Friday, February 29, 2008

Without a maid

We were without maid for 2 weeks plus.

Yes, it was crazy for working parents. And hubby had to take half day so that I could go out for site supervisions.

Good thing is - it happened during CNY. Hahaha.. Yes, we gave her a break to go back to the Philippines, to visit her son, husband, mother and basically RELAX.

It was definitely not easy for the first few days as it was eves of New Year, we still need to work. I had to wake up early to prepare myself and his meals. Then bathe him, play with him etc. He sleeps less during the day now so a lot of time needs to be spent to WATCH him so that he did not BREAK things!! Goodness.

Then it was the wonderful CNY and we packed ourselves back to Klang where the HELP is ( no-lah, we always go back one! ). It was wonderful for us and for HIM! He loves playing with his cousins! Phew!! Thanks to the help of Ah-Mah, Tua-Koh and the Jie-jies!!

As the crowd started working the following week, we took a week off. We head to Penang. (Next blog la!)

Good things without maid are - We got a taste of being FULL-Time nanny and being the stay-at-home parents, lovely and cuddly. Sweet.
Bad things are - NO time! Ever busy cleaning, washing! Hahaha ,and now he is ever so clingy to both of us, especially ME!

Huhhhhhhhhhhh..............being a mother is just so....FUN!!! Crazy but FUN.

Picture above : Jien with his gang, during a visit to my friend's house during CNY. He loves picking up phone and goes "Ah! Ah! Ah!...." Must have picked that up from me and papa. ke ke ke

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jien is walking!

My boy started walking about 2 weeks before Chinese New Year. He was one year plus then. We did not worry much about having him to walk BEFORE turning one. As long as he walks, we thought. We encouraged him but we aren't worried. As long as he is within that 'range', he is fine.

He is still 'mama'-ing away. I believe a lot of babies out there especially baby girls about his age had already starting to call PAPA, KONG-KONG, PO-PO, Mom-Mee, mum-mum etc etc. Well, we believed he will pick it up soon. No worries. At least he said : K'ng-k'ng (instead of Kong-kong) now. Hahaha. And he had mastered the skill of calling 'Ah-Mah', much to the delight of my mother-in-law. Kekeke

Some kids are slow, some are fast. So give your baby some time. Let him / her enjoy the process and guide them along the way.