Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Same old same old

That was the headline from the Straits Time, now kena taruh liao for being too harsh and not just that, they had printed the FAM logo with R.I.P (rest in peace). I am no football fan but I thought that the press and the editor must have really felt the shame, the lost and the disappointment with the football team-the players and the management gang, that is why they had printed as such. Of course, they knew they would offend some people, but they just want to express their anger and grieve! They are serious with football. They love football. To love is NOT just to pamper and to offer protection ALL the time. BUT, to some people - offended and boh song...(hokkien - don't feel good!) Well, termakan cili padi kut..

Then, there was these group of people. They claimed they love this country so much. They teach us how to love- Put up lots of banners and bill boards of their pictures and asking us to start flying the flags in the country to celebrate the country's birthday - to SHOW our love. So some starts to show la, with their super bikes or kap chai and every year without fail, will honk, race and shout and leave the Merdeka Square with heaps of rubbish the next day- Is that our culture, our love to this country? This year, 50 years old, BIG event. So these people said MUST celebrate at KL on that special day only. Like dat one meh? Love is defined and confined to time and location. Ooooo....

Then again, every about 5 years, our road will be tarred. Some road side-walk will be paved, some trees and flowers planted nicely and well taken care of for a couple of months - at least. Then hor, some people faces will be featured with disasters-strike areas/people/etc so so so often, then, *blink-blink*, election is coming lor...

Same old, same old...


Friday, July 13, 2007

Like mama, Like papa

Now that Jien is 6-month-old, his looks starts to 'stay' - you know what I mean, new born' faces always 'change' with the rocket-pace that they are growing.

The response upon seeing our baby will constantly be :
'aiyo! Reeeally look like the papa hor?!'
'macam photocopy only la! like the father!'
'papa's mould'
'haha, aiyo, even when he smiles oso looks like father..'
etc etc
oh, this responses also go well with strangers with a mere glance at both of them! Hmm..

Well, I don't care. I am cool. Look like papa is surely not a problem to me. I love him, marry him and now have his child - so?

BUT BUT BUT, having said that, there is this ONE exceptional thing that I wish for - please have my gene for a good set of teeth! So far, all my nephews and nieces have one but not his anak buah!

So Jien, please if you don't want to visit the dentists every so-often -- inherit at least this ONE THING from mama!!! SET?!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 months

Jien is 6-month-old boy now. And this is the time that we noticed there are so many things that he picked up and learned-mobility wise.

He started to push himself forward in the walker, instead of 'go-stun' a day before he turn 6 months. Soon after that, he mastered the skill to manoeuvre around the house into our room, kitchen, my soho...
Of late, he started to do 'push-ups' and forced himself forward; he is in the crawling mode now.

We could certainly 'touched' his teeth now and I had started solid for him about 3 weeks now. I started him with cereal and slowly moved on to potatoes then carrots. Apple juice has been his favourite so far. Not quite with apple puree though but I did made some so that he could pass motion better. This morning - egg yolk! :)

He would munch his rusk in front of the TV sitting in his jumbo chair and he will be bouncing his legs enjoying his favourite Einstein show - anything to do with animals - Baby Noah, World Animals and Baby MacDonald are his favourites. We would be watching from a distance with a smile - amused and gratified.


Friday, July 06, 2007


Works are piling up for me lately. The daily 4 hours of available time for me to work had slowed down my work A LOT. STRESS.

Jien had caught virus from his aunt on the weekend and he is down with stuffy nose now. So sticky and thick is the mucus and this has cause him difficulty in breathing. And for this, we were having few restless nights already. He would wake up around 3am and had difficulty falling into sleep again. Breathing with his mouth made him thirsty and fart A LOT. Poor him. Poor me. STRESS.

We went for a check up at a paediatrician's clinic at Hartamas. Jien was a good boy then. He is always cool with strangers and he is so generous to flesh his handsome smile. Doc praised him for his good eye contacts and he is good - socially. And of course, she also marveled at his weight, a good 9.8kg now. She prescribed anti-histamine (correct spelling ah?) syrup for him and also paracetamol just in case he catch fever later (touch wood, so far so good!). But the medicine-feeding episode is not so rosy and cute. Jien struggled like we were going to KILL him and when we tried to suck his nose, he thought we were going to suffocate him! Kids! STRESS.

And so I was thinking real hard lately. I still have chance to be a designer and enjoy my work in later years but I had only one chance to be with my boy at this tender age...a good mom? Am I? I struggled a bit. Well, most working mom did, I supposed. But I can't just leave my work as in NOW. I thought maybe when I have my second one, I will quit. I will quit for at least 4 years from the building industry to be a FULL-TIME-MOM and hopefully, a good one.