Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh Baby Flower

See how cute is this baby! Oh no, she is NOT my baby. She is hubby's niece ( one of the twins ). She is definitely the attraction in the family now being so chubby chub chub and bubbly. But the thing with her is she is really a 'sang pou' baby (baby whom is really afraid of strangers so to speak).

And I am the one she is afraid of now for everytime she sees me, she will start sobbing away if not crying out loud. Oh my God! This is my worst encounter with any babies by far!

It is ok at the beginning because she just wanted the Ah Ma (nanny) and the mother and strictly NO ONE else. Later, one by one of the family members are added to her list of 'ok, u may touch and play with me now'. And I am the last and yet to be accepted by her!

With the constant teasing from hubby especially, I am kind up giving up to go anywhere near her so that I don't have to endure all the cynical words from hubby which really annoyed me..

'I think 'kim-kim' got horns on her head ah! Y r u always crying when u see her?'
'I think 'kim-kim' is too 'dark' la, that is why u don't like her hor!' ~ this really brought tears to my eyes! *sob sob*
'aiya, 'kim-kim' too ugly already la hor!'

etc etc...urghh.....

It is just unbearable with all these comments and I noticed I started avoiding her if possible (sad, because I like to take pictures of her more as nobody else does in the house!). My heart started to pump faster and hands get sweaty whenever I see her now! hahaha! So funny but it is true. I read somewhere in the paper that babies are sensitive creatures, probably she can sense that I am nervous and also rejecting her in some ways or other thanks to my beloved hubby!:P)

I think that contributed to me rejecting to have baby girl. What if she is tan like me, will the family tease her and can she take it cos she had snow white-complexion cousions?

一白遮三丑 ( chinese proverbs : fairness shall cover ugliness, or we shall so translate it as 'being fair is a plus point in judging beauties') that is the fact, it is true - Aha! Don't lie and tell me it is not! Praises always go like this : 'oh, look at her/him, so fair and sweet!' and not 'oh look at her/him, so 'dark' and pretty!' ~~pengsan! Nevertheless, there will always be consoling and comforting phrases which goes : oh, she is hitam manis. oh she is tan BUT ok, quite pretty la hor! oh, she is tan BUT she looks sunny and sexy...urghhh, since when I wanna be sexy?

So, to those with tan complexion, just be strong cause you are definitely not alone! ;) Cheers! Ha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Here you go Contented Mum for a little piece of the good old days...Have to think quite hard for some of the questions, seems so far and blur....sound old huh?

1. Name one of the actors of the old days that you missed the most:

~~ blank, don't miss them at all...most still acting till today. Maybe 赵雅芝 & 郑文雅 very leng loi and elegant.

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days:
~~they are indeed very old but still pretty famous now : Cinderalla and Snow White

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
~~邓丽君 / Boney M

4. Band of the old days
~~New Kids on the Block?

5.TV Series of the old days

6. Actress of Old Days
赵雅芝, 汪明荃, 郑裕玲

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
~~maxi dress.. just love the dress, hide my 5 sen and 10 sen when i was young! ;P

8. Movie of Old Days
~~青蛙王子, 圣诞快乐( they still play this during X'mas sometimes, played by Tony Chan, Leslie and the Botak guy )

9. Music Video of Old Days
~~Billy Jeans, Beat it ( everything MJ ! he, he, he , ka chi OU! )

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
~~朋友 by Alan Tam

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good Morning KL

Just last Sunday, I was awakened by loud thud of repeated 'bass' noise, still wondering what was it as I nudged my dear asking him if he could hear that.

We both woke up and the sky was still pitch dark and for all I knew someone was playing techno music somewhere some floor. We shut up all the windows but somehow the noise found its way creeping into my nerves. I tossed myself right left, pulling the blanket more, moved in out the room...arghhh, I guess the intensive training in music and playing percussion during school day made me extra sensitive to all this beat.

Giving up sleeping, I woke up and stared out from the window. To my pleasant surprise, i capture this beautiful skyline of KL. It reminds me of GOD again. Thank you for the beautiful morning!

I will surely miss this scenic view pretty soon from my very bedroom. The high rise development in front of our condo is going to replace this frame soon.

Nevertheless, as for now, I just want to cherish what I have got.

Good Morning, Kuala Lumpur!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Well into a week without any blog, lazy butt!

So many things came into my mind, just don't know where to start and ended up not publishing it. Besides, work really is already up to my nose and i gotta prioritise my schedule. (schedule for a sanguine? wow wee! )

The news is still about demonstrations and riots against the western ( Europe ) media publishing the cartoon or rather the caricature of Nabi himself. The issue is a taboo one in Malaysia for sure and we have leant thru the years to NOT do or even say a lot of things in the name of 'sensitive issue' in Malaysia. Kind of numb about so many things. I thought this issue will die off soon ( at least in Malaysia sudah reda ler, guess we are a forgiving bunch of people :P ), but it is still a hot issue in the middle east platform to be specific.

Yes, for this, I read the columns by a few columnists both in STAR paper and also Sin Chew Daily. I guess being so many years of just plain drawings and not penning down my idea, I am rather blank when it comes to voicing out my own opinion.

I guess it is the word respect that we are looking for in this matter. Yes, freedom of speech is important, freedom to do things are important, but there should always be a set back when we do things. A limit to simply put it. If it is just mere freedom without any constraints, the society would be in such chaotic states. Oh yes, it is certainly true that the best way to solve this is not mere apology, and still know nothing about the religion, custom and practise of another group of people. We need to learn to at least RESPECT.

So, while the west is still cocooned in their comfortable zone thinking that the rest of the world is inferior to them, ahhhrrgh! Please wake up! It is 21st Century now.

To the aggressive Muslims, start doing something MORE to educate the west. Stop the aggressiveness as this will tarnish the image of the rest of your fellow Muslims friends even more! And while you hope others to respect you, pllleeease respect the rest by not bombing their Buddha statue, restaurants, banks, hotels, churches as when when u r not happy. Please let the rest of the world know that u deserve to be respected.

And for those in Malaysia, please respect your other counterparts. There is no pork in a packet drink, so there is no need to specifically choose a sundry shop owned by your own kind. When we are paying for a canned 'go chan bak', please don't give us a weird look and start using a plastic bag wrapping to hold the can ( i thought mom always ask us to wash our hands prior to meals? Is it the pork or is it the coachroach wee wee that the casher lady worried about???). Stop calling the Chinese Ah Moi, babi or anything u can imagine that i don't know of. We are born in Malaysia, hence we are not Ah Moi ( ladies in the 1930's / 40's migrating to this region of Malaya ). We are born with 2 hands and 2 legs, we speak but not oinking, no resemblence to any species of that animal at all, so please don't do the mistake by calling us 'babi' anymore lor!

I am glad and THANKFUL that nothing serious happened in Malaysia after the publishing of this explosive piece of caricature and riots orchestrating in other parts of the world. But at the same time, to all races in Malaysia, start acting cool and mature when u see another person different colour than u yourself. Stop teaching your next generations the 'wrong' things. Otherwise, the government will continue to make a fuss out of 'sensitive' issues and ripped off our freedom of speech as a normal citizen.

P/S : if you r of different races than me and feel angry or annoyed after reading this, I bagged a lil of your respect for my freedom to at least say what i wanna say in my blog ler. ha ha ha!

Colours are fun. Peace V!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Desperate Housewife

I read Lydia's blog this morning and it was regarding Desperate Housewives and there is a link to it to find out which housewife one resembles most...curious, I linked to the housewives homepage.

Of course, I had always thought that I am a mixture of all ( except Edie I think, ke ke ke.. ), I am kelam kabut at times like Susan, view my points straight and rather career minded like Lynette. At times (clear throat, I mean at times .. ), I can be like Bree, wanting certain things to be perfect and this attributed to my picky attitude and I am sure my hubby can attest to this! And of course, all girls would at times want to look good and attractive like Gabrielle, and sometimes could be rather selfish too ( no kids yet ma! ).

I told myself I am going to try at least a few times to see if the answers would be all the same, and here it goes accordingly:-
1st attempt : Gabrielle

2nd attemp : Lynette
3rd attempt : Bree
4rd attempt : Bree

.....getting worried now, where is Susan?

5th attempt : Lynette

give up!

that's it, no more trying! It must be that I am not as loving and lovely as Susan. :( Not fair not fair!

Well ,come to think closely, I might really resemble Bree ( hope this does not freak hubby out!). I remember there were few episodes about her husband's betrayal, she immediately turned to someone else just to make the husband furious. I guess I am that sort of character, bad bad bad I thought.. But one thing for sure, Bree loved her husband whole heartedly. Just slightly possessive only la! :P Who is not when it comes to the person she loves most! And the fact that I don't feel comfortable sharing details of OUR problem to even close friends. I am learning though...yikes! Bree Bree?!

When it comes to kids, I hope I will not break down like Lynette! oh thing for certain, I will not have that many kids like she does. :) But what if I got twins like my sister in-law? alamak! pitam ler!

Hubby, just in case u r reading this column, bare in mind that i 'hentam' some of the answers only la! I just don't know how to answer to some questions as they were irrelevant, at least to me. :P ha ha ha

p/s : Asked dearest hubby what does he think, he said : "u ah? a bit of Lynette and Susan la!"
Sweat. Finally, a bit of Susan *smile, :>* Afterall, I am happy, not desperate liao! ha

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How's Bungalow

I was invited by my client during CNY to attend his open house during CNY in his new bungalow. After a heavy lunch w/close friends in Klang ( Estan, B-Lin and all ), me and hubby headed straight there feeling groggy and sleepy....

Well, this is not just an ordinary bungalow to me as it was designed by me! My first built bungalow from scratch to completion! Hmmm...I was kinda proud as my client is very happy with the house. During the initial stage, he once told me that he has the intention to sell the house if there is any good offer and make profit out of this so that he can build another house down with no cost then. It was a long process during the construction as he was constantly flying and could not be contacted to make decisions. The contractor almost freaked out and always said that it is tough to build bungalow, he will quit doing one for the meantime after this project..........

For all I know, someone really offered him a GOOOOOOD price! More than double of the actual construction cost! He is very contented and happy and told me that he would not even consider selling the house now as it is a house of good feng shui for him. :) I instantly felt a warm flow of happiness within me. ha ha, I am not too bad after all, I thought to myself..
I guess this is why I still stay put in this line eventhough the money is no is the satisfaction ! ke ke ke

Monday, February 06, 2006


pic taken 1st day of CNY after a long day of good food and visiting!

Ooooo, finally the CNY has past ( at least for those who work ler..). This is perhaps the longest CNY ever since I started working. And the after effect is great and no doubt easily 'visible' as I already put on an enormous 1.2kg just merely over the pass 1 week! oh man, it is not easy for me to loose even 0.1kg and now I have a total of 1.2kg to lose before the family photo session on the 19th Feb!

Now, I do not regret eating for one because food is simply irresistable! I had wonderful meals even before CNY started! Me and hubby had the pleasure to play host to our dearest guests from S'pore - Aik Seng and Saori. Despite the short stay and the fact that we had to rush back to help in Klang the very next day, it was certainly a pleasant one and we hope they would come more often..:)

Well, I guess it is a Chinese custom that 'eating' is important, so what the heck! All thru CNY, the main event of the day is no doubt 'eat, eat, and eat!' Meeting old good friends, eat eat eat, meeting relatives, eat eat eat. What a joy! ha ha ha

till I lose the 1.2kg, I guess I won't be taking any potrait of myself then...ciao! :-P

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chinese New Year Melody

I am tired of those commercialised CNY songs. In fact, I had never liked them. Whenever I hear them on radio, i will not hesitate to switch channel.. cruel but that is the fact. Guess it is ok as not much effort is put into it. Same old lyrics and melody and the way they rearrange it...err frankly do not arouse me AT ALL!

I remember one year when the radio station ( 98.8FM? ) was having a contest to create new CNY songs. I thought that was a brilliant idea and that year, we had wonderful 'NEW' CNY songs, not 'pirated' ones.

I just mentioned to my dear hubby how I like some oldies..don't know their names but they sounds better and better. He agreed and one fine day, he bought home a Chinese orchestra classical music. Quite fine I thought...Then, after a few days, he bought another one, this time he made a brilliant choice! ( Considering he is mandarin blind ) He bought oldies CNY songs. I want to share with you here if you too share the same sentiment as I am...

and of course, as oldies, I find some songs unbearably weird at first, but the more I listen to it....hey, not bad! for one, all the singers can sing fairly well. Note that no computer aided stuff at that time and that they normally record together with the background music at one go. Hmmm....and my favourite of course is still Chou Suen. I will definitely get hold of more of her songs in original CD this time ( will bug hubby again..he he he ) She is THE star during that era but a short one, love life bugs her it seems...what a pity. She sing like a bird!

ok, here is my favourite Chou Suen:

I find that the lyrics are simpler and direct. Some to build courage and hope (over the war, many lost their beloved ones..) Certainly they are a lot easier for kids starting to learn singing CNY songs!