Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ever since he discovered the power of spelling and words, my son now GOOGLE.

Yes, he would key in for example 'Baby Einsteins' and enter and he would then even go to You Tube to watch baby Einsteins from the computer!

Well, I don't know, should I be happy for that? I don't know.

All I know is ..I HAVE TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY SON IN FRONT OF COMPUTER NOW..!! Yeah, who knows he might accidentally view some ahhhemm..stuff.......??!!

3.5 year-old and google...I still cannot believe it myself!


Monday, June 28, 2010


House is so important.

Especially for me, house needs to be cozy, comfortable and also be quite tastefully done...at least to my eyes. :)

So as I mention, the house is almost almost there. I am pretty excited over the look. Of course, any house will look so much better without grilles and so is ours... ahhhh...those nasty looking grilles. Well, apa boleh buat...

The other day, I brought a new friend of mine (a client of mine actually) who happened to be in Interior business doing built-ins. He was all too excited when he sees the house. He wanted to do the built-ins, no sharing with others........as he wanted it to be his and his profile only. He adores the concept and all......bla bla bla.

Deep inside, I know he won't be my contractor and so it is true. The cost is almost 3 folds of my the other contractor. Wah!! 3 BIG FOLDS!! But I am really happy and proud that him, being an ID, loves the house! ;)

So be it, I know the house will still look good with my the other contractor..

I don't need 6 figures ID job to make my house look EXTRA good. Architecturally it is already nice and all I need is some very basic built-ins to store things, that's all.

Can't wait to move in! About a month more to go!! Yippie!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deserted blog

I was so occupied with works and my new house-to-be that I have absolutely deserted my blog site and also my fellow blogger friends...

It was a crazy May and June is worse. I can feel each of my nerve beeping with siren! Yes, I am stressed up. I admit that. With stress, I don't get any thinner but I grow side ways..duh, that makes things worse for me!

BUT BUT BUT I am really glad that the house is looking good now..from its poorly maintained, tattered, old fashion, disaster interior state, it is now slowly transforming into a more vibrant, lofty, modern, airy and well-lit house. Yes, ours is an intermediate house, but we have so much light in our living room and kitchen and all rooms!! I am pleased. Pictures? Wait la..belum siap lagi..

Kids? The elder one almost fractured his bone the other day, again..yeah..almost. We went to my friend's house, the huge TV was placed on a mini side table and dear son, with his itchy hands went touching it (or leaning? or pushing? God knows!) and all I heard was a loud thud! And I thought, oh Lord, I hope the TV does not smashed .......as it would cut the boy!! Blood! OMG!

No la, just minor accident. Yes, I did go crazy at that moment. I pushed the TV away, scooped up my boy and rushed to the hospital with a screaming boy. He is all fine and running now but I still have this occasional back cramps. Hey! It was a good 6 hours of waiting and getting the foot (well, feet, yeah, both but NOT at ONE-go and for that extra X-ray, we waited for an extra 1.5 hour!! fffff...) X-rayed bla bla bla....

The little one? Walking is like running for him!! He is super active and climbing is his forte! He loves biting his brother and we all know that it is because he loves him so much! wakakaka!!

This little one is more tuned into Astro - Xiao Tai Yang than Playhouse Disney! One Cina AhPek we have but boy we are glad! :)

Till then...........

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