Sunday, April 23, 2006

Yet Another Gift for Him

It was about 2 weeks ago when it started prompting in my mind that I wanna surprise my hubby with a mini birthday party. This is his first birthday after our wedding and I want to really make it a special one for him. Not expensive, but memorable.

So I went on planning with the Cafe in our club house, calling his family members, his close friends, arranging the time and I even went down to the level of jotting down all my guests car number plates and past them to the guards and make sure they won't call our apartment and spoil the plan. All were set and no one whisper a word till MIL almost 'bongkar rahsia' when I asked her to buy some groceries and she mentioned something like "ok, we will bring it over tomorrow..." Hubby was like huh? What? You are coming over here tomorrow? Luckily she was smart to twist the story back. Phew!

So the whole of yesterday, we went shopping for some materials for hubby's sister's house renovations. I told him I can't go back to Klang as I will be busy. As with the lil one now, he had to accompany me without going back alone. I told him " No lah, let's go back on Sunday la!"

So the day went on and I had to "put myself to sleep" in the late afternoon to make time past faster... ashhhhh, six o'clock, six o'clock...

Right, it went on smoothly. I put my phone to silent mode and quietly received and sent out sms to know the latest guests' arrivals...ok, time to go. I then pretended that the show on TV was damn boring (luckily no Sponge Bob, no Desp Housewives on Saturday evening...hehehe). I requested to go down to the park for evening walk. (good Lord, no rain!)

And as we walked and walked, I purposely lead him closer to the club house, he thought I wanted to buy ice cream till he saw some familliar faces....walahhhhh! There you go! Happy Birthday dear!

He was beaming and looked at me full of surprise. Yes, yes, yes, I made it. Thanks to my lil one in the womb, otherwise coaxing him to come down and walk would definitely be a tough task. Phew!

After the light meal and the simple cake cutting, he announced the good news - our new family member to come... :)

I hope this little gesture of mine somehow shows how important he is to me and hopefully I will be that special to him too, forever ( greedy me) ...

I love u dear, Happy Birthday.

Friday, April 21, 2006

1+1 = 3

I was indeed wondering what was happening to me cause normally any sickness will pass me in three days or the most 4 days. I was enjoying my porridge so much. I suddenly love soup for lunch instead. Look how delicious this Chinese herbal soup I had prepared for myself yesterday. Looks good huh? With 'tong kuai', 'kei chi', 'pao shen' and ginger, I guess I should be up and running soon!

But I was not. Though not serious, but my husky sexy voice is here to stay. And not to mention the cough, grhhhh.....But the 'pao shen' really did boost up my energy level. I felt good yesterday.


I was just texting my dear yesterday that I am God and that I should be faithful for I had prayed and asked Him for baby this year and I should have always have faith and trust that HE DELIVERS, in HIS time, of course.

And yes I guess the time is right, and so HE DELIVERED!

I was streaming with cheerful tears this morning when I saw the pregnancy test kid was indeed POSITIVE. I don't know what prompted me to get the kit and do the test. But I did. I guess something will just happen when it is least expected..heavy schedule, busy busy busy and luckily I made time for my lil whisper to God, and oh sweet Lord, HE heard it!

I shared the piece of news with hubby and wanted him to keep secret first. kekeke...I suppose this would be his best birthday gift ever. God sent.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Red Bean Porridge

I bought a recipe book on healthy diet last week. It was written by a Malaysian lady - Ms.Chan.

Eager to try out some of the recipe, I bought lots of the main ingrediant last week only to find out that I had been avoiding certain food and being picky at my grocery shopping. That is alarming - I thougt...

Well, I tried out one of the salad recipe, a recipe for main dish and one soup cum porridge recipe.

It is the soup recipe I wanted to share here as I had it for the whole of my FEVER day last Sunday and today but I am ok with the taste though.
Recipe :
-A lil bit of rice ( 糙米 )
-A lil bit of organic red bean
-A few finely sliced lotus root.
-Lots of water ( depend on whether u like it soupy or thick porridge, hot water can be added later if not enough)

Put to boil ....then slow cook....
salt to taste
Blinka added these which added some umphh...
-Few nos.of chinese red dates (remove the seed)
-A bit of minced pork or chicken, marinated with tinch of soya sauce and pepper
note : ( only add meat when the rice etc is already quite nicely boiled and cooked)
-Instead of salt, I put Maggi Seasoning Sauce.
Yummy, so easy to prepare and it is supposedly good for cooling down the body heat and detox (without the meat la, of course).

Sorry, no photo to show this time around coz I already gobble down the whole pot of it to shiny clean...:P

Saturday Nite Fever

It had been yet another tough week last week. Work and work and nothing else. I stopped going for my morning walk for quite sometime now and for the whole of last week, only 1 session of yoga at home... iiish, feeling guilty already.

I told hubby that I would have to work thru the weekends and he needs to help on doing the house chores. Well, all said but nothing was done as he had a hard time sleeping on Friday nite ( thinking about the house chores the next day? kekeke ) and he woke up feeling nausea and feverish. I ended up doing all the house work and cooked our breakfast. He is prone to having deep sleep problem and he often find difficulty to fall back to sleep again after the nite shift's toilet visit. Masalah....

I climbed to my bed only at around 1.00a.m. that day and found myself having problem with my dry throat. It was so itchy and I woke up to grab more Vit C and my pei pah kou. It was a tough nite as I woke up at least 4 times visiting the loo for drinking too much of water (which I have to!)

And naturally I woke up feeling lousy the next day. Though the fever was not high, it was enough to kill my Sunday mood. Well, at least I had to kill my idea of going to church for Easter Sunday. Well, prayer made (at home by myself) and I went back to sleep again after my breakfast.

It was certainly not easy sometimes to work solo as when there is a deadline, you have to fight it ALONE. Just like today, I dragged myself out from bed early and start to prepare for my meeting even with a body entitled for medical leave. Sigh...

Well, of course I knew when to stop and what has to be prioritised. The meeting is just too urgent and as for those that I could tai chi (delay and brush aside), HELLO, HUH? YES, I AM ON LEAVE TODAY. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Break Just In Time

Beautiful day. A break for us city folks to inhale in some cool air and relax our much strained body and soul..

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, not much of a traffic. Me and hubby naturally woke up a bit late and we went for a quick swim and later a relaxing sauna.

Later part of the day was spent lazying in the house. I prepared some fried rice for our brunch, then we read some papers and 'ngok-ngok' almost the whole afternoon. We then go on for an early dinner at TGIF, though it was a Tuesday, ke ke ke.....

By then, the day was still young. So we decided to head for the mall to buy his 'burst'day present. Guess what? something green in your stomach vibrate uncontrolably! Yes! It was a U-Zap!

Zap-zap-zap away the big big tummy (for both of us! not bad a present huh!) and hey, better rush home for I am desperate to watch my Desperate Housewives !

Beautiful day ended so soothingly and i felt happy and contented. :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday - My Day

Ah, it is Wednesday again!

Normally, I will take a 'break' on this day. Break? Yeah, lazying a bit, rest a bit ( mind u, sometimes i work on Saturdays n Sundays! Not full time but yes, I do work! :( )

It has been a long time since I last plunge into the pool and as I woke up today, i saw ripple in the pool. Must be some regulars. Pulled myself up and grabed my swim suit and there I was drowning myself with lots and lots of 'chlorinated' water. :P ah, I felt good!

Then, I invited my close friends Pru and Haz for lunch. Thank goodness, they were both available and we had such wonderful time enjoying our organic healthy food at Taman Tun. Promised hubby I will take him there one day. he he. But I do remind him that the food weren't cheap though.

It is his day too! Normally he will gang up with his bros in Klang. We had agreed on this term long time back that he got to enjoy his 'break' to have time with his friends. Only on Wednesday though, he needs to ask for permission should he wants to go out on other day..:P

I used to feel awkward at first without him at nite. Then I started to enjoy it more and more. I used to follow him back to Klang but nowadays, I had rather stayed back. I enjoyed myself at home. Being alone. Alone again? Well, one might ask that I AM ALONE at home most of the time since I am working from SOHO, so what is the big deal? Oh well, a great big deal to me. It is quieter at nite. No phone calls at nite ( no obligation to answer at nite at least). I normally do some house chores after my 'short' working hour in the day, then I will take a long long shower. Feeling every inch of myself. Then I will make myself some nice simple less fussy dinner and catch some show on the TV or grab something to read. Sometimes, I will pick up my favourite CD and hum along or just grab hold of my coffee and stared out enjoying the nite scene on our lovely massage chair!

I guess sometimes we have to just shut EVERYTHING out to feel our own self. I enjoyed every bit of being able to hear my own self so clearly. It is rejuvenating and refreshing.

:) Do you have time for your own?