Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Extra Time

It is like, out of a sudden, my boy grew!

He stopped his porridge, he totally weaned off breast milk and now he finally get the idea of 'bottle feeding'!!! So no more spoon feeding milk which takes at least 10 mins of me / maid each time.

It is so marvelous! I suddenly gain extra 10x3=30mins on weekends and we(hubby too) feel so RELIEF!! Hahaha!! Parenting....

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baju Lubang

Ok, I don't know how shall I name this shirt but I love it!

We have bought for Jien since he was a tiny and lately, I replenished again since he had outgrown most of his baju lubang!

These shirts and pants are extremely affordable, comfortable to wear in this hot and humid climate and best of all, they are in white and can be pass down easily irregardless of sex! The sizes ranging from new born to about 2 years old!


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Friday, June 13, 2008


It is really fun eating with Jien. He is not really the fussy type and best of all, he loves fruits.

He had been eating 'rice' for the past 2 weeks or more now. It just happened like that. He just refused to eat his porridge anymore and want my share of rice and whatever I am having on my plate rather. And I had since then, stop cooking porridge for both his lunch and dinner. Very abrupt I know (most start with one meal first) but since he is seen now happily enjoying his meals, I just let it be. His meals mainly comprises of rice, fish(tofu or meat), stir-fried vege and most importantly - his soup! He is just so 'Cantonese' when he comes to this! Soup everyday and he asks for lots of it!

He is also quite eager to learn to master the skill to feed himself. I am quite reluctant on this yet. Only on particular food like fruits I would allow him. Otherwise it would be just a small plate with a bit of rice for him to 'learn' and 'play'. Everybody else in the house is extremely tired and we just want to feed him quick and spare the time cleaning and picking up food which feeds 'siu keong' instead(cockroach)!!! Haha!


Monday, June 09, 2008

Milk for Sale

We went out last Wednesday. A group of well - mothers.

The dinner was supposed to be at 7.30pm but thanks to the Guiness Record of queue at the petrol stations on last Wednesday, my poor friends were stuck badly in the traffic for more than an hour. Nonetheless, we made it for the night and we had wonderful Japanese food at Hartamas Shopping Centre ( strongly recommended - Rakuzen ).

We were, well chatting about our kids mainly and then we proceeded to nursing and milking the child. Then one of the girls mentioning that her gynae was telling her that there is 'mother's milk' for sale in the market. She was all offended by the gynae. We all feel a bit odd and yucky too when she mentioned that. Yeah, having your child drinking another woman's milk?

But after a deep thought of that, ...actually, if we can take cow's milk (imagine putting your child to milk together with the baby cows, yucky enough right?), why not human's milk? We all know that mother's milk is the best.

I had come to know of a few friends who kept saying that

'I don't have a drop!'
'I tried, but only so little, my child does not have enough!'
'I don't have the time and energy to pump, I am so tired. I need to work ler!'

Also, what about those that suffer serious post-natal depression?

So, I thought, if the source is trustworthy (non alcoholic, non smoker etc) and they have abundant to give away or share...for the sake of the baby, I would say YES! I am a breastfeeding mother, I know the great benefit of breast milk to the new born.

Recently, I read about a Chinese woman in Sichuan, China who actually breast fed(yes, she was shown carrying 2 babies to her breasts and a few more waiting to be fed!) a few babies. These babies might have lost their mothers during the earthquake. She left her baby at home for her parents to take care while she breast fed the hungry ones with the best food - mother's milk. I absolutely admire her decision and determination. She is a true mother for her love and grace shine!!

So, no more 'yucks' and 'disgust', right?!
So to mothers that kept complaining that their milk factory is not working, check out for the sale of 'Breast milk' for a change! A good change, in fact.


Friday, June 06, 2008


I read the news with such frustration.

They are so frequent minded. And I hate that. Yes, I hate people who say A but then act B and this happen in less than 24 hours! I would 'divorce' the relationship if government is like say 'my husband'!! Gosh!

The reasons given are SO not reasonable. Raising 40% and ask us normal rakyat to change lifestyle again! Rebate? How? Have they studied the actual lost and earn? Why change their mind over night? Punch the wrong figure in the calculator izit? If I could recall, they say no price hike for 2008 but they do it again. Then they say no change of price until August then boom! 40% rise! They pledged to better the public transport system but 6 long years, nothing has improved. And for the last 6 years, prices had been steadily increasing and this is the ultimate - 41% to be exact!

So they said want to ban the car from pumping petrol at the border, then they say 'Oops! Wrong calculation, can lah can lah! Singapore dat side can but Thai one cannot la! Sorry huh' then 'All can la!' Sure la, pass the problem to rakyat, now price are almost same same liao, so pump here or there make no difference already! Good mathematics.

They say they want to help the poor. Ya lor, so kind. They say want to help to get the saved money to subsidize other thing like rice. But everything will go up 40% if not more leh, dear frens in Cabinet! You all got car and travel allowance, we don't have! Can that 40% raise cover EVERYTHING that raise up 40% ah? No money to put in the 'CORRIDORS' izit? So want us to subsidize la? Got money left for your astronaut or not? Not enough next month raise 10% again lor...No money to renovate Parliamentary House? Raise again 1% next next month easy!

When people voted other party, they say 'We will change, we will listen to the rakyat...'
When some poor rakyat go on a peaceful demonstration, they say 'Don't disrupt the peacefulness of the country' 'Bad image for the country!'
When people blog and commented, they say 'Don't simply write, put you to ISA!'

I am sure these bunch of people are
. selectively deaf
. selectively blind
. selectively forgetful

From their 'lat-ta-li-lat-tam-pom' policy, no wonder they say inflation rate will raise by 1% ONLY! OMG! Simply pluck figure again and want to tipu us la?!

Better safe my electricity and blog less! Chiao!


Monday, June 02, 2008


Yes! Finally!

My boy is finally 'off' my breasts! It is 1 year 5 months and a week to be exact for the 'breast feeding days'! The longest in my family history! Yahooooo! It has been 3 nights without the 'tasty yummy' milk from me and he is doing great. *smile*

From 100% nursing for 6 months ...
Then expressing milk in the day time if possible ...
Then cutting-off the day time supply ...
Then cutting-off the night time feeding ...
Till the before-sleep comfort sucking ...

It was NOT easy though. He struggled quite a bit. Poor him. I kept talking and telling him that he is a big boy now and that big boy does not 'drink' from mama but from bottle and cup. I repeated till he could repeat after me for the 'bottle & cup' part! (of course, only I understand what he is 'talking'). I never forget to tell him that I still love him as much. He asked for it and make that 'sucking' sound. And with me kept singing and patting him, he dozed off.

I love you, baby! Though you are a 'BIG' boy now, you would always be a baby to me and I love you, ALWAYS! Kiss Kiss Kiss!

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