Monday, September 28, 2009

Should I stop??

It was a girl-night-out again with my buddies. As usual, great conversations, good food and great fun.

This time we happened to mention about blogging again. And the girls were a bit worry on security that one may 'mark' you and hence had pulled out all her pictures in the blogs. Wow. Serious. And the other would not even think of starting a blog for the same reason.

Hmmmm.......I felt threaten and being watched and my hands were sweating liao!!!

Hang on la...look at the few little 'cats' that pop into my website, hardly reach 10!! Marked? Popular blogger maybe la!! I don't blog hop and I never did. So people like Karen, Lydia, Mott, Clair, Pu1Pu3 were all blogs that I HAPPEN to read and some have become friends of mine now. Fated? Maybe...;P

Then again, some of the blogs that I read started to 'close shop' or inactive in other words. Maybe blogging is indeed a waste of time?

Well, as for now, I still write. I treat it as a channel to vent my views, my love, my happiness, my mood and to share it with the one I love(hubby of course) and friends who care to read and share some views with me.

I wish that this could be a gift to my sons when they grow up too. They will then probably know more about themselves when they are tiny and of course hopefully, they will learn more about their mother too. As simple as that.

Maybe one day, I will stop posting pictures of mine and both the boys. Y'know, for privacy of us all or perhaps poof........I will disappear without any notice but for now, I enjoy blogging and blog I will.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Popular Student

I think my boy is a popular kid in school. When I fetch him from school, there would be kids running to the door and said 'xx, 你的媽媽來了!!' . Different kids but all seems to know his name pretty well!!


1. He speaks English, whereas the rest are Mandarin spoken kids. Lately, I notice even the teachers sometimes speak to him in English. See how ONE person can influence the rest?? Lets just say that my boy is so hard headed and refuse to learn Mandarin...duh...

2. He hardly eat ANYTHING prepared by the school, I mean his brunch aka tea breaks. His teachers even told me to bring something for him just in case he is starved (for a SINGLE meal??)

Well, he is a growing kid alright, so we always keep things in his bag : biscuits, corn flakes, cakes, muffins, potatoes w fry eggs etc.........Sometimes the food container is emptied - we started wondering if our boy actually eat it or it is his trick to make him 'popular' by distributing the food ?? Hmmmm....looks like a politician in the making yeah??

3. He 'sings' his 三字經、弟子規 already and I really need to buck up a little!! Now for a person know next to zero about Mandarin to memorize breezily on this literature stuff, don't you think he is amazing??

p/s : try it on ANY kids who do nothing but to sing it EVERYDAY, you will have a kid who sings literature in a month's time. As I said before this, to put logic and meaning to kids at this age is like pulling a bull up the tree but memorizing sure lose to them!

4. He is always late for class....(sounds very much like his mother)

5. For quite some time, my boy wee wee in his class. (The situation is better controlled now, no more wee wee thingy for the past 2 weeks already!)

See how popular my boy can be?? For the wrong reasons....of course!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Going Solid

Jung is a week away turning 6 month-old. I can't help but to compare him with his giant brother at 5 months old. Jien is around 9.35 kg and my poor baby is now only 7.35kg!! A good 2kg behind.

He is a small 'drinker'. He would be satisfied by 'clearing' one side of the breasts. When I grab him and force him the other, he would stretch himself, or even CRY to let me know - I AM DONE!! Goodness.

And I blame it on his curiosity and playfulness too. He would rather play than drink!! Imagine!! His drinking time - midnight when mama wants to rest...crazy.

Off late, he had been showing signs, lots of it that he would want to try some other food. So the other day, we gave him a biting biscuit to ease his itchy gum. He enjoyed it so MUCH and actually bit off quite a big chunk of it!!
Yesterday, I mixed some rice cereal for him with expressed milk, making sure it is not too thick for the first timer. The result?

Clean sweep and a happy baby!!

Oh he underfed before this?? hmmm.........


Monday, September 14, 2009

5.5 mo - Cheeky

@ 5.5mo, my Jung is so cheeky and smiles A LOT!

He behaves so well when we go out so we love going out with him now. He would be so busy watching EVERYTHING!!

He loves hanging out with his brother. He would go near him, touch him, pull his shirt, his hair, his pants, grab his bottle and plunging 'wet' kisses on him and the next thing you know, Jien would be wiping his face and give Jung that 'yucky' look...cute!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Being busy can be so numbing at times at you just can't seems to breath properly sometimes. I feel like I am drowning at times!

Coming across some interesting articles could just lift up the spirit and at least, hit my brain with a big signal to ponder and think of what I can do and what should I

Weeks ago as I browsed through (note : browse, hardly have time to really enjoy my Sin Chew Daily now) the papers, I came across a short article (note the word short).

It was about a group of Taiwanese who went to Germany for study and training course. They were always in a rush, so the 'leader' ordered a lot of food just in case the group are hungry. Apparently they had ordered too much food. There were about a third of the food left over. After settling the bill, they hurried and left. An old lady who happened to be in the restaurant rushed out to call this young chap

'Young men, there are still so much food left over! Don't you want to finish your food first?'

Annoyed, the leader was wondering why this old lady is so busy body 'I had paid the bill and we are all full already!'

'But you are WASTING food!'

None of your biz??

Well, the old lady must have created some kind of commotion and later she called the public affairs authority and you know what, the Taiwanese kena SAMAN!

This is what I like the most about what the officer said :
'Yes, you have paid for the food, but you are not only wasting YOUR food, you are WASTING the world's and EVERYBODY's rights to RESOURCES!'

Does this strike you some way? It struck me.

x x x x

I had an old pal in Penang, I called him Lolo - in tagalog, it means 'grandpa'.

He had put in a lot of effort in gathering the public to make organic mud ball. And turning the rivers in Penang clear once again...


x x x x

Yesterday in Star papers,a young architect had designed his house to be a growing green house.

He is doing his part as a designer...........

Now, what can I do to offer ?


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