Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strawberries Cheesecake with Sweet Almond Crust

Busy busy. Too busy to do anything.

I would still want to keep this blog alive of course.

And I am typing this with lightning speed early in the morning while printing some of my work...

Now, I posted my lovely cheesecake in FB, and some asked what is the it is :

250g low-fat digestive biscuits

100g almonds 125g butter ( I find that the crust is too thick, I would try a 125g low-fat digestive biscuits with 50g almond next time...maybe you try and let me know??)

15g gelatin powder
100g mineral water

250g cream cheese

150g low-sugar strawberry yohurt

80g strawberry jam (we use mixed fruit as substitute)

50g whipping cream (so little, wonderful ;))


strawberry chocolate bits
....which we use none to garnish...;P

Crush digestive biscuits and sweet almonds. Heat to melt butter.

Thaw cream cheese, yoghurt and jam at room temperature. Dice cream cheese.

Beat whipping cream until stiff.

1. Mix the crust ingredients well. Press onto bottom of the cake mould. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. Slowly stir gelatin powder into mineral water. Stir over a pot of hot water until gelatin melts completely. Set aside.

3. Beat cream cheese, yoghurt and jam well. Fold in the whisked whipping cream in 3 additions. Stir well. Finally add in gelatin solution and stir well.

4. Pour filling into the cake mould. Refrigerate until set.
Take out, unmould, garnish if you want and yum yum, enjoy!! ;)

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