Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Now the lil one has gain size and started kickboxing sessions in the stomach. Sometimes, the kicks can be rather strong. He is most active when :
  • I am cooking
  • I eat SLIGHTLY late ( complaining I think )
  • this one without fail - 10 p.m. at night; I was joking to hubby that the baby will be born at midnight. We will rush to hospital by 10p.m., and he will slip out by 12.00 a.m.. Kekeke
  • sometimes, when I call him and talk to him
  • when I pray, that is about 10.00p.m. :)
When hubby come close to him and talk to him, he will slow down a bit. He will also slow down when I rub my stomach. Ooi, manjanya....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How would you like your wedding to be?

Yesterday, I guess a lot of people were glued in front of the TV as usual and this time around to watch the 'princess of pop' bersanding ler..I catched a short glimpse of the ceremony only to find her pitiful. As if acting, performances etc have not tire her a bit! Now even her wedding, she is just like an actress acting on stage. Full of protocols and as if, scripted.

I personally think it is weird to invite politicians for wedding. They run the country, and so? And the scale of the wedding, oh my god, I don't think our Queen Aishah (Selangor) has got that sort of a scale when she married our late King. Hmmm...Are we idolizing her or what?

I have always thought that wedding function is supposed to be a private function. You share it with the one closest to you and your husband. It is a day of joy and laughter. Joy and laughter not only for the couple but for everybody.
I am glad that hubby had given me all that. I enjoyed every bit of our wedding.

It was a sweet day and we are glad that all our guests were pleased and had a wonderful time together too. For those that attended our wedding and especially to those who helped out so much to make it such a wonderful and memorable day for all of us, A BIG HUG AND THANK YOU! :)

So for those yang belum kahwin, how do you like your wedding to be?

Monday, August 28, 2006

White Collar vs Blue Collar

Too much talking about myself. Today I am going to talk about my hubby instead.

Now, according to my MIL, since young hubby has a 'destructive' character. Cool it, not the Al-Qaeda type of destructive but he loves to 'undo', 'un-screw', 'tear down' whatever you may call it to his toys that he could lay his hands on. And then, he would try to fix it back. Too bad for MIL if he could not figure out for some toys as that would have meant that she gotta get him new things to fumble with. This intuitive instinct of the melancholy him makes him a man he is today. A man whom is rather DIY. He can fix doors, bulbs, he knows the know how inside the CPU (which I have no clue at ALL!), the TV, the cars etc etc. This makes him a very handy man indeed and I just LOVE it!

Just sometime back, he was helping his sister to do some drilling in the wall to hang some pictures. And so she was bragging about him in front of her husband saying that how nice for a guy to know all this fixing stuff. Guess what is her husband's reply : "Well, 我倒是拿笔找吃的。
( I earn my living holding pen (not tools) )" Arhhhh! So implying what? My hubby is not a blue collar worker either, hello! And if so he is, is it something shameful?

I vowed not to ask hubby to help him no more. Not till I can forget what he had said! Padan Muka.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Green Mood

After lunch with my client, I noticed at the corner nursery shop had this BIG 'moving sales' signboard. Being a person who ONLY sensitive to BIG letters and also CERTAIN words, I pulled in and had a look since I had been longing to perk up the balcony. Most of the plants that I bought from Cameron Highlands were already dead by now..ok ok, just have a look.

I ended up buying some plants of course, eventhough the price was not really the 'clearing' sales la. Gimmick, I thought. But I just couldn't resist it.

But hey, after putting them in the garden, I noticed that hubby did not noticed the change. Is he that nonchalant to plants or just that he was too tired then? Arhh, nevermind, at least I feel fresh and happy when I walk to my lil garden in the morning. That, is what matters most.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Trip

It is my 2nd family trip after being the 'sim pu' (daughter in-law) of hubby's family. We hope to continue this 'tradition' every year as it bonds the family better and the fact that we truly enjoyed it, especially the kids la!

This time around - Langkawi and Penang. We drove. But swore to take flight the next time if we were to visit again to Lang Island. The ferry ride was taking too long! 1 1/2 hour! Gosh. And u know what the kids asked me? : " Tua kim, will the baby get sea sick in your tummy? " :) They are just so cute.

The highlight of the Lang-trip was of course the cable car ride. Mind you, if you are indeed phobia of height, my advise is not to try this. There was one tourist lady (Arabian?) who got so hysterical to get down from the car that her friends needed to pull her down from the car. She sat down on the floor and cried! Now, the trip down the mountain was even MORE horrifying. We wondered how did she manage that then as there is no apparent alternative route to descend unless she is willing to trek the thick forest. Wooo....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Missing Patrick

It has been a while since one of me and hubbys's favourite blog been updated - by Patrick Teoh. I wondered if it is because of his witty way of 'critisizing' the government that got him a warning from the 'superior' or 'authority' to stop writing or simply because he is just too busy lately.

If it is simply because of his sarcastic yet amusing way of bringing out the news and deemed sensitive and sabotaging by certain 'people' or 'authority', I would say this is simply rediculous and heck, what a waste. I would say our newspaper is a rather bias. All but the GOOD things about the government and their policies. Try any negative views and you are bound to get warning, questioning and even under the breath of ISA. It is such a breeze reading thru his perspective sometimes. We are adults, we can think. If it is just by reading his blogs and I got all the 'bad' influence, boy, I should be going back to primary one I think.

I remembered fairly well during the secondary school and even during our 'Pengajian Am' classes in Form Sixes that we had to remember only GOOD facts about the government. There were no debate session to make us think if they are doing the right things, no questioning, sorry. Just spoon feed with what they call FACTS. If you'd got more FACTs, you would score better. And they wonder where our education system goes wrong.

I have to admit that it is tough governing a country like this, multi-ethnic, religions and yet going global. But if loving the country by uttering one's perception, thoughts and comments are sentensed as sabotage, hatred, chaotic creatures and 'ini bukan budaya kita', then we are really doomed.

I love Malaysia and may God continue to bless this land. Happy Merdeka Month!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



原来新年种的吉子树开了花。从来不知道原来它的香味像我喜欢的茉莉。恰好今天下雨,有缓缓凉风, 把轻轻的香味洋溢了厅房。虽然短暂,却逗得我傻乎乎地高兴了半天。

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An Evening with Doctor J

Dr.J : So feeling better? Any bleeding? Any discharge?
Me : Yes. No..No..
Dr.J : So u can eat 3 meals a day now ya..
Me : Yes.
Dr.J : Well, you should be able to feel the movement of the baby by now. :) Yes?
Me : Yes. *smiling*
Hubby : Yeah, I can hear it. Quite a loud thud actually. *smiling*
Dr.J : Ok, let's do the ultrasound..

The screen showed a big round thing, first thing in my mind : water bag?

Dr.J : So this whole thing that u r seeing is the head of the baby. Here.
Me and Hubby : Huh?! Wow, baby is big now. * smiling again*
Dr.J moved the 'bb detector'...

Dr.J: Ok, see here, this is the heart. You can see the baby heartbeat is consistent. Fine line here separates the heart into 2 parts. The line is thick, so ok, baby has a good heart, no hole in the heart.
Me and Hubby : * relieved *
Dr.J : See here, this black dot over here? This is the kidney. The black mark shows that it is full of water, good.
Me and Hubby : I see...* relieved *
Dr.J : See this triangle over here?
Me and Hubby : (Both blur) Yeah, can see...err....(what is that?)
Dr.J : That is the nose of the baby...
Me and Hubby : I see..
Dr.J : Now below it, this thick white line over here ...see? It is his lips. So no breakline, and so no cleft lips..
Me and Hubby : I see.. * relieved *

Move, move, rub, rub.....

Dr.J : Have I told u the sex of the baby?
Hubby : Yes, u told us it is a boy.
Dr.J : Yes, see this v-shape thing, it is his thigh.
(I can see clearly of this, the thigh, so cute! Can't help but smile..)
Dr.J : Now see in between this? The clear big penis? So no mistake, it is a boy.

Dr.J : Everything seems fine. Your baby is now 21weeks old. Size is right. Let's check your weight now..
Me : ( "ug good !" )
Dr. J : Wow, u put on a lot! Have to take care of your diet. No more milk, no half boil eggs, no 'ka fan' or 'ka liu' (canto : add rice or extra helping). You know, an extra ounce on the baby could mean extra an hour or two in labour. And from now on, you will see yourself growing very fast, so just eat your normal portion of food. In between meals, if you feel hungry, just have fruits, ok?
Me : Ok ("Damn, it must be the extra food in Australia...!") *~pai seh~*

* * * *
We left the clinic feeling so relieved and thankful. Praise the Lord.
Finally I have the heart to do shopping for bb already..:)

Monday, August 14, 2006

A walk in the cloud

Yesterday, we had decided to spend an hour driving to Genting Highland instead of balik kampung.

It was very misty when we were at the top. The weather was cold and we were clad in normal attire only. No sweater! But we enjoyed that. :)

We could hear a lot of people there in the outdoor park, but we could not actually see them ... sounded spooky huh? Especially in the Chinese Ghost Month...Well, too misty and foggy la! Just cannot enjoy the view AT ALL.

We had our lunch there and also trying to relax with our hot chocolate and coffee. It was outdoor and the number of cars passing by were too many even though it is supposed to be the porte-corche of the hotel. And so after a while of reading my Reader's Digest, with the not so nice smoke from the car coupled with the strong wind, we decided to go into the Complex instead.

Other than the weather, no compliment to the place. Too commercialised. Maybe that is the intention. No park to walk or picnic area as I told hubby. The walkways, toilets and others are not aesthetically done, well, at least to me, it can be improved further with a bit of taste la!

Well, still it was a relaxing Sunday. Afterall, a walk in the cloud on Sunday is not too bad an idea for a change.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Lunch Trio

Hmmm, yummy curry chicken...

Ever since I came back from the trip, I started cooking for lunch and dinner. It is a blessing to be able to eat home-cook food again actually.

I join a Philippino couple, my long time friends at the next block. They just moved in about a month ago after much persuasion from me. I had always thought that the old place that they were renting is not condusive as a 'homely' place. I am so glad that they finally made it here and the fact that they are enjoying themselves now.

And so it is like pot-luck every lunch time. I will prepare a dish and some dessert and they will prepare theirs too. We chat, laugh and relax during lunch without much hassle. I just love it.
Selamat-po ( tagalog - thank you )

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby Boom

It has been a while since I last contacted my college friends. Only via an e-mail yesterday to a friend that I found out actually there are 3 pregnant mummy out there like me! I am so happy for them. OMK, L-Kun and Ah-Tang's wife! Congrats!

We will be organising a gathering soon, after 8 long months. Most of us have our birthdays at the end of the year and so, most gatherings would be happening year-end. Can't wait to see them again and have a good laugh at the good old days and be cynical about our work as ARCHITECT etc etc....:)

It is great to know that we are all turning into a new chapter in our life.
Penang Hill during our 4th year in Uni

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Butterflies in the Stomach

Ever since the start of 18th weeks into prenancy, I can feel the slight movement of BB. Just a very gentle one and poor daddy cannot feel it. This is only mommy's privilege. Ha ha! It is just like the feeling of having bubbles in the tummy or even butterflies in the tummy!

Just the other day, we were out watching 'Dragon Tiger Gate' - a chinese action movie based on 80's popular comic. I guess BB could hear or (is it me who affects BB?), he was moving (or kicking?) quite frantically. :)

I have really been enjoying my 2nd trimester...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Being Professional

I just remembered that I was supposed to write something about my visits to my earlier gynae.

Well, we visited him when bb is about 5 weeks old. That was our very 1st visit with bb to a gynae. It was a long wait and since it was a Saturday, we had no complaint but hey, we did have our appointment made at xx time and it was already way past the time. Finally the nurse called me in. We went into a room and ai? where is the doctor? She started of with 'So, when was your last period?' 'Is this your first?' ' Is your period regular?' Then, the questions went a bit out 'So what is your occupation?' 'Good income lah!' 'Where do you graduate from ah?' 'My sons ah.........' Oh boy, I am not interested to know about your sons. I am concerned about mine here! HELLO!

She started to even promote me to buy milk powder from her directly. She said she is doing it part time to support the family. She gave me her number in a small piece of paper and all I could do was just to return her kindness with a gentle smile. When the doctor suddenly budged in, she quickly stood up and made way.

The doctor asked the same routine questions again and did the scan. 'Well, the sac is looking good, right size. Correct position." " Your only concern is your fibroid, but not to worry, we will see how it goes as we go along."

That was all for the 1st visit.

2 days later, I had some brown discharge and being a naive mum, I got a bit panicky. Hubby started to google to find out about this 'phenomenon'. Most said no worries. But to be safe, we went again to our lovely gynae the very next day. When I was called in, hubby was not with me ( he came in later ). And so the drama began. Can u imagine the first thing that blurted from the doctor after I acknowlegded him about the brown discharge, was " Why you people made my life more difficult ?" Ha, excuse me? I was already so dead worried and this is what I get from a doctor? Hey, I paid u, u know!

Then, to add the salt to the wound, he said "I don't think this is good, you better prepare yourself, u know" I had to say that the doctor had done no examination yet to me at that time. He did not even touch me for goodness sake and this was his great opinion. He asked me to go to another room and did ultrasound scanning. He told me then this : "Oh, looks like the sac had shrunk! This is bad. But afterall, this is another machine, the reading could be slightly different from the earlier reading. I am not positive about this." "So, you can't do anything now, just rest at home and we will give u an injection now." What injection? What is it for? No explaination and the needle is already right in front of my face. Hubby was there asking some questions I think but I was too occupied with the doctor's earlier comments and I went numb after the injection. Not due to the drugs but the words, it numbed my whole body and I went speechless and my heart sank.....

Then we were ushered out and made payment. Huh? Just like that? Looks like anybody can be a gynae then...I was so devastated at that time with the thought that I am going to lose this baby and after stepping out from the stupid clinic, I cried non stop! Really, no joke, non stop! How could one possibly has any hope when a doctor mentioned something like this?

We then got a second opinion from another gynae a week later. She patiently explained to me that it is absolutely normal to even bleed at that particular week because the sac needs to be attached to the wall (placenta) and it will cause some bleeding. She also showed me diagrams of it and compared the size of a normal sac and mine. She also explained the meaning of fibroid, the danger of it and the cautions I need to beware of etc. She asked me not to worry now as if there is something wrong, the doctor will take a 2nd and 3rd scanning to really make sure there IS really a problem arise. ( note : she only do consultations, not in charge of delivery no more )

We stepped out from the clinic that day feeling relieved.

Well, now I am consulting a 'used to be' very 'handsome' gynae. Easy going and friendly. We are fine with him and had been with him ever since.

So, my advise is to get a second opinion or even 3rd opinion if need be. Sometimes even doctor can make mistakes and be harsh too.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I was pretty reluctant to put myself on the weighing scale ever since I came back from the trip knowing pretty well that it would be more than 2 kg up the previous take.

I wonder what pushed me to the scale just now and boy am I shock that I put on an incredible 3kg after the trip! This is devastating as the last take was only like 2 weeks ago! My heart sank when I read the scale and as usual, not believing it, I stepped down and weigh again...YES, no mistake, 3 BIG KILO MY DEAR.

It is no wonder everybody starts saying that my tummy really pumped up after the trip.

That sets me thinking
, well, the baby only weighs about 2.5kg-3.0kg at most at birth, say the rest are water bag's weight....ehmmm, still another 4 months+ to go, boy am I turning into a big fat sumo lady wrestler or what? This somehow worries me...

I look 6 months pregnant, don't I? I am only approaching 5 months now..

Midnite yesterday, I had a cramp on my left foot and I screamed on top of my lung out to wake up my hubby. It was a real shock to me because I do not anticipate this to happen so fast and my poor legs start to swell like having bees stung ever since back from the trip. I bet my poor size 5 feet just cannot bear the incredible weight no more. Poor thing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back Again!

Hey, I am back again!

I was actually quite alright about a month ago and it gets better everyday now. Tummy is really big that i can challenge my hubby's already! Oops.!!

We (aka me, hubby and 'bb') were actually on our 'honeymoon' last 2 weeks at Sydney and Melbourne. We have not had our 'official' honeymoon and the thought just strike us as we should have one for many valid reasons - stress, break, holiday before bb's arrival, hard time during the 1st trimester, haze, heat etc etc...

And it turned out to be a pleasant trip indeed. We enjoyed the weather so much (winter then in OZ), though it was rainy the 1st 2 days when we were there. But the weather turned clear and nice thru out the journey after that and we even had an experience of early spring before we flew back home.

A flash back of the trip will remind me about the beautiful Sydney and Darling Harbour, also the magnificent Blue Mountain where we had our early X'mas experience. And the BIG portion of food, fit for 2 in an order! In a row of shops, we can find Mat Salleh typical food, fast food, Jap food, Korean food, Indian food, Chinese food, Kebab, Vietnamese....whoa, we literally tried almost all of it and I still craved for the roast duck now! Yummy! The cold weather makes me eat even more and MORE...

- FOOD, FOOD and FOOD again! As my cousin and her generous hubby kept bringing us to nice restaurants and that was when I noticed both me and hubby's tummy suddenly become visibly 'bloated' and 'expanded'! Whoa! And not forgetting Phillip Island, watching the lil penguins coming back from the sea is really quite an exhilarating experience!

Well, I am back to normal now and Blinka's Kitchen has also started operation and oh boy, I can see my hubby's broad smile again! hehehe...

Clicked down some fond memories in OZ.

Here are the sea gulls. I remembered them very well for they made a special apprearance at the end of 'Finding Nemo'.

Balmoral, Katoomba with our friendly
host, Mel & Glenn.
Love the beautiful
house and the X'mas Deco.
We were
actually the only guests during our stay and the breakfast? Lovely! Only me and hubby and bb in the big dining hall.

Me and one of the many clean and tastefully designed public toilet...

And not forgetting the OZ Ugg boots that keeps me warm and snuggy. ( cost almost RM 400! Boy oh boy, what a price to pay for comfort..thanks dear! :) )

Fascinating jelly fish!

Mommy doing some exercise ....panting all the way up!

Ahhhh, life is wonderful after all!