Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is DONE!

After 2+ long years on site, the house I like is finally ready. This weekend, I am going to take her pictures for CF purpose.


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Jien turned 3 last X-mas.

To me, this number 3-thing is so so special.
It used to be so much yelling and screaming. Me. Not him. As I was trying to get him to follow instructions; to remind him that he needs to do his poo poo IN the toilet bowl, not OUTside the bowl; to tell him to go to the toilet to wee wee before he did it, not after he did it. The best is, he always love doing it on the carpet!

The screaming list goes on and on. In the mall, if you see a woman shouting and chasing, that is probably me. In the car, you will see a woman's face goes strangely stressed and stretched, that is me trying to get him not kicking the dash board. In the park, most likely you would find me running and chasing after a boy then having a wonderful evening stroll.

The screaming thing lessen ABRUPTLY when he turned THREE.

He listens to me MORE. He answers MORE instead of repeating what I asked or said. He enjoyed the park MORE. He loves to run, jump, play, in short, MORE active. LESS of him doing his biz on our pathetic carpet;
the other day, I forget to put on his diaper before he goes to sleep and he surprised me with a dry pyjamas the next morning. :) He would still run in the mall but if he is with me, he is more careful and would turn and look for me sometimes!

He gave me time to work by asking,

J:'Mama, are you work(~ing)?'


J:'Ok' then, he would help me close the door nicely and left to play on his own...ahhhh.....:)

He is of course, a bit jealous of his brother. But generally, I thought he is a good bro. He greets the little one good night, everyday and he will give me a wonderful, magical kiss on my lips when I go to sleep. :)

As a boy his age, he already cultivate a habit to read and learn. He would turned off the TV when he is bored and pick up his books, drawing board (still his favourite TOY) and now his exercise book and he would do the self-taught part, especially in the evening or in the morning if he is not going to school. So he could spell so many words and best of all, he is now FINALLY interested in learning Chinese character and I am so so glad. :)

Some 4 years ago, he was just a tiny dot in the womb and today he is a boy of almost a meter tall!

Jien, mama loves you and I know, you knew it. You taught me about love, the unconditional love and for that, mama will love you FOREVER! :)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Best of 2009

The list goes like this:

1. Successful pregnancy. Non diabetics
2. My baby Jung was born, totally natural, without any epidural or drips. He is such a cutie pie and now he is turning 10-month old soon!! :)

3. Bought our new house. Yes!! Landed one. MORE space now! HOORAY!
4. My father turned 80-year-old!! And I pray he will still go on to celebrate his 100-yo birthday with us!! :)

5. My Jien attended the nursery without much fuss. He is the 'monitor' of the class I think. Monitor the class, standing most of the time, surveying the teachers' room, check the radio, checking the food, flip through the books at the rest corner and most of the time, watching others playing and cheers as an on-looker. I am SSSSSssssso...........proud.....?! Anyways, he was just 2+ then. I can't expect much; as long as he did not complaint much, I should be thankful already, heh? ;)

6. I can't think of any now, well I think I should count myself healthy and the rest of the close family members are all happy and healthy and blessed!!

7. I think being able to loose weight and fit into my old jeans within 5 months after pregnancy counts? :) Glad I did not turn into a big lump of fats after giving birth. Phew!

Seven is a good number, I think...and I hope I can have more lists to share with you all at 2010! Let the TIGER roar me high!! hahaha!


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year! Belated as usual..

I am so so so busy and finally here I am again! Hello friends out there (waving hands, madly) !! How do you do and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Work is starting to pour in and money wise, I have yet to see but I certainly need good planning this year as time is flying and with 2 kids now, the usual work that I need a good 3 hours to complete seems to be taking days (forever) and THAT is certainly not what I have expected and it is getting on to my nerves and I need to deal it with care before I go CRAZY.

Well, we managed to squeeze in a mini trip down to Singapore on Jien's birthday (to update some pictures later) for X'mas. The journey was not too bad. Maybe we were both mentally prepared for the worst. Haha!! We put up 4 days in our friend's house and the boys, friendly as they could be, did not show much tantrum (good lord! ;P).

We spent a good day in the zoo. Yeah, a good day means a WHOLE day. It started from around 10.30am to almost 5pm in the evening when we 'touched down' our friend's home!! The boys were so tired and knocked out once they hit the car. Haha!! And I myself was fast asleep that night.

I had a 2 days' crash-course learning WHO IS ADAM LAMBERT. My girl friend in Singapore was so crazily fascinated and in love with this young chap and not wanting to feel left out when we next have a gathering, she actually showed me the idol's first and till the last move - being boycott. Handsome, yeah...ok. Talent? Yes. I think he has powerful vocal. And he is a natural entertainer. Hmmm.......crazy for an idol? time. I have 3 boys already. Not another one ppppppleeease!

One of my highlights during the trip was to meet my LOOOOOOOOOOOONG lost friend. We last seen each other like probably 20 years ago? :) We have found each other again and guess what? We both ended up as designers!! We are now mother for 2 kids and we worked from HOME! What a coincidence and this time around, I don't think we are ever going to lose touch again, eh?? :P

x x x x


I am certainly going to ENJOY my life more!! This is my resolutions!! Living my life to the FULLEST!


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