Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Second Boy

I had always known the fact that I write less about my second child. Poor thing. The mother is just too busy with 2 boys, work and everything else.. sigh.

My eldest is literally like a clinging bug to me. So that explained why my second one does not seem to have much time with me. And so, he naturally has to find an alternative comfort source - his father.

The recent absent of my maid sort of pushed this child back to me again. He always want me to hug him and would push the brother away if I am with him. And knowing that he won't get my attention during day time, he would jump onto me and sleep on my chest every night, without fail. Yes, and he is now 13kg. More than the weight of a sack of rice on me, every single night.

His giggles and laughter are very contagious. And this boy loves to act and roar like what he says 'Scary monster!!' I really enjoyed that!! He loves playing hide and seek and I have to say that he is better at the game than his brother.
Of late, this boy suddenly talks a lot!! Yes of course he was 'talking' last time but maybe we need a baby translator but now he would say things like

'I am angry!! Very very angry!!' 'Mama, come, siddown (sit down)!' 'Mama, koko is naughty!!' 'Mama, it's cold...' 'Mama, I'm coughing!'

He is also the more alert and the smarty type. He would call out in the mall for me if he ever lose sights of me. But he loves to run in the mall too, so losing sight of him is such a common thing in the mall. (did I mention that my son runs super fast?) And this young man is a stubborn head, if he wants to run, trying to hold him will only cause some casualties (coz he bites) and also some real steam fueling (yes, his father always ended up with a remark : no more coming to the mall next time, just stay at home!!)

Did I ever mention that this boy loves his roti canai? Not just the roti but the sauce! He would dip his fingers and happily indulge the occasionally rather spicy dal curry. He could easily finish a whole piece of roti sometimes and we love serving him one as that also means that - help yourself, no feeding required - and so means more free time for ourselves. Bliss!