Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry X'mas to ALL

Ho Ho Ho, Merry X'mas to all!

I am still here! Doc J said bb would be ready from today onwards. And if he is still so comfortable inside till Sunday, gotta see him straight on Monday and INDUCE.

Of course, both me and dad-dee are keeping our fingers crossed now, hoping for a smooth delivery and that he will only come on Friday onwards la! Dad-dee is still very busy at work at the moment and mom-mee needs to complete a set of submission drawings too. :( WELL, client is my brother's friend, otherwise, sorry la, close shop already!!

For the past few days, I sensed these:
. minor contraction
. baby has engaged, so I can really feel his weight. BOY am I clumsy now! Walking like a penguin, yippie!! Yesterday, we went for another round of shopping at BSC, I could hardly put back the coins in my purse. whoa...
. my body joints are making music now. Especially in the morning. :) Cool huh?!
. Difficulty in breating especially when lying down. SNORED even louder now according to Dad-dee. pai seh la!
. Legs had swollen HORRIBLY, OMG!

Err..God, please hear me, I am not complaining here. In fact, I quite enjoy it knowing the fact that these are all part and parcel of pregnancy. I am indeed grateful to have the chance to experience these. :)

According to our last visit to DR.J, BB is in O.P. position. I have to do some exercise to let gravity do the work to turn him around OR we will both be struggling then. When I heard that, I was a bit scared but I took that easily and I told myself : no matter what, I will try my best for natural birth. Be BRAVE, girl!

So, I am praying real hard now hoping for miracle to happen in this wonderful season. Hopefully HE hears me, and grant my wish this season : SMOOTH AND SAFE DELIVERY !!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Time Management

Are you always punctual for your appointments?

I would say I am 50% 50%. But I won't be late for more than 15 mins or I would make a courtesy call to apologise and explain my reason and whereabout. There are friends of mine who if they set the time at x time, I just have to add about half and hour or more or otherwise I would end up being the idiot waiting in vain.

BUT, I had encountered some weird fellows who can just

1. Be late for an hour or so for no specific reasons.
Won't pick up call during that appointment time.
3. Give rediculous reasons that even a toddler knows he/she is lying.
4. Purposely off the cell-phone or leave it to voice mail and let you fuming over the phone cursing to the 'stranger'.
5. Some will tell you they will be there in 5-10mins' time and you know that they have yet to leave the house's door step!!

AH, great, these people just made my day today.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

38 Weeks++

Yeah, Baby. You are now 38 weeks++ old and mom-mee and dad-dee are both excited and worried. We are excited because we can finally meet you and worried because we are afraid as we are new and inexperienced parent. Just afraid that we will not be 'performing' and still use to our old ways of living but we promise, we promise to try our best, ok?

We noticed your movements are more
vibrant now. So adorable, your movements. We enjoyed watching you move and of course we know you can hear us and u surely love mom-mee singing to you at night, yeah? :)

Do you know baby, that having you is a blessing? And we just want to thank God for this great gift that He showered upon us. A great gift indeed during this X'mas festive. May God continue to bless us, our family and we pray for a speedy and safe delivery then, in His time.

We love you, baby. :)


Monday, December 11, 2006

BB's girl friend in Penang

I can't help but to fall in love with this picture taken by my friend in Penang. Her new born baby girl sun bathing in the morning. I am so happy for them-my uni-mates in Penang. This year alone we have 3 little cute one, all daughters up north! :)

Well, how about back here? Yes, we do have another one last month, a baby boy. And across the South China Sea in Kuching, we have another girl too. Looks like our babies are all in the same age la! :P

Dr.J is on holiday. So no appointment this week and he assured us that our bb is not RIPE yet. As for now, I know bb is half ripe in there trying to engage himself in the right position. Me and hubby call it the drilling action. And the water retention thingy is worsen day by day. My joints are aching especially my fingers and left wrist - apparently not twisted or sprain, but it is the joint that is causing the beaping and aches! I can't walk fast as I used to since last week and I had stopped swimming since then as sen sei advised not to 'touch' water too much with the joint problem. Hmmmmm.....2 more weeks...


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

21st Century in Kelantan

Sometimes I wonder why some councils are so free, they can always come up with surprises, without fail to knock us all from our seats, from laughing of course to their new rules and implementation. I can't help but wonder what are their weekly or biweekly meeting agendas ...

Hmmm, so this time around, not Klang (phew! lucky me), it is in Kelantan. Councils can now fine up to RM500 if any women working in retail shops and restaurants were found indecently dressed, in their eyes. And this rules apply to both Islam and non-Islam women. There are a lot of negative views on this rule today in the paper, all complaints are from WOMEN and WOMEN only. The male chose to keep silence about this, for now. I wonder if they secretly are cursing the ideas...dah, tak dapat cuci mata kan?

It is a very funny phenomenon back here recently. It seems that our leaders are leading us backwards. Example :
If somebody had purposely took a peep at your thighs, it is because you dress sexily and seductively (to that particuliar idiot of course). Normal office attire is what you are wearing actually. In most rape cases, the female who were the victims, will be blamed for being unreasonably SEXY. What about cases which fathers are the one raping their daughters, not once but repeatedly? What about those poor girls below 7 years old and barely know anything about desire and they have not yet reached pubity, so what sexiness are we talking about? Oh, not many of our nenek here can do plastic surgery and look like Sharon Stones, yet they are not spare either.

This is all crap! Show us no more chauvanism please. We are already in the 21st century for goodness sake. Don't use religion as an excuse. It is the suppressed desire and crooked mind that lead to all these. They certainly need proper counselling and consultation from psychologists. And talking about fines, should we women fine you men for 'scanning' us from head to toe or what? And for repeat rapers - why can't they consider the big 'CUT' to solve the problem? Why are some rules pass so fast without us noticing but for cases like raping - so many type back here, they have yet to come up with revised stringent fines and jail terms up till now? NO TIME AH?

And today our politician also talked about imposing more stringent fines for prostitutes. Eh, what about those who seek for prostitutes? If you can stop prostitutions here in Malaysia, can you fine those that go all the way up north and seek for prostitutes and bring back tonnes of germs? Chicken and egg situation....

And they are talking about bringing back the glory and salvaging RTM channel. Try putting some sexy women in there, sure up up all the way!!! :)


Friday, December 01, 2006


Sponge oh spongy yes I am now. Since the last 2 weeks I had pumped myself up with water or as they termed it as " water retention ". I don't know how to get rid of it but the fact that I am soaking myself up like a sponge had made me extra heavy and having difficulty to breath! The sogginess is so obvious on my legs and to put them up on pillows while sleeping will make my baby and myself so uncomfortable. Heck, give up la!

The fact that I had to sleep side-way and the heavy water sprain my left hand and now that lifting up a spoon to drink soup with left hand is almost unbearable and the quiver will quickly shake off the soup leaving nothing to sip ....Doctor J said I will be this soft and fragile till the delivery date. Normal. Normal?

Thinking that massaging will help, hubby suggested me to massage my legs the other day with the comfy massage chair at dad's place. Guess what, it is oh so NICE but at the end of the 15 mins session, I wonder whose legs was that because the machine had somehow pushed and squished the water side ways and oh my god, they really did looked like alien's legs! Hahaha! LOL.