Friday, October 31, 2008

Back for Shopping!

For most girls or woman, shopping for clothing plays a vital part of their life. That includes me.

I rarely shop though, especially after having Jien. I shop more (furniture etc) for my clients then do shopping for my own (baju, make-up etc). A friend cum boutique owner, Grace always said that if only she has clients like me, she will 'makan rumput' - close shop already la!! Kekeke

Just the other day, I finally set my work aside and took Jien and N (maid) with me and went to her boutique again. I need to stock up some nice tops for most of mine look worn out and
very tight - out of place (I have not lost all my fat after delivery and now am putting on more!! ;P, looking very much like at least 6 months pregnant now! arghhhh, tak apa le!)

Thank goodness that some of the tops really look good and bright. I try not to go for the typical preggy women's shop they tend to be expensive and if you ask for 'fashion', you have to pay almost double the price. I happily picked a few tops, dent a little dent in my purse (got good discount, though)and went home with a happy smile.

So here I am looking afresh last! (note: this top is not from her shop though..I just love the cat print!!)

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogger meet Blogger

I am not sure how, but I think it was thru Lydia's blog that I get to 'know' her - Pu1Pu3. I started reading her stories, the drama queen kinda stories, hahaha. They are non pretentious and her writing always put a smile on my face. Slowly we sort of develop our 'friendship' there and it has been about 2 years plus now!!

Last week, I was delighted to be invited to her Raya open house and as expected, she was all sunny and warm. Her house was a cozy one, I can almost felt the love and passion she poured into her house decoration and her cakes- simply marvellous!

We did not managed a good talk as she had streams of guests visiting. Nonetheless, it was a good meeting and I certainly look forward for our next 'meeting' again. :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wiser? Hope so..

Just another few more days, it would be my birthday again. There is really nothing so excited about it this time around. I had planned for a treat to my MIL and the gang but I really have no idea where to go.

Another year, I thought. But I seemed to be the same old me and that freaks me out. I hope I am a wiser person, a more passionate person but I don't know. The spark in me seems to die out. The glow seems dull now.

I presumed it is the hormone. I hope to see a more energetic and sparking new me soon!! Hmmm...maybe this means that it is time to call up my friends and have the yam cha session to spice me up again?!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Boy

Like most Sunday evenings, we spent time yesterday with my dad in Klang with my little boy roaming around the house, hopping from one cousin to the other asking for food and attention.

Like most grandpa in the house, my dad has a special seat (kind of like a rocking chair) designated for him mainly. As my dad exitted from his room, my little Jien went immediately to him to hold his hand. Ok, I thought, he would surely lead him to the dining area for food...But hey no!! He led him to the chair and pulled my brother's hand instead signalling him to get up!! When my brother got up, he patted the chair now signalling my dad to sit. ;)

Everybody in the hall was grinning. I was beaming with joy.

The other day when my MIL was having a bit of cough, my boy went and patted her chest. Nobody taught him all these.

How sweet. :)


Friday, October 03, 2008

Music is in the air

'Baby Orchestra' has been one of his favourites VCD at 1.5 yo. And now he loves the Little Einsteins. He recognizes quite a number of musical instruments - wood block, harmonica, tuba, flutes, clarinets, bass, violins, guitar, harp etc. His favourite? I think is drum and piano for now.

The best thing is he enjoyed classical music quite a bit. I want to laugh when I see him waving his hands the other night when I was so bored with the 613 channel in Astro and tuned into the Opus instead.

I do not expect him to be one great musician one day but I had always thought that a child who loves music could not be that bad either. As for myself, with music, I have a strong bond with my primary and secondary schoolmates in the school band and our friendship lasted till today. I am glad too that my choice of music is quite the same as hubby's.

I hope this boy continues to love and enjoy music just like me and his papa do. :)

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