Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Somebody said this ' We want to let them know that it is UMNO that is the one who fight for independence in the country'....bla bla bla

This guy is quite young. Maybe 10 years my senior. So now he wants to change the entire Malaysian history by saying that, look, what the previous text book taught your mom and dad was WRONG! When we are all talking about unity, somebody still want to claim more of the piece of cake by saying something that might hurt the rest of the community.

Why now? Oh very simple...because now is the critical period. Some by-elections are heating up at 3 corners in the country.

Why now? Because those who ACTUALLY fight for the country independence all 'selling preserved eggs at ShuZhou' already (dead). (or the Hokkien said kong ka kiau!!)

Can some historians actually SAY something? Or we simply don't have any creditable historians now? Everything is governed and decided by our super-all-rounded politicians? Eh!

Maybe in the next 10 years, somebody will come up with something else about the history of Malaysia, in the name of politics...sigh...pathetic bunch...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the DOT !!

It was a Saturday. A busy Saturday morning. I was rushing for my selection of laminates for my client's house. RUSH RUSH RUSH. I was also waiting for my partner to drop by and go together to meet the client and I know this would be my last visit being PREGNANT. Though I was NOT supposed to as I was really too heavy by this time around but I was not at ease. I wanted to see my this other 'baby' and making sure that things are going fine.

After the visits ( yes, I visited both the sites), I was pretty much drained out. I waited at the club house for hubby to fetch me. I felt relaxed and at eased that things are going accordingly. We went for a pasar malam shopping then. It was already past 8.30p.m. by the time we had our dinner and bathe Jien. We headed straight home without stopping at my dad's place. MIL noticed my legs were pretty red and swollen. She kind of 'blamed' us for letting our maid go on leave at this moment in time. She was concerned that what if the delivery was later this midnight and who will take care of Jien?....Oh well, maybe we should but she already left and so be it.

That night, Jien was pretty 'sticky'. He literally glued on to me while sleeping. Around 2.30a.m., as usual, I need to visit the toilet again (at least 2 to 3 times a night!!). When I got down from the bed, I heard a 'pak' sound. I was pretty alarmed. I headed straight to the toilet and found myself not peeing from the right place!! Later I found my pants were all wet. Oh could it be me peeing on my pants or was this rapture of water bag!! I alerted hubby. We decided to go to the hospital. He packed Jien's belongings while I changed.
While on the way, hubby called SIL to pick Jien up at the hospital.

We reached Pantai, Bangsar at 3.30a.m. No pain, no contraction yet. While 'calming' myself, I tried to go to sleep. I even took a bath to prepare for the possibly long hour of delivery process. Jien was cool, he left the hospital and was told that he slept shortly after he arrived in Klang. Great. The psycho part that I had been working on him for the past few month, works.

The contraction was pretty minor then. We both tried to nap. Around 7.30a.m., the pain became very predictable at 6-8 mins interval. Hubby went out for a quick breakfast while I took mine. The nurses were not optimist that the baby will come out any sooner. At around 11.00a.m., the doctor came in for a check. Well, it was Dr.B, not Dr.C, my regular gynae was still on leave and probably still asleep due to jet lag. I think my baby can't wait for him no more. While I insisted not to take the drip (birth acceleration, not induction according to Dr) for the fear of a sudden pain which I probably could not take it physically and mentally, Dr.B explained that I should by 1pm for there could be certain degree of infection for the baby as the water bag had raptured for more than 12 hours by then. I agreed. He was quite confident that the baby will come out around 4-6pm by then as the dilation was only around 3-4cm.

As soon as he left, the pain started to hit me hard. I was beginning to feel really tensed. Still, I did not ring the bell. I recalled the nurse teasing me last time. Probably this was not the worst, I could handle it, I thought. Then, by 11.30a.m., a nurse came in to take my blood pressure, I tried to sit up and instead, I screamed. The pain was so immense. I was squeezing hubby's hand. The screams was so loud that the nurses outside rushed in. I could feel that my baby's head trying to make its exit. The pain was TERRIBLE! There after, it felt like a dream land, an illusion or shall I say hell? I shut my eyes almost the entire process. I was just listening to the instructions of the nurses and the loving voice of hubby. On one hand, I know I should listen to them, on the other hand, I felt like rebelling, I just felt like pushing and pushing, I just thought the nurses were trying to delay me just because the doctor had left and was making his way again to the hospital. All I know that was the longest, most torturing time.

As soon as the doctor arrived, I gave 2 pushes and the baby was out. Yes!! The baby was out! 12.00p.m., 22nd March, Sunday. Weighing 3kg. On the DOT. 40 weeks. I made it without epidural, not even drips. I am proud of myself. So is hubby. :)

Jung gave a very gentle cry and as soon as they brought him to me, he stopped crying and was already busy looking around. Oh boy, I am already in love with you, JUNG!!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pregnancy - 39th Weeks !

I have to admit this...I am nervous.

I remembered I was not the 1st time. I was braver. I was still working in the morning when MIL called to ask if the bleeding/blotting was serious. I had the guts to go visit my gynae ALONE in that morning. ALONE.

I was not this time around. I still need to go to the site for site visiting. I was indeed a lucky girl to have my friend Mr.E and his girl friend to accompany me for these visits. How kind and nice they are. I don't feel comfortable going ALONE this time around having the thought that the baby might slide out anytime - that was what Dr.B told me, anytime THIS WEEK.

Anyway, we did a probing test last Wednesday. He confirmed that the baby SHOULD be coming only when my gynae Dr.C is back. A relief. A great great relief for me. Suddenly I felt myself 'light' again and breeze walking again!!

But But But, the nervousness is still there to stay. Every single kick and slight pinch of pain would daunt me. Is it now? Friends and relatives affirmed me it would be fast and easier. The word FAST echoes in me. How fast? Would I be stucked in the jam? Would I be too far from hospital then coincidentally? Would hubby be caught in the jam when it hits me?

Gosh....is this me? :x

Plus, I need to brain wash myself - NO EPIDURAL. I remembered the suffocating process and the pain. I was literally out of breath. Can I make it through without it?

Oh my god.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My hair dresser had a fun time cutting my hair real short!! (why shouldn't he, that means I need to patronize him more often ma!!)

I was utterly speechless and was not 100% satisfied with this cut though. It reminds me of my child hood years when my aunt cut my hair. It is always SHORT SHORT SHORT and I thought I look so boyish and I yearned to have long hair!!

Of course, this is the stylish version but I thought he could do a better job as I just think that the style does not suit me well. It somehow looks fine from the side but I look not so 'ngam' from front. I dislike the cut at the side and the back (only realised that when I reached home)...and he said I need to dye my hair to make it looks lighter. Hell, I know but I don't want to dye my hair for now, not for a year from now. No TIME la to up keep and maintain!! Can't you see that I have a BIG balloon waiting to burst?? So I went without the dye and now look lagi-lah AH-SOH-LIKE pulak.

...But being the not so complaint type of person, I swallowed my discontentment.

At least I did not cry like I used to when I was a little. Ha!! Ha!! But every morning I have to splash a bit of water and styling gel to make me look STYLO KUAY LO!! What a jerk I am!!

Mirror mirror on the wall, please make my hair grow longer..and faster!!

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Kuay-Lou Lunches

We had been eating 'mat salleh' food for few Saturday's lunches now. Simply because this baby of mine in me does not quite like outside food and I want a quick fix. So it had been home bake pizza (ready pastry of course) and pastas for the past few weeks.

Last week, I ran out of pastry for the pizza and want to try something else. Not so Italian this time (ehem...I don't know how to make lasagna as yet..:P). This time, we tried BURGER- the American food.

Well, not so FAST food as I thought. But it was ok.

I baked the bread on Friday evening.

The rest :
. Minced meat (beef) to be marinated with soy sauce, Maggi soy, bit of pepper and basils.
. Shredded cabbage
. Sliced tomatoes
. Cheddar Cheese
. Splash of mayo
. A bit of ready pickles
. Button Mushroom stir-fried with onions, LP sauce and sprinkled with black pepper
. Fried eggs
. Not forgetting our little harvest from our tiny 'garden' - fresh lettuce!

All stacked up and sandwiched in our home baked bread - wah lah ..........our weekend quick fixed.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bakery Mart

We have been to the bakery mart quite often lately. To stock up our high protein flour etc. I had even bought some pre-mixed blueberry muffin flour.

We just love the fresh bread and cake SO MUCH!! He he he!! The little one in me is indeed quite lucky to have tasted all these fresh baked goodies!! YUMMY! :P

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Pregnancy - Week 37 ++

Ok, near 38 actually. We went for a back-up doctor check up today. He is quite ok, chatty and quite a comfortable guy to be with. Still, his comment is 'the Baby is quite small as compared to your 1st, well, I would say around 7+ pounds....' Oh-hoi, knock-knock, 7 odd pounds is not small ok?! After all, I am an Asian, not Mat Salleh!! I don't want my baby to go too big and end up having to have him vacumned out again! Well, as long as my baby is healthy. Big or small does not matter to me, anyway. 7 odd is GREAT!

And he did mentioned that the baby might be out before 22nd of March, gauging from size of the head and his position. But then again, he just brushed it off saying that well, it all depends on GOD la! We just grinned la..still hoping to get our Dr.Chung back in time actually...hehe..

With Jien's condition, I certainly hope that Jung will come out AFTER 22nd so that his brother has got time to recover fully and the house to be disinfected ENTIRELY then! Arhhhh!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Nope, I am not saying any FM stereo....

Last Saturday, Jien did not eat well. His appetite was so bad that he only took in less than 5 mouthful of rice. And later, we found out that he got fever and the fever went on the next day and he had to be coaxed on to drink his medicine. We did not suspect anything but sore throat. All he wanted was his milk (thank goodness he still wants it!)

His appetite was still bad but he did had a few bites. He drank his favourite soup but only halved the portion the normally drinks. At night, I noticed some tiny red dots on his feet and a few dots on his palm. Could it be ants? Oh, yes, we have ants problem in the house!! The red and also the black type. But it can't be so many dots eh? Though his fever had subsided a lot, we decided not to take any chances. We headed straight to the emergency ward in Pantai Hospital. The UTI incident haunts us still.

Oh, yes. My boy hates hospital. He knew it when it was his turn. All he was bagging for was ' Let's go home!! ' Sigh...the doctor did nothing to him, just the normal stethoscoping and looking at his mouth with a light and he was struggling like hell!! :(

He was confirmed contracted the HFM disease. Doctor said just rest and monitor his fever. Plenty of rest and fluid. That's it. That's it? No cream, no medicine?? Just, that's it? Oh well, good also la, it is hell feeding my boy medicine anyway.

We have no idea where he caught the disease. The park? The mall? We washed him everytime he gets home. Or could it be at the Fab** Mom showroom that we went on Sat? We did not washed him immediately as he was asleep then....ahhhh!!!

I am just thankful that it was not actually that bad. He is still the active and cheerful him with normal temperature this morning coupled with a bit of minor rashes. Just pray that this is it la.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Shopping Habit

Hypermarket - This has become a selling point for many housing projects now. To be near at least one hypermarket, like GIANT or TESCO. Area like Bukit Tinggi in Klang, they have 2 plus Jusco mall, they have a LOT.

Well, quite some time back, we went there for a quick weekend shopping la. It was at night. Well, it is quite normal to see people pushing the shopping carts in the car park. Presumably pushing them to their cars. But this couple was actually lifting the trolley up the kerb, ah-ah.....they were pushing the fully loaded cart with their kids in it HOME!!

I wonder how many families actually do this?

* * * *

Many a time, I witnessed at the paying counter, people will pass a comment like this one :

' Wah, this plastic bag size very good la, can give me 2 more ah?'

Friend, go buy your proper rubbish disposal plastic bag la! Or recycle whatever you have la!! In the atmosphere to save the environment, lagi-lagi want to ask for extra plastic bags!!

* * * *

Have you seen people actually spent time causing bruises to the fruits / vege? HO Man, these people as if they want the best fruits for their families and their families alone and will cause damage to the entire box of fruits on display!! They press and flip and press and rolled and ...............ahhhh!! I normally will just go to another stall for I know all the fruit by then will be spoilt in no time!!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pregnancy - Week 37

I thought it is week 38th but hey, nuh...37th nia...

The movements of my baby has been more pronounced, and I can feel his twisting of hands and kicks of legs, hiccups more often. I felt little bumpy lump here and there and am enjoying my good time figuring out if it is his fist or little feet. Hmmmm...I am trying to enjoy every bit of the pregnancy joy now since this could easily be my last, probably?

All 3 of us went for my check up today. Jien was pretty patient and actually watched the screen to catch glimpses of his brother. Everything is fine and when hubby ask is the expected delivery day fell on the spot, doc's answer was that the scan showed that it would be slightly late, around 29th of March. Well, more time for me to gain more weights but then again, our doc would be on holiday for 2 weeks and I certainly want our baby to be delivered when he is back. I am not quite comfortable having a back-up doctor to take care of us though.

The thing is I put on a great 2kg from the check up just LAST WEEK, man, don't tell me I am putting on this way for the next 3 weeks!! I could easily end up weighing heavier than hubby!! Goodness! *fainted*


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yellow Face Ah Soh

Yeah, me... I mean myself. Look like an ah-soh right now. Big, messy hair and without make up.

I used to put on make up everyday, just to look fresh and on-the-go. But not any more. Thanks to my active sweating glands. I am constantly DRENCHED and SOAKED in my salty sweat especially on my face. I sometimes even forget to put on my moisturizer! Hubby said 'aiya no need la, already so 'moist'!!' *rolled-eyes*

At times, I feel bad and in my effort trying not to look so sluggish, I put on the foundation and my-oh-my, in seconds, I looked as if I had slapped mud on my face!! All smudged up!! No JOKE!

Ahh...for not looking THAT bad, I think I am definitely going for another hair cut just to, ya know, at least look SMART and NEAT...hmmm....


Monday, March 02, 2009


As my boy loves to draw, we had bought him both water colour and poster colours for him to start his arty class at home.

For the first attempt, he was pretty excited. I sat down with him and basically just watched him. Well, of course, the mixing water part was the most exciting part for him. He literally drew with water (so diluted!!) and I had to kept telling him that the water was meant to clean the brush and that he had to dip into the colour palette for his colours. Nonetheless, he enjoyed himself so MUCH.

After a few trials, I can sought of leave him alone for his wild imagination. If I am ever around beside him, he would want me to draw instead. Ahhhh, where got time? And as far as for myself, I don't like people watching me doing my work / art. It is a very 'private' time.

And there you go. Not on his nice sheet of white paper but on the newspaper but I think he did a great job!! :)

p/s : he is literally sweating as he is drawing. haha! Let me guess, I think he is drawing a banana tree this time, just that the bananas are too big, hahaha!

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