Friday, February 24, 2012

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Ok.  I think I did mentioned that I entered a competition from our corporate association.  Now, after that, our house got featured in the magazine.  And now, they want more article from me.  Good advertisement for me.  

But the thing is, I do not have any professionally taken pictures for my projects (call me kedekut, but hey these people - the good ones, are really pricy)!! Good thing is they do provide photographers for free.  They arrange for photo shooting day and 2 houses were shot in a day with 2 teams.  Well, to be honest, I don't quite like the pictures taken (simply because they take care of the ID but not so much of the architectural essence of the house which I am proud of..).  See my point?  I CAN be that fussy.  But since it is for FREE and I got free advertisement, hush, I don't even bother to comment much on the pictures.
The thing is, well, I have to prepare for write ups.  Hack.  Another time consuming matter which crack my head and nerves.  Hello, being solo means I have tonnes to do but well, for free advertising of the company, I just swallowed the pain and force myself to start typing, typing and more typing...See, I am a very sincere designer, I love pictures, I love my designs and the things I do, but having to translate what I do in words are just tooo.....tooo......argh......

Anyways, then they asked me for my picture!! OH. MY. GAWD!  Where to get the picture??  I have not taken any proper pictures for ageees!  Anyways, I hate to delay on the articles and their work and today I dragged myself, pulling out my camera and tripod.  Thank goodness, good weather.  I purposely making sure that I am wearing black.  Put on my earrings and decided to put them off so that I look more natural.  Smiled and posed, nope, smiled and posed again, nope....until I got these 2 which I think can pass just ok...I had to end the session fast before my domestic helper thought that I am a jerk!! ;P

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The SUDDENLY baby is turning 3!

Jung my second boy(my last too!), my little baby, is turning 3 next month!!

My baby who mumbled and slurred suddenly speaks! Not just words but he utters phrases!! All of a sudden, just about a week before he attended his kindy.

About 2 weeks before class commenced, we were still busy potty training our boy.  We almost gave up;  he would pee on the floor and only then, pull down his pants as he was not comfortable.  He would run and hide somewhere, pooed, and then, came walking with his legs stretched w-i-d-e open.  He then advanced into pulling down his pants first before his biz --- BUT, he did that everywhere EXCEPT in the toilet.  Sigh....

Then, just about few days before the final countdown to school, he suddenly called and informed us of his needs.  We were soooooooo pleased with him.  There we go, saying bye bye to the day time diapers!!  We will slowly train him for 100% diaper free; we are still waiting for some sign and signals from our boy.

Jung is such a sweetie pie.  He loves us and he showed his love in every little thing he does.  If we were to leave the house, he would call for ALL OF US, making sure we are all in the car or leave the house.  Should one of us decided NOT to go, he would make such big fuss and would even CRY for that matter!! Same as going to bed, he wants everybody to be in the bedroom with HIM, the master Jung.  Haha!! 

And yes, this boy is such a demanding boy; knowing exactly what he wants and whatever that he does not want - he would give a big answer 'NO! NO!' and if he is really angry, knowing his fists are still small, he whacked us with his big head, real hard!  True to himself who is born in the year of OX!! 

And with this strong character, it is impossible to force anything down his throat.  IMPOSSIBLE to give him an extra spoon of rice just to clear the plate; IMPOSSIBLE to give him even a mouthful of chicken if he decided that he is just going to eat his vegetable; IMPOSSIBLE to feed him a grain of rice if he decided to just have soup for the day; IMPOSSIBLE to drip a drop of soup if he decided that he is just going to eat his fish......My maid tried, I had tried and hubby refused to even try!  The hardest part would be to have a him sick.  Not a single drop of medicine.  Yes, I mean it.  Please don't tell me I had not tried hard enough.  Even if 3 person were to hold him down, he would either hold the medicine in the mouth and spit out later, or he would gargle and spit or he would not even want to open his mouth; worst of all, he would cough all the way (if we managed to force down a tiny ml) until he vomited out all his food together with the medicine!  Amazing yes but definitely not amusing!!!  We had wasted a whole lot of medicine and antibiotics - not a single drip so far!  So we had given up seeing any doctor if it is cough and running nose (due to makan fried food ler..), just watch his temperature and suppositories at night.  Duh....

Talking about food, have I mentioned somewhere that my boy L.O.V.E.S his vegetable??  Oh yes, he is one of a kind.  He loves vegetables, Chinese style only though.  He loves his stir fried broccoli, taugeh (bean sprout) and spinach the most!!  He would eat almost as much as I do!!  Oh and he loves his fruits too.  He eats his apple, pineapple, papaya, oranges, mangoes, kiwi fruit.  Black berries and strawberries are his favourites so far.  

Jung is a very active, outdoor type boy.  He dances and sings most of the time.  He shakes and twirl and spins and on top of that, he moves his brows and burst with loads of expressions!! 

He is still at letter O and sometimes letter X (lately letter P).  Not showing much sign of wanting to learn, we kind of take it at a slower pace compare to his brother.  But he loves his animals.  So he recognizes a handful of animals now.  And even know names like hammerhead shark and brachiosaurus!  ;P

Jung baby, mama loves you.  Thanks for spicing up our life!  Muak muak hugz hugz!!