Friday, February 27, 2009


Jien loves Thomas the train-A LOT!

When I was pregnant with him back then, we visited my cousin in OZ. Her son was 3 then and loved Thomas and friends. He would bug his mum for buying Thomas friends at Myer. He would speak about them literally ALL DAY.

Maybe it was the bug that infected my boy. He would play with his choo-choo friends in the morning and evening beside his lego. He enjoyed seeing the turning wheels and I don't know what else is in his mind!!

And now he is drawing them! I think that was the cutest Thomas ever! :)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting ready!

We washed the baby clothings, tiny socks and booties, blankets, towels etc. We squeezed out space for the little ones belongings in our already PACKED wardrobe.

We bought a gift for Jien, seemingly from Jung (our second child). We checked all other items like mobil, pillow, nursing pillow, bottles, pumps, wipes, diapers etc all ready and in good condition.

Well, we actually bought a new mobil since hubby accidentally broke the last one but we kept the 'music box' because it has lovely Mozart music that now Jien is playing everyday.

I started packing my bag yesterday. And as I did, I can't help but to feel blessed for God has given me the great experience to be a mother for the second time around. The tough and challenging time of the first trimester all seems too far and trivial now. I am going to have and feel my baby soon!! Oh I love that feeling!!

My doctor has advised against inducing for labour and also epidural. He said all these are not part of 'natural birth' and it actually slows down the process of labour. Gosh. I don't know, but I am going to try to do without if I COULD. Keep my fingers crossed la!! :)

Tuna Buns

With the bread maker machine, hubby is more than willing to help me prepare the dough(ingredients, so to speak). So baking bread is doubly easy for me now.

The other day, we tried Tuna Buns. Looks ok and taste ok. But we should have put more mayo and should not miss out the lemon juice!!

Seems like we have to say good bye to Gard*nia or the Br*Story bakery very soon eikh..! ;P

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Potty Training

It started about 2 weeks before CNY. But failed rather miserably. Jien was either holding his pee or he would be streaming out tiny bit of wee wee every few minutes, not A WHOLE GO!! Sigh...we almost give up. The lines were full of his shorts. Sometimes, we just let him go half bogel!!

Then it was the CNY break. The training was halted. Too many visits and we were without a maid, so FORGET IT! When the holiday was over, I started the training all over again, even without the maid. It was ok in the morning but not in the afternoon.

The progress was slow but we could see the result slowly. He did not want to sit on the potty at first but now when we bring him to the toilet, he would pee on the floor without much effort!! Yippie!!

Now, he only puts on the diaper when he is asleep and when he needs to do BIG BIZNESS. That means only 2 diaper- 3 diapers a day!! Hoorah!! The effort is paid off. With the second one coming, I could hear the 'ka-ching' sound of spending more on diapers, it is the right and high time to train Jien.

We know it would be a tough job handling him to sit on the potty to do his big biz, but we are so happy and satisfied with the result now. Our aim now is to get him to TELL us when he wants to pee.............hehehe!!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Guess - an animal

Jien drew this the other day.

One look, I smiled. I sped to get hold of the camera and quickly took a snap before he deleted it.

When I did, I then asked him ' What is this, Jien?? '

My guess is right. How about you?? He he hehe..........

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Sleepy Me

It has been very dramatic over the political scene here. Sometimes, I really felt so furious for we have all these clowns out there to earn their fame and 'money' and not really serving the people right. And for their personal interest, they do whatever they pleased. F*****!!!

On the other hand, I am quite relaxed and pleased with my personal life and work. Not stressful and my little one in me is growing big now (according to doctor, not as big as his elder brother) and I am feeling tired and sleepy most of the time.

I do have occasional water retention but not as bad as the time when I had Jien. I was literally swollen like a balloon by this time. I could still go for site visiting and stand for at least 3 hours!! But I do feel tired if I work hard that day.

Ahhh, final month!! So fast!! :)

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Friday, February 13, 2009


I am blessed to have a good husband. Yeah........Valentine is coming, so better say something good, hehehe.....

Indeed, because hubby got me a maid and we are blessed in the sense that she is quite a good one.

Last 2 weeks, we were left without her. And after the week long CNY, I was a FULL TIME mom. I had to cook for lunch and dinner, swept the floor (hubby helped out to mop), cleaned up the mess my boy did, toilet trained him in the morning (I literally put a pailful of water with cloth standby in the toilet!!), fed him and the worst part - putting him for his nap!!

The first day when we were left alone at home after the Penang trip, my boy napped at 6pm!! The next day 5pm and the following day 4pm!! Maybe his time table got a bit messed up due to the trip but I supposed partly because he was not used to me putting him to sleep!! He just want to PLAY with me!! Gosh, I ended up sleeping instead of him!! I was EXHAUSTED!! ;P
The best person to put him to nap is always my maid and his aunt in Klang!

BUT BUT BUT.......I kind of enjoyed that period. We read, eat, play together A LOT. We spent a long bathing time together in the morning, yeah, TOGETHER!! I even got hold of the chance and taught him to speak in Mandarin and he sure is a fast learner!! :)

Anyway, I am glad my maid is back. Everything falls back to routine now. I am back to work and I have to say this : I am getting a bit tired in the afternoon and feel heavy too...ahhh, the clock is ticking!! I am so so so excited and thrilled at the same time awaiting the new member in the house!! :)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baking Freak

I was literally so so busy doing baking before CNY. Cookies, cakes and even bread!!

Yeah, I got hold of my brother's bread maker; hubby helped downloaded the manual but we don't have any recipe fit for the machine (my bro lost it!!). So we made do with simple recipe from my recipes library. And the result - is simply so NICE!!

Just one piece in the morning and we will be so glad and full!!

The wonder of home baked bread!! :)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

M R M !!!

My boy loves spelling words now. Amazing isn't it? Come on, he is just 2 ok??

Well, as his mother, of course, I am SO SO PROUD!!

me: 'Jien, spell "apple" '

him: 'm..r..m.."apple"!!'

me: 'Spell "mama" '

him: 'm..r..m.."mama"!!'

me: 'What about "papa"?'

him: 'm..r..m.."papa"!!!'


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Saturday, February 07, 2009

CNY Flash Back

Oh dear!! It has been such a hectic CNY for me (and the little one in me!!)

We had been shuffling from my in-law's house and my dad's place for food and food and more food. For some mouth watering cookies, I had to stay away because I was still down with sore throat every now and sayang!!

This year, I baked some cookies MYSELF!! Yeah, being pregnant and what not, but still, I put in the effort just to FEEL the mood of festive and pass some to my dad's place. Happy to do that!

Like last year, we went up North to Penang again, this time with our friends. So 3 families all together. It was supposed to be great for there are lots of good food in Penang but then again, I was still with that cursed sore throat!! Nonetheless, I whacked down the famous char keoy teow, just could not resist it!! Also the nasi kandar, I insisted to have one and I did!! Jien also enjoyed himself - not with the food though but the bath tub in the hotel. He was literally swimming in it and had great, long bathing time, kekeke!!

After the trip, we longed to 'hide' and rest in our cozy home. We stayed for a couple of days in my in-laws and spent a couple of days in Penang. All I want was my bed and the smell of my home. So was hubby and Jien!! Hahaha!! And of course, there were lots of cleaning up to do for our helper is still enjoying her long long break balik kampung.

More to tell, next. Still tired. Tata!!

top : pictures with mothers with their precious daughters!!
left : us at butterfly farm, Penang.

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