Thursday, May 31, 2007


I received an e-mail from a friend (Dennis, M'sian) who have been staying in Hong Kong for yeeearrs now. He had posted some questions for me and I thought maybe I should just post it here for him and the rest to read. Maybe in years to come, I may look back and change my answers again. Well, then again, I have to state it clear that these are my opinions and I am considering ALL these in MY perspectives and not trying to see things in YOUR side ok?? :)

~If you consider a place for retirement, will
you retire in Malaysia ? If yes, which part of Malaysia will you choose (East Malaysia or West Malaysia) ?
I have not been to Sabah (the only state in M'sia which I have not stepped my feet on!) though I have heard lots of good things about her. I will not consider staying or retiring at a place which I have not been to or just have a short trip for leisure. Living and travelling are 2 VERY different things. So, for now, my answer is NO. I will still choose to stay here, West M'sia.

~Well, which province will you choose (Sabah, Sarawak,
Johor, KL, PJ, Penang) ?
Here, Klang Valley but not Puchong, not Cheras, not Kepong! As for now, I still love the easy access to the latest informations around me by staying here. I would love to watch more theatres and play, listen to live orchestra performances, do shopping at the hottest shopping complex (during off-peak hour, please). Hopefully by then, I would be staying in my dream home, outskirt of KL.

I would like to listen to your views over Malaysia in following aspects:
~Expenses for Basic Needs: Housing, Cars, Fuel, Public Transport, Food, Electricity, Phone Services, Fresh Water, etc.
On average, Malaysian still have to work VERY hard to save. There are too MUCH expenses and they are ever increasing. The recent huge increment for government servant is a good thing but the question is : Is it enough? Does the government take into account of all the increment of basic living expenditure from MERDEKA till now? Do we even have enough in years to come to sustain these increment when the oil well runs dry by 2010? Do we have any buck up our exports? Our country is still owing money, FIY, lots of it. Bottom line for you maybe, is: Earn as much money as you can there, spend it here. :)

Availability and Expenses of Medical Services and Medicine Supply. How about availability of other social welfare, provided by Malaysian Government ?
Availability : Ok if you are in Klang Valley and big towns.
Social welfare ....well, I think I would still prefer to rely on myself than relying on government or the little saving in EPF.

Government Indirect Taxes, such as sales taxes for goods and services comment.

Hazards to Environment, any factors causing deterioration of air, water and food quality
I guess this is a global problem, not restricting only to M'sia. But the point is, I do not sense any sincere effort (govt) to eliminate or slow down the effect. P/S Let's just hope that the 'smoky monsoon' from our neighbour will not be around this year. Main factor? political issue again..

Cultural differences between Malaysians and Hong Kong Chinese
nybody can live here ok, Malaysians are talented lot for languages. With a bit of Bahasa which is rather easy to learn, anyone can live with the differences. Cultural differences? No culture shock. Lately, the government has promote 'Malaysia-Your 2nd Home' programme which of course is yet to be drafted in detail. There are too many grey areas for these investors and the parties (bank, developers etc ) involved do not have the expertise in this area and do not know what to react and how to react. Let's just hope that this is not hangat-hangat tahi ayam, again.

Freedom of Money Movement in and out of Malaysia. Any restrictions imposed ?

Protection of Reasonable Interests of Investors in Malaysia ( such as Freedom of Money Movement in and out of Malaysia. Any restrictions imposed ?)
I am not so certain on this but they do have measures to attract investors.

I tried my best. I hope I had answered your questions well. :P


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Five Big Months!

Oh boy! My baby is already 5 months old!

Looking back at the photos, it makes me want to cry! I am so touched. I appreciate this precious one from God and also, appreciating life...

Born - oh so tiny! Gosh, thank god he is fair like dad-dee.
1st month - mama, can you store more milk in your breasts??! Pss...?
2nd month - still plenty of hair, very handsome, kekeke
3rd month - ai, why botak? Err...look a bit like mama pulak?!
4th month - more and more camera sensitive...oooo, am I cute or what? I think I look 99.99% like dad-dee ler..
5th month - starting to crawl 'gostunt' (backward). Mama, when can I start crawling?

Picture rights reserved for me, Jien and mama. No duplication. No photocopy, No nothing! STRICTLY for viewing only!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mom's Day

Yes, my very FIRST one!!

I was not too overly excited about it till I received sms from friends had I realised that, hey!! I am a mother and I should be proud and up celebrating!!

No, no celebrations. Just stay back and accompany hubby, MIL and bb. Read a book, For One More Day - I never knew it was about relationship with mom and great reading for special day like this. I do wish I could have One More Day with my mom..

Happy Mother's Day to all you great mothers out there!!!

P/S..I received a card and a brand new LCD computer screen from dad-dee n bb!! :) Not bad!!What about u?

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Labor Day, Holiday

That was a long holiday and after being 'restricted' for a while, we both decided to take bb for a trip. Not abroad yet but somewhere reasobably far to be considered a break from the norm - Avilion, Port Dickson. The price is rather steep for a 2 nite's stay but we decided to go ahead. We want to enjoy the exotic tropical water chalet on stilts! ( Ahem, hello! As if I have not experienced enuf of that. Most of my childhood school holidays were spent at Pulau Ketam ler.. )

Well, it was supposed to be a break for 3 of us, so most of the time was spent in the room 'lepaking' and sleeping.
For the naps, we had the sound of waves as background music. We had also the 'open-sky-shower' and so did Jien. We brought along his tub for his bath and luckily he did not catch cold, hehe.

Maybe because of the journey or being too excited seeing his parents whole day long, Jien did not really get good sleep at nite. And so was I then. I could not sleep well the first night partly due to my sore throat ( I refuse to take any antibiotics ), also the incessant sound of waves which at time become annoying and alarming and the constant waking up to pat Jien and feed him every 2 hours wears me out (he almost sleeps thru the night before this, waking up only twice the most). Nevertheless, thank to that, I kept myself hydrated thru the night by drinking tonnes of water and swallowing lots of Vit.C pills. I was cured the next day! :) Hooray, another battle won without antibiotics.

It was a relaxing trip afterall but one thing for sure, I would patiently wait till Jien is more readily fit and can enjoy trips better himself - up and running, swim and touch the sand himself before we plan for another trip just yet. Hmm..


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dad dee turn older!

Dad-dee turn 'same age' as me last April. Yes, I am older, yes, yes, by 6 months than him, ;)

I sang to baby the birthday song a couple of times before THE day and also show him the act of blowing candles. On that evening, we invited our neighbours, Erv and lalab over for a 'sampoi' dinner. I bought a cake for him, an expensive one, RM 40 for that small cake. We chose it together. We had been wanting to try this cake for a long time now, ever wondering why their business is so good.

After dinner, the light was off and bb start staring at the lit candles. When we finished singing, dad-dee blew the candles and so was bb-with his o-shaped mouth!! Hahaha..

The cake? Fuyoh! Fantastic. It melts in the mouth! The texture is so fine and delicate. And also not too sweet. So if you like to try it out, go to Hartamas Shopping Centre. As you go up to the 1st floor from the main lobby using the escalator, you will see it on your right - Lavender. Now I know why they are the SOLE business which expends in the mall. :) Anyway, be prepared to pay at least RM6 for a small slice. Gosh.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I can't recall when was the last time I had worn my heels but I sure missed them.

I had 'lowered-down' myself ever since 2 months' pregnancy and since then, it was always the sandals from Modern Mum. Then, I had to consider carrying a baby, so no heels.

I was finally OUT for work at times WITHOUT baby. So here I am now with my heels and I look more 'proportioned' now. *smile* It is like meeting up with good old friends and with that, I sniffed a tint of freedom again. HaHa..