Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jien's Work 2011

I have to sheepishly admit that I don't spend quite enough time with my kids.  But working from home allows me to have an extra bit of advantage of peeping at what the boys are up to, and I LOVE that...

So these are some of Jien's work which I categorized them into :

~ The Dino Series

The herbivours..names? Ask him.

I called this one ~ The Dino's Party..Quite a handful of species here.  I just enjoy looking at the details.  The type of legs, taiils, teeth, horns, spikes.  Interesting.  

These dino's skeletons were found lying on my kitchen floor one good afternoon.  I love the colour.  Cute little blue head dinos.

~The Car Series:
 My boy is a fanatic Cars fan.  He watched the E.N.T.I.R.E Cars movie when he was about 2 yo.  And he kept watching it over and over again for almost a good year!! Then the love for the fire red sports car kind of subsided until we brought him to watch The Cars 2 in the cinema and the love just grew double into madness now!!  Sometimes, he would just play with the colour changer the whole morning, happily watching the car changing colour..

~The Human Series : Jien.  I am holding Jung then.  ;)

This is the summary of our recent trip to Taiwan by Jien.  So many home-stays, must have been tough for him keep changing places to stay or he could have enjoyed them so much..haha.   Well, look at the animated planes, the train station, the cloud, the fruits, the motorcycle and of course, the dinos just have to show up in the drawings..huuusshhhh.......