Monday, April 05, 2010

Jung turned ONE YEAR!

This post comes way too outdated. My Jung is exactly One Year + 3 weeks old now.

Just a few days before his birthday, like normal days, he would go to sleep earlier than us. Just like normal days, we would pile up heaps of pillows surrounding him. Ok, confession, we, as in my 2 boys must sandwich me to sleep soundly at night (Jien is worst, he must have me on bed or refuse to go to sleep till now!).

So, hubby was away in Taiwan for work assignment and I have to handle the boys by myself at night. Just I picked up the phone trying to make a call to hubby and walking towards the room, I heard a loud thud. A very familiar ones, with Jien, probably that happens like god knows how many times....

I rushed to the room only to find my poor baby on the floor, crying. Damn, I was just a few steps away from the door and him! If only I walked faster!

My poor boy was screaming. Well, this is not his first fall but this time the scream was quite alarming. But it somehow subsided, but I can still hear him crying in his dream. I have to keep soothing and talking to him for over an hour plus before he really drifted off. Now, as mother, I sensed that something is not right but since it is already late and he was so tired, I just watched him just in case anything went wrong.

Damn, I noticed he cried everytime he tried to turn his body. I could not bring myself to sleep that night. Like a half asleep owl, I woke up, checked his temperature, check his breathing, check his movements. By morning, I was totally absolutely entirely worn out.

Now, every morning, this boy of mine would wake up with the best smile ever to his parents and my maid. We love greeting him in the morning. But not that very morning. He cried. He wanted to be carried. And not willing to crawl at all!!


We picked the boys, packed our bags and RUN to his pediatrician. Good thing, no waiting. She got a check and press both his collar bone. He cried when she gently pressed on his left side. She too alarmed. Quickly wrote a referral letter and we then sped home to send Jien to our neighbour to babysit whilst pick up baby's lunch and rushed again to the hospital.

One thing good is I have 2 cheerful babies. Eventhough if they are sicky, they don't usual wail and cry. They look good and still basically, cheerful.

But this time around, the stressful and tensed air filled my car. My baby probably felt it and he was a bit uneasy too....Damn.

Thank god that the Q for X-ray was short and my baby DID NOT cry in the X-ray room!

Whilst waiting, we went for lunch and rested.

Time is ticking fast, and ................finally we got our result....

"No fracture and no dislocation noticed"

Me and my maid both gave a big loud sigh of relieved!! :) And my baby woke up from his sleep and gave me a good smile. I was so happy that probably he sensed that too!!

That very nite, he could put down his hand and shift his weight to his hand while sitting. And by morning, my baby was already crawling like normal.

x x x

On his birthday, I was so sick probably stressed over work and taking care of the 2 while hubby was away. High fever and bad bad bad sore throat. So no baking cake for my poor Jung as I planned to. Hubby bought a cake, we sang a birthday song ; I took a few pictures with Jung and quickly hide under my blanket and sank into the bed. Not even eating the cake!!

Good thing is we have actually celebrated his birthday a day earlier with his cousins or poor Jung will have such a non memorable birthday. (well, as if he could remember)


My Jung could now walked about 20 steps in total and prefer walking than crawling now. He is a food lover, any food, any junk whatever, he would put in his mouth to satisfy his curiosity...

He loves his brother though Jien always pushes him and bang his head (yeah, poor thing). He watches his brother with such admiration and care and I just hope that one day, they can really be good buddies.

He does not appreciate music as much as Jien do and his way of dancing is just so cute - shaking his head!! haha! I can see that he is more active, physically and in many ways, very very different from Jien. He is expressive, 'talks' A LOT and LOUD. He loves companionship, loves to be among kids and laughed together with them (even though he is obviously clueless of what the kids are laughing or playing! :) Just too cute.

His hair is so silky black and still wavy and I have no heart to cut it real short for him. And so 90% of people we met mistaken him as a girl though he is in a boy's blouse, navy blue, khaki brown, boys pajamas etc. Well, I am fine with it, I knew it is his hair and of course, I have a beautiful baby, kekekeke ;P

Jung, mama loves you..mua muak muahhhhh!

Happy Birthday, my baby!!

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