think.

I am slowly picking up myself to work. As usual, there are always things to draw, letters to type, phone calls to be made...and I put ALL that behind me and I am flipping through one of my favourite architectural magazines, newly arrived and hot in my hands..

I am not those springy and ever-in-the-high-spirit type of person. I need to settle and ease myself to the right mode every time.

I love the way the Chinese companies celebrate the 1st day of working though. Must dress up nicely, red if possible. Lit up the red long fire crackers to signify good luck- the thundering sound that breaks the normally quiet morning, I LOVE IT. It somehow lift up the spirit better (at least for myself). And the lion dance? I just simple LOVE it. Speaking of which, I did not see any performance- live, YET, this year. I could just hear the drums and symbols beating from afar... Anyways, this idea of celebrating the 1st day of work, it gives hope, it lifts up the spirit and it sets the mind to work harder and have a better year ahead!! I LOVE THE SPIRIT, I LOVE the positive attitude.

Maybe next year, I should do the same. YEAH!! I really think so! Great!

Oopsy! Waita-minute, does that mean that I am going to break the law?? :P

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gong Xi Gong Xi

I am still working at the moment, imagine this....imagine a woman working few mornings ( yeah, 2am in the morning ), looking fat (sitting too much), messy hair, long un-pedicured nails, pale-looking and not forgetting that red-shot eyes...I think I have to hide myself this CNY! Hahaha!

Anyways, this Tiger year, I managed to squeeze out my limited available time (with hubby's assistance) to bake some cookies for us, MIL and my father! Phew! Baking simply because I think the cookies out there are just way too sweet and I just want to feel the hectic feel of CNY. Yeah, cleaning, baking, wiping, dusting - all the hard work before the CNY is quite a norm ever since I started working. :)

I want to wish everybody a very happy CNY and have a wonderful holiday! As for me, I am going to snooze the whole holiday. Zzzzzzz........;P


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another - the Mask

I am extremely excited as this house is going to be exciting!!

I have to say that the initial idea is NOT from me but I carried through the idea, made
some changes, improved it. Most importantly scaling to the right proportion and livable and here, we have the MASK... Hopefully, it will be completed by this Christmas!
Creating is torturous but exciting at the same time.

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