Thursday, April 26, 2007

Turning 4 months

It is amazing to see how fast time past. My baby is already 4 months+ old now. Wow!!

With God's grace, Jien has been growing fine and he sure is a happy boy. He has so far been a fast learner! And here are some of his 'achievements':

He was diagnosed with jaundice when he was merely 5 days old, Doctor E laid him chest down for he did not appear to sleep well facing up. We worried so much that he will suffocate. Nope, our son eased our fear by showing to us that he can slowly turn his head to rest on his cheeks!!

This picture of him lifting up his chest, was taken when he was merely 2 weeks old!!

He not only 'smile' but chuckles when he was merely 2 mths old !!

He started to vocalise a lot when he was 2 mths old. Especially fond of talking to old folks at that time. Ha ha! Now he starts to create funny funny noise and especially want his favorite few songs to be sung FEW TIMES a day. GOSH!

He started to roll over sometime back, at 3rd month I think and lately he is starting to roll back (especially mid night!!) And ever since he learnt how to roll, it is so tough to dress him up and to put up his diaper! I guess this one goes well for all babies!

Oh, ever since about 4 months then, he started to eagerly wanting to crawl. Making lots of noise with his extra effort, he sweats and wet our bed. Hehehe.

We are just thrilled to see the very small steps that he advanced each time. Be it slow, or fast. We just enjoyed it. :)

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recent Interior Jobs

Well, just last week, me and my friend had completed 2 units of service apartment for ID works. We had selected mostly IKEA's furniture due to budget constraint. Nonetheless, more importantly, my foreigner client left the units with a smile that day after inspection. So am I after pocketing the cheque, hehe....


The M'sian Top Civil Servant

The TV is so filled with elimination game programmes that it spills over to comic strips now - the beautiful Brenda Starr and her colleagues are now being watched and voted out 1 by 1.

She said : I am goin' to win by pure hard work.

That strikes me ..since the government has come up with loads of ideas and SPENT SO MUCH on funny 'Senyum' campaign, kursus after kursus, advise after advise, pay raises, bonuses, extra off-days until our PM himself has to do 'spot-check' at offices, what a waste of government fund and resources and with not much of results.

Why can't we turn this around and make it someting that can kill 2 birds at one go?? Have a live TV programme similar to the concept, let's start by bringing the local councils staffs to live and earn money via votes ie sms-la. Somemore ah, we will get to know these staffs better. Having them being watched by the whole nations, I am sure they have to be extra hard-working, be it 'pura-pura' (pretentious) also nevermind la. This will definitely be something very entertaining too. Wah, killing so many birds with 1 stone now. Ah, also hor, we have so many town councils, so this show can go on and on for so many seasons!!

I am Brilliant. :)


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slimming Regime

It is now almost up to 4 months since Jien was born. 4 MONTHS!
I had not worried much of slimming 'regime' and I was eating happily with all I could during the 1st month (although sometimes with not much of appetite due to fatigue). And then, I started to realise that my diet has, since then, increased. I can eat more rice now. I need to have my tea breaks with my normal meals aside. Hubby noticed that too and had politely asked me to watch out my diet. Whoa!!

I had lost 4kg during the first 3 months of my pregnancy. But miraculously I put on as much within almost instantly once I got back my appetite to eat. Damn.

So, I had put on a total of 15kg during pregnancy and I don't know how much I had lost instantly after Jien was born. Could be around 8kg. Now I still have 3kg to shed. BUT BUT BUT that is not my ideal weight, if I were to look nice and slim, I have to lose another 4 to 5kg. So all in all,8kg at least to lose. That is A LOT!! Yo!!

I was not eager or motivated at all to do any exercise now. During confinement, I did some legs lifting on doctor's advice and also lifting up chest while lying flat on bed to help ease the muscles due to breastfeeding, also on doctor's advice. But NOW, no more. STOPPED all - LAZY until TODAY, yes, until today, I met PU1pu3 today to get a dress which I ordered from her, she is like, so slim now! Who would gauge that she just had a baby??!! Oh my gawd! :O I feel so arghhhhh! Geramnya.

A-hem, ok, let's just hope that this shall motivate me to start exercising! Go Go Go, lazy bump!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Got a problem with your kid/kids?

This is interesting. ZanyMum is offering her 17 years of parenting experience with us. How? So simple. If you are a mum / dad and have problems dealing / handling your baby/kiddo, just click on to this. PLUS, you can even win a book by Lydia, our very own Malaysian author (Klang mari) and her latest book- Honk! If you're Malaysian which is among the top-seller now in book stores.

Life is good if we blog, LOL.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nen-nen vs Sleep

the playful Jien

Of late, Jien prefers to sleep more than having his meal. He totally skipped his 'breakfast' today. It used to be so close the intervals to feed at the beginning but no more now and this agitates and makes me nervous!! It should have been at least 2 hourly ( used to be 1 1/2 !!) , then it dragged to 3 hourly which I thought is a blessing. But today, he totally skipped his meal and just prefer to sleep or play!!

Of course, I won't be happy and cheers for this. I will keep my eyes on him and watch his newly developed 'schedule'. Thank God that he normally request for more at nite as 'replacement'. But still, I prefer him to have a more spread out meals. Thank God that his weight is still ok (overweight maybe? ;P)

Of all things, Jien, stay healthy ok? Mama and daddy love you so. :)


Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Out!

It has been like decades ever since my confinement. I get to go out (even during confinement) but it has never NEVER been the same as it is always with Jien and being his sole food supply, I have to stick to him most of the time.

About a month back then, I decided to take a time off from him. It is a mix feeling for me. I am worried for him but at the same time, I was enjoying myself with hubby attending a wedding dinner. It was Ban Seong's wedding, the last bachelor in his gang. So most of the guys in the group are with kids or babies now (and so is the newly wed, got bb in the womb already, yippie!).

As usual, something nasty normally occurs during a wedding party just to jazz things up. This time around, as we are not familiar with the bride, we actually were betting on her age. With betting, I actually meant putting down REAL bucks. Now, THAT woke everybody up (just the gang please, not the whole floor la!) and the mood quickly changed from the normal head-nodding polite conversation to a typical noisy, loud but with lots of laughters yelling and shouting. That was actually our highlight of the night, hahaha.

Jien is good. He did not cry. He was bottle fed by his aunt. Then he actually 'waited' for us to come back and have his 'supper' and serenade by me before he willingly went to bed. He is sweet. Just like the father. :)

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Baby Chair

Now, we are not potty training our baby that soon. No No!~ We are not THAT crazy as new parents ok?!

This is just a chair for Jien to train him to start sitting straight and proper. He just seems to be interested more with his legs and toes when he tried on the 'chair'. The shop keeper just could not help but to laugh and repeating 'cutenya, so chubby' and I know she must be thinking 'aduhai,kalau boleh,aku nak squeezzzze squeezzzze cheek dia!! '

Now this comes in handy when he wants to be with me when I am working in my soho. I will just put him by my side and he will enjoy my companion while 'talking' to his legs and hands and sometimes sucking them too, oooo, yummy yummy..!! :)